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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Drinking tea can prevent the incidence of neurocognitive disorders decline in elderly

Researchers have found that regular consumption of tea could more than halve the risk of cognitive decline for the elderly people.

Many studies have already looked at the health benefits of tea: benefits to the bones or to the heart . The latest study, led by researchers at the University of Singapore, suggests that regular consumption of tea could reduce the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly, especially those with a genetic risk of Alzheimer's disease .

The researchers reached this conclusion by collecting data from 957 Chinese adults aged 55 and over.

Between 2003 and 2005, the team collected information on the participants' drinking of tea (quantity, frequency of consumption, types of tea, etc.). Then every two years until 2010, participants underwent standardized assessments that assessed their cognitive function. The researchers discovered 72 new cases of neurocognitive disorders among candidates between 2006 and 2010.

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Compared to adults who rarely drank tea, those who consumed it regularly had a 50% lower risk of cognitive decline. In addition, among adults with the APOE e4 gene - which is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease - those who regularly drank tea had up to 86% less risk of cognitive decline.

The researchers also noted that the benefits on cognitive health were observed among consumers of green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. These benefits would be due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of some tea active ingredients that can protect the brain from vascular damage and neurodegenerative diseases.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Wewood Wood Watch Review

WEWOOD watch Wood / wooden JUPITER BEIGE Dual Time Watch

The world is nowadays always cleaner, we make organic, we recycle, we repair, in short, we want a better world. Natural and original, today the wooden watches seduces eco Fashion enthusiasts. In recent years, the market has developed and new, very trendy brands are emerging. As most of them are still little known today you will  discover some of these very promising wooden watch companies.

wooden JUPITER BEIGE Dual Time Watch

The wooden watches field has no of possibilities, with a wooden watch from the Wewood catalog, Kerbholz, SPGBK,Komono, AB Aeterno are some brands available in market. you may opt for a singular and trendy accessory in a true ecological approach. The wooden watches are available in a variety of wood species and offer a wide range of colors and designs to suit your outfits and to be worn easily in any occasion. Let yourself be surprised by bracelets and dials with the most unusual shapes and styles, the most trendy! The Wewood wood watch speciality is ecological watchmaking. Behind the choice of wood as raw material, there is not only the desire to propose an innovative product. The Wewood wood watch is primarily engaged in an eco-responsible approach. So, Each of the models is handmade in wood from eco-managed forests. In addition, for every watch purchased, Wewood is committed to replanting a tree.
Wood is an a typical or even unusual material to design a watch. Yet it is a noble material, which may be perfectly suited to the manufacture  timepieces.
 For many years, wooden watches had a simple design, seeing boring and were sold  excessively at expensive prices.  The arrival of new watchmakers has given a fresh edge to this market, which is not to displease us. Those who are so attached to steel watches and most reluctant to wood watches , I will try to make you change your mind by presenting you some trusted brands who are very skilled in the use of wood.

Wewood wood watches

We had not really been seduced by their first watches, but weWood was able to improve the design and originality of its models. Made from wood chips recovered in factories, WeWood creates 100% natural watches, and moreover they are beautiful. The brand has for the moment a little more than 40 different models, different in designs. The brand now offers a wide variety of colors, shapes and dial sizes. One can find the simple round model, has a square or even rectangular model, offered in 3-4 colors, or rather 3-4 different wood materials. For men, we liked the Duhbe and Corium models for their refined dials reminiscent of those of steel watches. On the women's side, we appreciated the originality of the Pardus model with its leopard print dial or the very feminine design of the Criss models.

The prices of these watches also seduced us, the Duhbe or Corium being displayed for men and for the female models (Pardus or Criss).

