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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Best Wireless Head Phones I recommend

 With or without wire, the new generation of noise reduction headphones gains audio quality. Indispensable to appreciate good sound in hostile environment.
In a few years, noise reduction headphones have multiplied at the same time they have expanded their audience. Formerly confined to airplane cabins, they are now invited on the train and on the bus, but also in the working environment. It must be said that they remain incomparable to listen comfortably music in a noisy environment. They cover the ears well, their ear cushions ensure a first sound insulation, and their microphones analyze the ambient noise to eliminate it. Assessment: no need to mount the sound to cover the noises around, and less fatigue in the long run. The new models also benefit from practical innovations: Bluetooth connection, touch controls, equalization control, and more.

Bose QuietComfort 35
Both Bluetooth and wired, the latest Bose is the best compromise for the regulars of air travel. Its
Bose Quiet Comfort 35
particularly effective noise reduction system eliminates the purring of the reactors and most of the surrounding noise, leaving as much space as possible for music. And without degrading the sound quality, which remains very pleasant, with warm mediums and basses well present. What's more, its battery allows it to run for more than 20 hours before recharging ... No touch controls here: use the buttons below the right earphone to increase or decrease the volume, change tracks and interrupt reading. We also appreciate its lightness and the softness of its pads that cover the ears well without compressing them.

Sennheiser PXC 550
Also capable of working in Bluetooth 4.2 or with a cable, this model offers a good noise reduction that can be adjusted with the associated mobile application. This application also allows you to change the language of voice announcements and fine-tune audio equalization. Which will prove necessary sometimes, the helmet preferring by default the bass. A
Sennheiser PXC 550
button is used to choose from four effects, one of which is designed to watch movies. Playback is controlled by tactile commands (rather capricious) on the right atrium: the finger is slipped forward or backward to change tracks, and up or down to increase or decrease volume. By tapping the headset twice, Stops and the noise reduction is canceled in order to listen to the surrounding sounds. Lightweight, the PXC 550 is equipped with comfortable foam pads that support the pavilions more than they surround the ear.

Parrot Zik 3.0 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
The headset can be used with or without wires and with or without noise reduction. It is as powerful as it is elegant (it is available in several colors and various coatings including the crocodile). The
Parrot Zik 3.0
sound is nice, with well-marked bass and good precision in the high mediums. But to exploit all the functions of the headphones, you have to go through the mobile application which allows to change the level of noise cancellation or the equalization of the music and to apply atmospheric effects (concert hall, club Jazz, etc.). In common use, touch controls on the right earpiece (play / pause, volume control, track change, call management) will be used. Very stiff and a bit heavy, the Zik 3 covers the ears well but its arch weighs unpleasantly on the top of the skull.

Sony MDR-1000X: The ultimate piece in noise reduction 
Sony MDR-1000X
Rather design with its leather-covered pads and hoop, this headphone is one of the most effective in terms of noise reduction, sometimes more efficient than the Bose QC35. With, however, a slight degradation of the sound when activating this option. Naturally very balanced, it then highlights the treble and the restitution is a little less warm. It also has touch controls on the right earphone (track change, volume up / down, pause / playback) and even allows you to move forward while holding down your finger. Original: if the earpiece is covered with the hand, the noise canceling system and the music are interrupted in order to listen to the hostess of the air. Rather comfortable, it can prove to be a bit heavy in the long run and exerts a slight pressure against the ears.

Audio-Technica MSR7NC: Quiet Hi-Fi

Audio-Technica MSR7NC
This model is an original. Its aim is to preserve the best audio quality while eliminating some of the ambient noise. Let's face it: noise reduction is clearly limited compared to competitors, but once activated, it does not change the sound equalization, which is of excellent quality, neutral and perfectly spatial. It is also one of the best of the lot in terms of audio fidelity. Only, you will have to renounce the Bluetooth. The headphones work only with a cable equipped with a minimalist remote control that is only used to pause the music and change tracks. And if it's a bit heavy, the MSR7NC remains very comfortable, with headphones that surround the ears well.

Philips SHB9850NC: Low noise noise reduction: 
Philips SHB9850NC
The best value for money in its class: a very effective noise reduction, functional touch controls and Bluetooth or wired operation. A button can even activate Siri or Google Now. Too bad, the sound, not powerful, lacks a bit of dynamics. And, at high volume, it is the basses that prevail. It will therefore play with the equalizer of the smartphone to obtain the best rendering. The pads, which are very insulating, tend to compress the ears a little too much. Its battery ensures the helmet a autonomy of 16 hours. 170 euros.

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