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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

So You Want To Preserve Your Food? Read Our Ultimate Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

Eating is a pleasure. Enjoying a tasty meal with all its nutritional properties is a delight.

But if you want to keep the rich taste of food as the first day , my recommendation is to keep it in Vaccum Pack.
Vacuum Sealer

"It happened to me that when storing food in containers in the refrigerator they lost their properties, softened, changed color and texture and most importantly, their taste was not the same as the first day."

After much searching on the internet and reading different opinions and comments on blogs and websites, I decided on a vacuum packaging machine. I am very happy with my decision since it is a very simple device to use and was the answer to my needs.In this article you will Know which are the most important characteristics to choose your vaccum sealing machine and how to use it and make the most of it for the correct conservation of food.

In addition, I will offer you my selection of vacuum food sealing machines of different prices and brands, with a complete description of each of them to help you find the one that best suits you.

Factors to consider before buying a vacuum packaging machine

Before entering fully with the comparison of packers let's first talk about what a vacuum packer is .

The simplest way to define it is by saying that they are devices that allow the food to be packed by removing the air so that they can be maintained for a longer time.

When deciding to buy a vacuum packer  you must take into account, factors such as the following:

1. Price : this is an important factor because based on the budget you manage (if it is a little bigger) you can get a Vaccum sealing machine with more features . This is not to say that there are no cheap Vaccum sealing machines with good characteristics.

2.Suction power : a Vaccum sealing machine with good suction is one whose power is higher than 100W . In the current market there are several Vaccum sealears with very good suction power.

3.Pump capacity : the capacity of the pump in these devices is measured in bars. The greater the number of bars, the better the speed of packaging . This is an important feature since it will depend on the air that will be removed to the bag where food will be preserved.

4.Ease of Use : this feature means that the instructions of the appliance must be followed and used properly, since if we do not do it well we run the risk that our bag will open within a few hours of packaging.
Type of Bag Used and Cost : the best thing would be to buy a packaging that uses universal bags , since these are cheaper. There are vacuum packaging machines that use a specific type of bag and this can be inconvenient when buying them as they may not be so easily found.

How to choose your Vacuum Sealer Machine

In order to make a comparison of relevant vacuum machines, which will help you to see more clearly and lead you to select a device, it is first necessary to determine the dimensions of the products that you plan to vacuum pack. This criterion will make it possible to search for a machine having a suitable chamber and to verify the existence of the bags or adapted rollers as well as their price.

It is necessary to study the functionalities presented by the different machines and ask if they are useful to you, such as the possibility of vacuuming wet food (meat, vegetables, dishes in sauce) A slow speed to avoid crushing delicate food. Simplicity of use and some practical options such as hands-free function will be welcome.

It is also useful to consult the notices on vacuum machines to collect objective information and determine which will be the best vacuum machine for the use you want to make it.

Advantages of Keeping Foods to Vacuum

Maintaining vacuum food has a number of advantages.

  • The main one is the extension of the useful life of the foods , mainly of the meats, cheeses, ham (cut with cutter or not) fruits and vegetables
  • Vacuum packaging machines remove all possible oxygen from food, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria that accelerate the process of decomposition of food. It also considerably slows down the process of oxidation of food since without contact with oxygen, this process can not be carried out.
  • On the other hand, the characteristics such as color, flavor and texture are preserved for much longer .
  • Vacuum sealing saves money because you can buy several foods, pack them and keep them for later use. In some cases until months later .

In general, vacuum packaging is a very useful technique that can allow you to save money and enjoy quality food for much longer. It's worth taking it into consideration.

  • The disadvantages : Investing in a vacuum machine is not necessarily a good calculation. If you do not buy in bulk, vacuum only very rarely, and your freezer is very small, it may not be profitable.

Consider also the high cost of plastics that are supplied in rolls or bags. Another disadvantage, the machine represents a certain amount of congestion in the kitchen, which must be worth it. And it is unlikely that you will use it if it is stored in a closet. Vacuum preservation requires great vigilance in monitoring the condition of packaged foods. Indeed, certain bacteria that can proliferate in food under vacuum, it is necessary to make sure that the food is not contaminated before packing because the bacteria that are there at the time of the packaging of the food remain there .

Storing food in an airtight bag does not remove the need for freezing and thawing to minimize the growth of bacteria such as thawing food in a refrigerator or microwave and never refreezing a product.

How to Pack the Vacuum at Home

Vacuum packaging in a domestic packaging machine is simpler than it looks:

The first thing to do is to place our food to be packed inside one of the bags designed for it.

The apparatus is opened and the food bag is inserted into a suction mouth which it possesses .

We close the packaging again and operate the equipment in the packaging function. Thus, the appliance will expel all air from the food and seal the bag when ready.

In case we have rolls instead of bags we will cut the amount of plastic to wrap the food.

With the function of sealing, we proceed to seal one of the sides forming a bag and repeat the same steps as packaging with a bag.

In short, an uncomplicated process as you can see.

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