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Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27) - Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Lexen HealthyJuicer juice extractor is a manual grass juice extractor.

Make your own grass juice!
The Lexen Manual Juice Extractor offers you unrivaled performance for wheat herb juice ... as well as for all other types of "green" juices.
It has the peculiarity of not owning filter , so it removes the most complicated cleaning step and you get more juice rich in fiber .
Lexen Healthy wheat grass juice extractor

The Lexen Healthy Juicer Grass Juice Extractor, with its mounting suction cup, can be attached to any flat surface. Just turn a knob to suck the juice extractor on its support! It also has an adjustable clamp for attaching to a table rim. Thanks to its worm screw and manual rotation, it gently presses the herbs without any heating , thus giving a nutrient-rich juice. Grass juice Most people know the health benefits of consuming grass juice, but no one likes the process of setting up the centrifuge and especially the after cleaning processes.

The healthy juicer is robust, efficient, very easy to use and especially very easy to clean!

Efficient and practical

The juicer is the most effective way to extract grass juice from wheat and green leafy vegetables.
The Manual Juice Extractor takes a few minutes to disassemble and to be cleaned. Simply rinse with warm soapy water.

All waste from the excess pulp is expelled perfectly on the front face of the stopper in a separate container for easy removal.

The Lexen Manual Juice Extractor functions as the "cold pressure" method, ensuring that enzymes and nutrients are not destroyed by high-speed friction and the heat generated by a conventional centrifuge.

Why drink wheat grass juice?

Growing and making juice from your own wheat germ is not only decorative and fun, but also very nutritious with maximum vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
This juice is known to have many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins B-12, B-6, K & C, and beta-carotene.

It is a good extractor to start in juices, like me, I joyfully confirm that this juicer does not like that grass! In fact it also extracts carrots, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, (and I have not yet tried everything) cut into small pieces . Apparatus meets my expectations, efficient,without electricity, it is transportable anywhere and with this one no engine noise this was my first approach. I've already consumed delicious carrot / apple / lemon juice with my organic vegetables and potato juice. No problem. fascinate by the product.It is easily transportable small and practical very easy to use and very easy to clean. Very good product for the price, Of course, it is a real little jewelry at a lower cost. Very satisfied with the packaging & received quickly.

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