The smallest ecological: WeWood is a company that fights against deforestation by planting a tree with every wooden watch sold


Conclusion: since wood is a natural material, on 2 similar models, depending on the season and the age of the wood, the color may be lighter or darker, the marks on the wood will not be the same. Each watch is unique and this is what adds exclusivity for a very reasonable price. I recently took a WeWood watch for giving gift to my uncle from amazon. Packaging level, the watch is delivered in a friendly little cardboard cube (recycled?). No tree killed to make this watch, recovery wood, a tree planted for each watch purchased, Etc. The ecological watch par excellence. The model Jupiter Beige watch impressed by its lightness, 59 grams weighing for an imposing object, and that stands out sobriety on the street. I just have a little apprehension over the long term, I do not know how will react the wood with the years, I read that there were no worries, so let's see. I proudly gave the gift to my uncle, wooden watch thinking of this tree that grows somewhere thanks to me.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Blood in Stool; What to do if you have blood in stool

The presence of blood in the stool should cause you to consult a Physician. If the cause is often benign (hemorrhoids, constipation), it can also be a sign of a disease, sometimes serious. And be careful, the amount of blood in the stool is not necessarily a sign of severity (colorectal cancer).

Blood in Stool

What are the conditions that can cause blood in the stool?
They correspond to dilatations of the veins in the anal region, which are liable to bleed and are painful. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common causes of blood in the stool. If they are benign, the doctor can reassure you and institute treatment.

The constipation
Another very common and benign cause of anal bleeding, constipation causes anal fissures, a kind of tearing of the mucous membrane that bleed.

The proctitis
It is an inflammation of the rectal mucosa which can lead to the appearance of blood in the stools, whose origins are diverse: infectious, parasitic, abuse of suppositories, radiotherapy ...

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are manifested by the presence of blood in the stool.
These inflammatory bowel diseases, which are often accompanied by diarrhea and abdominal pain, require long-term treatment and medical follow-up.

Gastrointestinal ulcer
Ulcers in the stomach or duodenum cause bleeding that is detected in the stool.
The doctor will prescribe drugs to prevent the secretion of gastric acid.

Erosion of a colon diverticulum
Diverticula are small hernias that develop along the outer wall of the colon.
With small blood vessels, their erosion is accompanied by bleeding.
Being, diverticulum nevertheless require a consultation to confirm the diagnosis.
In case of recurrence, a surgical resection will remove the part of the intestine where the diverticulum is located.

Gastric erosion
Most often of medicinal origin (aspirin, anti-inflammatory), the gastric erosions require an adaptation of the medicinal treatment in question.

Esophageal varices
Esophageal varices correspond to dilatations of the veins of the esophagus wall. They show no symptoms, except when they rupture (resulting in the appearance of blood) in case of increased blood pressure in the door system.

Blood in stool and colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer also results in blood in the stool, but most often in undetectable amounts to the naked eye. Only a specific examination can reveal it. This is the immunoassay (a new test that replaces the  Hemoccult test ), which is used to detect traces of blood in the stool, which is recommended for organized screening for this colon cancer. It is offered every two years from the age of 50 years. It is also advisable to start this test earlier if there is a family history of colon cancer or certain diseases (ulcerative hemorrhagic ulcer, familial adenomatous polyposis).

Blood in the stool: when to consult?
Systematically ...  Although most of the conditions that cause blood in the stool are being, it is advisable to consult your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and not miss a more serious illness ...

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fujifilm X-T20 Review

Fujifilm X-T20: DSLM from High-end to mid-range price
Fujifilm X-T20

The Fujifilm X-T20 turns out to be a strong battle to the competition and a definite reason for an upgrade from the predecessor model. The DSLM combines modern equipment such as touch display and UHD video with first-class picture quality and fast autofocus. Among the few weak points are the comparatively short battery life as well as Short series recording and recharge time.

With the Fujifilm X-T20, is an attractive revision of the mid-class DSLM series. The most important innovation? Clearly, the X-Trans-III CMOS sensor known from the big sister models X-T2 and X-Pro 2 . The high-resolution UHD video mode and the fast-paced focus system are also reminiscent of the X-T2. With the best of it: the Fujifilm X-T20 costs only about half as much as the two flagships. Is it an unrestricted bargain recommendation.

