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Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to lose weight with tea?|weight loss tea review

How to lose weight with tea?|weight loss tea review

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lose weight with tea

The best effect on the metabolism and, as a rule, also for the goal of finding its ideal weight, is our recommendation in  regular drinking  and the  special combination ,  dosage  and  preparation  of the above mentioned Japanese green tea varieties, which ideally complement each other. The way of making tea and drinking is very important and  it is advisable to keep an eye on all the details. For more persistent cases, or for a faster start-up, we also recommend taking the appetite suppressor Hoodia tea and the Catechin supplier green tea extract.

Packs and instructions for losing weight

Green tea base package:  For the general improvement of the metabolism, the digestive system, the liver and the intestinal flora. Daily the three main green tea varieties  Gyokuro,  Sencha  and  Bancha  drink. In addition, 2-3 x per week the delicious green tea powder Matcha  (increase of the basic turnover, stimulation of the metabolism, elimination of free radicals) should be taken. This is the basis of the recommendation and serves at the same time as prevention.
Four-week cure Liver activation  and appetite suppressant : To activate the liver, the very special and bitter green tea powder Benifuuki should be  taken as a 4-week cure. In addition, the South African  Hoodia tea  is supplemented as an appetite suppressant and mood brightener.
Four week treatment for stubborn cases : In difficult cases, in addition to achieving the first significant success, or to accelerate the process  green tea extract  to be taken. In this way, many catechins are introduced.

Complete package Slimming : To achieve the greatest synergy, all the aforementioned teas can be combined together and distributed throughout the day or week

The following is very important: For all teas, one should pay attention to a sufficiently high quality, since the range of the ingredients and the effect can differ extremely depending on the tea. At least an efficiency of> 90% ( Premum quality ) should be taken. If the metabolism is more severe, an even higher efficiency (> 95%, Super Premium quality ) is recommended .

Best green tea varieties for weight loss
There are many varieties and qualities of green tea. For these, different plant parts and varieties as well as cultivation and processing techniques are applied. This means that the green tea cultivars have distinctly different ingredients and thus individual  effects . There are now particularly suitable varieties and qualities for all the above-mentioned aspects of slimming. It is also worth mentioning that the special combination of these different teas throughout the day gives a much greater   combination effect, as if you were to consume single teas or just a green tea. This factor is not sufficient to emphasize. The same applies to the respective preparation with the correct dosage, Water temperature and drawing time.

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