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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat

Hurtta Extreme Warmer

The Hurtta Wintermantel Extreme Warmer provides your dog with extra warmth and protection during cold weather conditions. The lining of this coat reflects the body warmth of your dog. The winter coat is waterproof and breathable. The hood also protects the ears from your dog's protection.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer
Hurtta Extreme Warmer

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer is a warm winter coat for your dog. This coat provides your dog protection during the cold conditions in the winter months. The inside of the extreme warmer is made of a material that reflects the body's warmth from the dog. In this way, the coat gives the animal extra warmth. The outside of the jacket is waterproof. The jacket is designed to provide protection to the large muscle groups of the dog. In addition, the winter coat is equipped with a high hood which, if necessary, can provide protection to the dog's ears. The Wintermantel Extreme Warmer is equipped with reflectors, so that your dog is also visible in the dark and twilight. My boy loves this coat and he can run, jump twist and turn without issue. The outer fabric is a soft almost lightweight fabric, although fine when we are hiking or he is chasing ball I don't put this on him when he is wrestling with his canine friends only because their teeth MAY tear it. This she'll is water resistant and so far any snow or rain has beaded and rolled off. I do not have a single, my purchase was flawless shipping was fast and this product exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Hurtta for an awesome product


  • Made of a waterproof and breathable material
  • The feed reflects the body's warmth from the dog
  • Adjustable back length
  • With hood to protect the ears
  • With reflectors for better visibility
  • Available in different sizes


What size fits my dog?
size Back
Chest circumference
25 cm 25 cm 31 cm 30 - 50 cm
30cm 30cm 39 cm 46-62 cm
35cm 35cm 52 cm 43 - 67 cm
40 cm 40 cm 54 cm 45-72 cm
45 cm 45 cm 60 cm 50 - 82 cm
50 cm 50 cm 65 cm 54 - 85 cm
55 cm 55 cm 73 cm 56 - 91 cm
60 cm 60 cm 76 cm 58 - 96 cm
65 cm 65 cm 75 cm 58 - 106 cm

What should you watch out for when the Hurtta Extreme Warmer does not fit?
You may unpack the Hurtta Extreme Warmer and keep it next to your dog. So you can check if it fits. For hygienic reasons, you can not return the Extreme Warmer when it has come into contact with your dog. If we find after the return that the dog coat is dirty, is worn on it, it is stinky or washed, then we do not return the product. It is then donated to a good cause (local animal shelter). Due to problems with returns of products that were returned dirty / worn, we unfortunately had to set up these rules.

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