Fujifilm X-T20: Large in features and small in dimension
The Fujifilm X-T20 can be set to meet the highest standards when it is turned on for the first time. The DSLM is fast to operate, is very comfortable in the hand and likes with a valuable processing. The controls on the back are easy to reach. And for the operating modes, the shutter speed and the exposure correction, the manufacturer has his own setting wheels for fast access.
Fujifilm X-T20

The autofocus system is already known from the X-T2. Up to 325 separate focus points are available as well as zone AF and an intelligent focus mode, which independently analyzes motif situations, recognizes faces and even eyes and tracks motifs in five different pre-programmed situations. For manual focusing, extras such as focus peaking, a magnifying glass, and a focus scale with sharpening depth indicator are on board.In terms of speed, the Fujifilm X-T20 is always snapshot ready: even in low light, the subject appears in only about 0.4 seconds.

The serial recording writes up to eight images per second on the memory card with mechanical shutter. With silent triggering with an electronic shutter even up to 14 pictures per second can be used. Compared to many opponents, however, the series mode has upper limits. In the test, the Fujifilm X-T20 comes to a halt after 42 JPEGs or 23 RAW recordings. During the writing process can be recordings Although already considered, but "lame" the camera something. The responsible bottle neck: The aged UHS-I standard of the SD card compartment , which lies directly next to the batteryDiscover the latest mobile phone accessories at Media Markt! - a disadvantage in matters of mobility.

Fujifilm X-T20: A few extras are missing
The 385 gram light aluminum housing is unfortunately not like the X-T2 dust and splash water protected, but is pleasantly slip resistant in the hand. For wireless communication the camera uses WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS are missing. The location data can however be written into the image data via the free app for iOS and Android. To connect, the camera opens its own wireless network, which is recognized by the smartphone. Small drawback: The camera is occasionally "frozen" in the connection setup. In addition to the image transmission, smartphones also function as a comfortable remote control without large transmission charges.

On the back, the three-inch touch screen, which provides a sharp image display with 1.04 million pixels. Thanks to the touch function, the focus point can be placed directly on the LCD with a finger. In the picture display it is even possible to move the images with the finger or to zoom in with a two fingers into a picture. In the menu newly introduced with the X-Pro2 the touch function is unfortunately not available.

Fujifilm X-T20: Compulsory accessory Secondary Battery is needed
The fact that the viewfinder as well as the display will consume more battery power, illustrate the measured maximum 450 images per charge. The predecessor X-T10 showed a significantly lower consumption of battery and came upto 700 recordings. if your camera would have to be on for several hours a second rechargeable battery should therefore be part of the compulsory equipment, especially since the battery is only charged with the enclosed charger.

Overall rating: 

  • good (87, 0%)
  • Price-performance ratio: 82%
  • Image quality: 95.7%
  • Equipment / Handling: 81.3%
  • Speed: 87%
  • Video quality: 76.8%

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Magnetic Copper Bracelet

Magnetic Copper Bracelet with 6 Magnets

This bracelet of magnetic copper resumes the very sober form of the simple copper bracelet.
Thanks to 6 neodymium magnets, the antirheumatic properties of the copper bracelet are combined with the properties of magnetotherapy for a better energy balance and a relief of joint pains.
Magnetic Copper Bracelet

The use of copper in therapeutics goes back to the oldest times in our history. Thus the wearing of copper bracelets on the wrist, to fight the rheumatic symptoms dates from nearly 8000 years.
This magnetotherapy copper bracelet takes again the sober form of the simple copper bracelet of the past and offers 6 magnets more.

Thanks to these 6 neodymium magnets, the antirheumatic properties of the copper bracelet are associated with the properties of magnetotherapy for a better balance of energy and a relief of joint pains. Flexible, malleable, the magnetic copper bracelet fits perfectly to all wrists, for a better penetration of copper through the epidermis.
Magnetic Copper Bracelet

The anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties of Copper have long been recognized. Copper is an essential trace element which, combined with other trace elements, regulates the functioning of the body and maintains its balance. The 6 powerful acupuncture magnets act on the palmar surface of the wrist and regulate important points like sleep and appetite.

Characteristics :

  • This bracelet is made in a very pure copper. 
  • Width 9 mm. 
  • Thickness 2.5 mm.
  • Features 6 magnets Neodymium with 15000 gauss. 

2 Available sizes:
- Small Model: Women's Handle - 18 cm
- Large Model: Grip Handle Man + 18 cm ,
Leave 1 to 2 cm between the ends of the strap.

