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Monday, 20 March 2017

Travel backpack bags buying guide

Backpacker Backpack Buying Guide| How choose Best Travel backpack bags review

Finding the right backpack for backpacking is not an easy but very important task. On a world tour the backpack is a constant companion, the most important piece of equipment and sometimes the only bit of privacy you have. If it is inconvenient and impractical to handle, it can cost many (unnecessary) troubles. In this article, I will clarify what to look for when shopping and which backpacks are particularly recommended .

How do I find the right backpack for me?
If you are looking for a travel backpack, you can quickly lose yourself in the offer jungle. It is first of all important to know what to do and how high the requirements for the new travel companion should be. This depends on the choice of the right model and the correct size. I have summarized the most important criteria below to help you choose. If you are looking for a backpack mainly for extended hiking tours , you will find more recommendations in the special  trekking backpack comparison.

What must a good rice pack do?
Even if the special requirements can vary, there are nevertheless a few features, which every backpack should fulfill:

  • Must be very sturdy and hard-wearing so as not to break during the often rough transport
  • Must be practical and clear (so that you can quickly get to it)
  • Should be waterproof or have a rain and protective cover
  • Should be comfortable and easy to carry or transport

Travel backpack bags

How big should the Backpacker Backpack be?
The basic recommendation is that the smaller and lighter the backpack is, the more easy it is to travel! But of course you have to have some things with you and there is a "magic" lower limit of approx. 40l. If you are longer than a weekend away, you will hardly manage with less volume. Whether you are traveling for two weeks or a year does not really make a difference in the backpack size. Much more decisive is what one is supposed to do; The Reisestil and the Zielland.

The volume depends mainly on the following criteria:

men should choose 65-80 liters of backpacks.
Women should choose 50-65 liters of backpacks.

In cold weather you need more and thicker clothing and therefore more space in the backpack

Accommodation (eg camping or hostel)
If you have to camp, you have to drag a whole mountain more equipment. Tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, cooker etc. Here you should choose a backpack in the upper volume range.

My tip:
Normal back packers will get loose with a volume of about  65 liters (men) and 55 liters (women)  even in cool regions. Experienced minimalists, who are traveling in warm countries and do not camp, can also come with 10 liters less clear or travel only with hand luggage . Great are backpacks where the volume can be expanded (often + 10L). So you get the souvenirs still pure!

Trekking  Backpack
If we think of a large backpack, then mostly a classic trekking backpack. These, often slim and ergonomically designed backpacks, are especially designed for hiking (with tent). This means they are optimized to transport medium to heavy loads as easily and without fatigue over long distances. If you want to carry hiking or self-catering stages during your journey and carry your luggage on your back for an extended period, you need a backpack with a well-thought-out carrier system.

Luggage Backpacks
While trekking backpacks are designed especially for hiking with heavy luggage, these travel companions offer a compromise between the advantages of a backpack and a suitcase. They have a carrying system like a rucksack, but they do not have enough belts and straps to adjust. This is a real advantage when traveling by air or by other means of public transport. Thanks to an all-round zipper, you can fold it up completely. So they can be packaged much more clearly and in the hotel room you can comfortably and quickly get to his things, without having to rummage through everything. In addition, many luggage bags have a daypack.

My tip:
A suitcase type backpack is  recommended for those who do not want to go on their backpack (long) trekking tours or go camping. If you stay mainly in hotels or hostels and use public transport, clearly outweigh the advantages of this model.

Looking for a backpack for all eventualities; You have to walk for several days or plan a total adventurous journey (eg hitchhiking), you should definitely choose a trekking backpack. Meanwhile, many trekking bags also have large front zippers. They are not quite as practical as backpacks, but also no "black hole" for clothes.

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