Don't Use if you have below condition:

  • Carrying a cardiac pacemaker (pace-maker). 
  • Pregnant women.
  • Spasmophiles. 
  • Patients with severe mental disorders.

Conclusion:I bought two to offer my son and my son-in-law, since they often have back pain, I always thought that copper and magnets played a role in improving health, voila. It took several days to feel a beneficial effect on back pain. Very good product. Effective.
buy at

Wearing the wristband does not replace any treatment prescribed by your doctor. 
Anyone who feels that they have a health problem should consult a doctor. 
This product is not a medicine and can under no circumstances replace medical treatment. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator Review

Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator With BPA-Free Trays

The Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator will seduce you by its appearance and performance. Practical, design and powerful, it will find its place in your kitchen to become a healthy ally on a daily basis. 2 models available: Sedona Classic or Sedona Combo. Ideal for raw and / or vegan cuisine.
Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator

The revolution in dehydration can begin as this Sedona ™ dehydrator in raw quality sets new standards. It has a compact and light design: it allows to choose its temperatures with great precision and consumes very little energy. The high-precision temperature setting of the new Sedona ™ ensures that your raw, dried food will retain all of their vitamins and nutrients after dehydration.
Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator

Thanks to the digital control, you can select the desired temperature very precisely: between 30 ° and 68 ° C; Always perfectly regulated. You then adjust the dewatering time using the electronic timer. Your oven is equipped with an automatic circuit breaker after several hours of consecutive use to protect the device.

Unlike many vertical-flow dehydrators, Sedona ™ has a horizontal air circulation system. The hot air is blown very uniformly from back to front on each drying tray. This is the secret of the success of many raw creations: crackers, pizzas, bread and pie, vegetable and fruit brochettes, etc ...
And you will multiply creative ideas with mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, herbs and even flowers in your garden. Drying them in raw quality is the best way to preserve them ... For the pleasure of savoring them throughout the year. At any time, you control the progress of dewatering through the glass door of Sedona.
Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator

A silence almost perfect and so appreciable when you dehydrate your preparations at night!
Sedona ™ is composed of two independent compartments.

You have few foods to dehydrate? 
You can reduce the capacity of the oven at the touch of a button and save energy.
Do you prefer to dehydrate in large quantities?
Take advantage of the 9 drying trays that offer a total dehydration surface of 9423 cm2. The position of the grates is adjustable, which makes it possible to dehydrate also thicker foods (for example, raw pizzas well stocked). Sedona ™ is the perfect dehydrator to produce a modern kitchen in raw quality. Sedona Combo Rear PanelRevolutionary, it is by its elegant design and its many technological mastery: electronic controls, silent mode and energy saving. Very compact, it easily finds its place on your kitchen work surface and can be stored easily in the cupboards of your kitchen.

The Sedona Combo saves energy: this new model is equipped with 2 zones of dehydration: independent high and low ventilation and heating systems. Depending on your needs, you use one or both zones to optimize your energy consumption. It dehydrates your food faster while preserving the precious raw quality. A result made possible thanks to the 2 new programs "Fast" and "Raw" (Cru).


  • 110V Model
  • Easy on/off switch, electronic digital display with digital temperature control and timer
  • Quiet, energy efficient operation
  • See-through glass door
  • BPA free plastic trays and tray mesh screens
  • Dual fan technology

Draw backs:
It is costly but I did not have the alternative for this type of machine

Super dehydrator, very quiet and very practical,Very efficient and quiet.Plates without BPA, that's why I chose it.I tried Apples, pears, bananas, pineapples and kiwis have retained all their flavor.I think it will be very convenient to make dried tomatoes in high season. I am delighted with my purchase and I recommend this product Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper

Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper - Replace your Kitchen Knives and Cutting Boards

Clever cutter 2 in 1 Food chopper , the revolutionary kitchen knife!Clever cutter
Very simple to use The Clever Cutter 2 in 1 is a practical knife that will make your daily life easier.
The Clever Cutter looks like a pair of scissors except that the top blade has been replaced by a knife and the bottom blade by a cutter. 
Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper

You can easily cut food directly above the dish.
Whether vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, courgettes, leeks, endives, onions, herbs (basil, coriander, parsley ...), bread, raw or cooked meat this 2 in 1 knife is used without board To cut and safely.
So in your kitchen, picnic or camping finished out the different kitchen utensils to prepare your food, to you the Clever Cutter: the knife 2 in 1 which will shorten the time of preparation of your recipes! 
Its stainless steel cutting blade is a lightning-fast way to cut into slices or pieces all the food you present.
Ergonomic for easy use. 
Safe and Convenient The 2 in 1 Clever Cutter is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 
A safety valve will prevent accidental cuts. 
So do not hesitate any more, try it! 

Note: Don't forget to keep away from childern


The Clever Cutter pleasantly surprised me. Really very practical, efficient; It quickly becomes indispensable! Nothing resists him! Lightweight and easy to handle, it has found its place in the kitchen.Bought with Blade option. Very good product,Very appreciable to cut carrots and any other vegetables, cut very well and everything (even sausage!) And no need to force for it. It was for a gift and the people who received it were delighted. Excellent knife-clip that replaces the cutting board and knife with ease and speed. The cutting is effective. Cleans very easily and does not take up space.Not terrible if you want to offer.

The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27) - Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Lexen HealthyJuicer juice extractor is a manual grass juice extractor.

Make your own grass juice!
The Lexen Manual Juice Extractor offers you unrivaled performance for wheat herb juice ... as well as for all other types of "green" juices.
It has the peculiarity of not owning filter , so it removes the most complicated cleaning step and you get more juice rich in fiber .
Lexen Healthy wheat grass juice extractor

The Lexen Healthy Juicer Grass Juice Extractor, with its mounting suction cup, can be attached to any flat surface. Just turn a knob to suck the juice extractor on its support! It also has an adjustable clamp for attaching to a table rim. Thanks to its worm screw and manual rotation, it gently presses the herbs without any heating , thus giving a nutrient-rich juice. Grass juice Most people know the health benefits of consuming grass juice, but no one likes the process of setting up the centrifuge and especially the after cleaning processes.

The healthy juicer is robust, efficient, very easy to use and especially very easy to clean!

Efficient and practical

The juicer is the most effective way to extract grass juice from wheat and green leafy vegetables.
The Manual Juice Extractor takes a few minutes to disassemble and to be cleaned. Simply rinse with warm soapy water.

All waste from the excess pulp is expelled perfectly on the front face of the stopper in a separate container for easy removal.

The Lexen Manual Juice Extractor functions as the "cold pressure" method, ensuring that enzymes and nutrients are not destroyed by high-speed friction and the heat generated by a conventional centrifuge.

Why drink wheat grass juice?

Growing and making juice from your own wheat germ is not only decorative and fun, but also very nutritious with maximum vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
This juice is known to have many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins B-12, B-6, K & C, and beta-carotene.

It is a good extractor to start in juices, like me, I joyfully confirm that this juicer does not like that grass! In fact it also extracts carrots, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, (and I have not yet tried everything) cut into small pieces . Apparatus meets my expectations, efficient,without electricity, it is transportable anywhere and with this one no engine noise this was my first approach. I've already consumed delicious carrot / apple / lemon juice with my organic vegetables and potato juice. No problem. fascinate by the product.It is easily transportable small and practical very easy to use and very easy to clean. Very good product for the price, Of course, it is a real little jewelry at a lower cost. Very satisfied with the packaging & received quickly.

How to lose weight with tea?|weight loss tea review

How to lose weight with tea?|weight loss tea review

The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse: The Revolutionary New Plan to Melt Up to 10 Pounds of Fat in Just One Week!

lose weight with tea

The best effect on the metabolism and, as a rule, also for the goal of finding its ideal weight, is our recommendation in  regular drinking  and the  special combination ,  dosage  and  preparation  of the above mentioned Japanese green tea varieties, which ideally complement each other. The way of making tea and drinking is very important and  it is advisable to keep an eye on all the details. For more persistent cases, or for a faster start-up, we also recommend taking the appetite suppressor Hoodia tea and the Catechin supplier green tea extract.

Packs and instructions for losing weight

Green tea base package:  For the general improvement of the metabolism, the digestive system, the liver and the intestinal flora. Daily the three main green tea varieties  Gyokuro,  Sencha  and  Bancha  drink. In addition, 2-3 x per week the delicious green tea powder Matcha  (increase of the basic turnover, stimulation of the metabolism, elimination of free radicals) should be taken. This is the basis of the recommendation and serves at the same time as prevention.
Four-week cure Liver activation  and appetite suppressant : To activate the liver, the very special and bitter green tea powder Benifuuki should be  taken as a 4-week cure. In addition, the South African  Hoodia tea  is supplemented as an appetite suppressant and mood brightener.
Four week treatment for stubborn cases : In difficult cases, in addition to achieving the first significant success, or to accelerate the process  green tea extract  to be taken. In this way, many catechins are introduced.

Complete package Slimming : To achieve the greatest synergy, all the aforementioned teas can be combined together and distributed throughout the day or week

The following is very important: For all teas, one should pay attention to a sufficiently high quality, since the range of the ingredients and the effect can differ extremely depending on the tea. At least an efficiency of> 90% ( Premum quality ) should be taken. If the metabolism is more severe, an even higher efficiency (> 95%, Super Premium quality ) is recommended .

Best green tea varieties for weight loss
There are many varieties and qualities of green tea. For these, different plant parts and varieties as well as cultivation and processing techniques are applied. This means that the green tea cultivars have distinctly different ingredients and thus individual  effects . There are now particularly suitable varieties and qualities for all the above-mentioned aspects of slimming. It is also worth mentioning that the special combination of these different teas throughout the day gives a much greater   combination effect, as if you were to consume single teas or just a green tea. This factor is not sufficient to emphasize. The same applies to the respective preparation with the correct dosage, Water temperature and drawing time.

For further details visit:  The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra SG Shoe

The Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra SG Shoe has a weight of 280 grams and suppose for its price the maximum exponent in competition for narrow gauges, somewhat longer distances and especially fatty terrains.

The flexibility of these shoes, especially in the area of ​​the bridge, is surprising, this is due to plates that are in the sole as carbon fiber, which give protection to our sole of the foot but at the same time facilitate that flexion of The shoe

These new Salomon have a strong finish, in both areas well marked and oriented to favor that the shoe does not skid in the back and favor the grip in the front area.

With regard to its mediasuela, it only has a drop of 4 mm giving with its construction more stability to the shoe, saving on the subject of chassis and more rigid structures facilitates such stability in the mediasuela, and it has three densities.

As for the upper, the upper zone is constituted by strong nylon giving it a greater resistance, besides it counts on the front with a rubber protection that is losing density to become more friendly as we go in towards the shoe, and with a protection Greater in the area of ​​the big toe. Also in the rear zone has protection and ankle restraint, with a semi rigid chassis.

Inside we will find like a glove where we must introduce the foot, whose purpose is to isolate the foot of the whole outside to avoid friction, then hold the tongue and finally give a better stability to our foot.

This Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra SG Shoe does not have many quilts, since the purpose is to lighten the weight as the result is the comfort. That if, for example, the templates have a glue to prevent them from moving during the race.

Finally, its shape is narrow, being a competition form with a rather narrow bridge, so people with wide feet should look for another model.

Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra SG Shoe Adult Running Shoes, Red (Racing Red / Black / White), 45 1/3 EU is a quality product that delivers on what it promises. The company that created this product is Salomon.

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices - Silver

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices - Silver

Pebble Time Steel is the premium version of Pebble Time, so it maintains the rectangular and simple design of its brother, but the difference is that both the body and the buttons are stainless steel, adding this detail of a premium sensation.

The leather strap that comes with this smartwatch is comfortable, although it is possible to easily change it for another type of strap, so that you can exchange them and adapt the watch better to each situation, since you have a great variety to choose from.

This device has a color e-paper technology screen, although in terms of quality it is far from the rest of smartwatch of the competition, but there are also many benefits offered by this technology.

Among them is being able to keep the screen always on, which allows the information is always visible. Also it draws attention its spectacular visibility in conditions of great light, and is that in this aspect has no rival.

In addition, thanks to the technology of screen and the processor of low consumption, the Pebble Time Steel allows to enjoy up to 10 days once fully charged, aspect quite remarkable.

Pebble Time Steel smart watch incorporates a microphone that allows to answer messages or save notes, although this will depend on the operating system of your smartwatch.

Another advantage of this watch is water resistance, since it can dive up to 30 meters. A characteristic that is especially appreciated in summer or if you usually do some kind of water sport.

It also incorporates a port that will allow to expand the capabilities of the watch using smart straps, so in the future will be able to incorporate new sensors, such as GPS, a heart rate monitor or others.

The operating system of this watch proposes a different way of interacting with the smartwatch, and is based on placing in a timeline all the information that interests you, and whose operation is very simple.

As for the notifications, if you have an iPhone you will receive on the clock all the ones that reach you, but if you have an Android terminal you can choose which ones get to your smartwatch. And a catch for iPhone users is that they will not be able to interact with the notifications, being unable to respond directly from your Pebble Time Steel., While with Android you can respond even by voice.

In short, Pebble Time Steel maintains the philosophy of previous models, it does not pretend to do everything but to do well what it offers.

Pebble Time Steel - Smartwatch (128 MB RAM, Li-ion, Android, 4.0, Bluetooth 4.0), silver color is a very good product that fulfills what it promises. It can be purchased in amazon . This product has been developed by Pebble.

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The Best Moisturizing Shampoo of 2017 - Buying Guide

Welcome to a new guide to the best moisturizing shampoo of the moment.

Dryer, sun exposure, sun rays, pollution, there are many factors that damage and dry the hair without you realize. It is for this reason that it is convenient to wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo of good quality able to return light and shine to the hair.

As a women i have  carried out a research on  shampoos , comparing and analyzing 15 products of the market and we have selected the best moisturizing shampoos for you.

In this complete guide we offer you 2 useful tools that will help you make the best decision:

  • The best moisturizing shampoo of 2017
  • What to keep in mind when buying a moisturizing shampoo 

1. The best moisturizing shampoo on the market

Best brands 

It can not be said that all moisturizing shampoos achieve good results. Not everyone is up to combat the dryness and damage to the hair. It is for this reason that it pays to know the best brands when it comes to buying a moisturizing shampoo:

L'Oreal Paris: The L'Oreal brand of products is one of the most recommended when buying a moisturizing shampoo. L'Oreal to put by the quality, bet by the products that perfectly fulfills its mission, for that reason to bet by this mark is a wise decision.

Art Naturals: This brand is another great proposal that you can choose. Their shampoos, of high quality and only elaborated with natural ingredients, are in charge of taking care of and returning their appearance to those hairs more damaged or damaged.

Tresemme: You can not overlook the Tresemme brand, specialists in the creation of high quality hair products. Thanks to its products you can obtain sublime results, results comparable to those of the hairdresser.


Here is a list of the 5 best moisturizing shampoos on the market, shampoos that have been carefully formulated to get the hair regained its vitality:

1.Tresemme moisturizing shampoo 
Tresemme moisturizing shampoo 

Technical data and functions

This moisturizing shampoo is a perfect product to be able to take you to travel due to its dimensions. It is able to achieve intense hydration of the hair, allowing it to regain its vitality and shine.

The moisturizing shampoo Tresemme provides a powerful and optimum moisturizer to the hair, acting especially in those areas that are drier. With this shampoo you can moisturize your hair in those regions more damaged or damaged, in those regions that need it most.

Thanks to this pocket size shampoo you can always keep your hair well taken care of and protected, even in your trips or getaways, as it should not be missing in your suitcase. Enriched with vitamin E, this shampoo helps to soften the hair and brings shine, without caking. You can enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • It is enriched with vitamin E for softness and shine hair
  • It acts on those areas more dry or damaged of the hair
  • Achieve intense and deep hydration of the hair
  • The value for money of this little bottle of shampoo is very attractive
  • Very satisfactory results are obtained, comparable to those of the hairdressing salon
  • It is backed by a renowned brand of hairdressing products


This bottle is small in size, it only contains 100 ml, so it is advisable to use it for travel

Final assessment 

Excellent moisturizing shampoo for very dry or damaged hair. This bottle is perfect to carry on your trips or trips. The value for money certainly can not be beat.

2. American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo
Technical data and functions

This moisturizing shampoo is suitable for all types of hair, so anyone can make use of this product. Composed of natural products like rosemary, thyme and quillaja, this moisturizing shampoo is indicated mainly for men.
American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

Ideal for classic, avant-garde or modern styles, this moisturizing shampoo helps balance and clean the hair and scalp of those who have problems of dryness, managing to maintain the PH of the skin with a really good level of hydration.

The results achieved by this moisturizing shampoo are very satisfactory, allowing the hair to look like fresh out of the hairdresser. Enough with a small amount of shampoo to get your hair looking silky, soft, clean, shiny, moisturized and manageable.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Ideal for men looking for intense and deep hydration
  • It consists of natural products: rosemary, thyme and quillaja
  • Allows hair to look silky, smooth, clean, shiny, moisturized and manageable
  • It acts on those areas more dry or damaged of the hair
  • The value for money of this little bottle of shampoo is very attractive
  • Very satisfactory results are obtained, comparable to those of the hairdressing salon

Only recommended for men, not advised for women

Final assessment 

There is a good quality price relation. High quality shampoo designed for men looking to take care of their hair and moisturize. 100% recommended for demanding men.

3. L'Oreal Elseve Arginine Resist X3
Technical data and functions

This L'Oreal brand shampoo helps both moisturize and nourish hair. This product has been specially designed to work on the most damaged curly and rebellious hair. It helps to untangle, nourish, moisturize and soften even those most difficult hair.
L'Oreal Elseve Arginine Resist

With an unctuous and creamy texture, this moisturizing shampoo has been made with Sunflower seed oil and an aromatic touch of Gardenia. It is ideal for extremely dry or dyed hair that needs to recover its vitality and shine. Its formulation is free of sulphates and offers relaxing aromatic touches.

This shampoo has been enriched with a nutritive agent that helps to soften and control the fiber to prevent the typical frizz of the hair. Its application has to be carried out by performing a gentle massage on damp hair.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • It is backed by a brand of recognized prestige
  • Its formulation is free of sulphates
  • Helps to untangle, nourish, moisturize and soften the most difficult hair
  • It has been made with sunflower seed oil
  • Its aromatic Touch of Gardenia offers a relaxing experience
  • Helps soften and control fiber to prevent frizz


Its price is somewhat high considering the amount that includes the pot of shampoo, but it must be said that this shampoo lasts quite a lot, since with little quantity it fulfills its mission
Final assessment 

Very good moisturizing shampoo. Ideal for dry, frizzy, rebellious or heavily damaged hair. From the first application the results will be noticed. Great product.

4. Art Naturals Argan Shampoo
Art Naturals argan oil conditioner is a simple and convenient way to deepen and repair your hair at home.
The virgin and organic oil of argan oil moisturizes and smooths the hair in addition to boosting its healthy growth.
Art Naturals Argan Shampoo

  • InstaNatural Argan Oil Shampoo – With 100% Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil & Vitamin B5Art Naturals argan oil conditioner is a simple and convenient way to deepen and repair your hair at home.
  • The virgin and organic oil of argan oil moisturizes and smooths the hair in addition to boosting its healthy growth.
  • White awapuhi ginger, so prized by Hawaiians, softens and repairs the shine of the hair.
  • The natural moisturizing properties penetrate the root of the hair and repair the damage caused by the hair

White awapuhi ginger, so prized by Hawaiians, softens and repairs the shine of the hair.The natural moisturizing properties penetrate the root of the hair and repair the damage caused by the hair dryer, iron and sun exposure.

Technical data and functions

This Organic Argan Oil Shampoo is indicated for daily use. It is presented in a format of 473 ml, more than enough to enjoy each boat for a long time. It is a delicate and natural treatment that takes care of the lifeless, damaged and dry hair.

Moroccan argan oil is responsible for moisturizing the hair in depth, as well as calming and curing the damage caused by the dryer or the sun. On the other hand, jojoba oil is responsible for revitalizing the natural hydration of hair and promote hair growth.

It also contains peach, avocado and almond oils that repair open tips and control frizz. The ingredients of this shampoo are 100% natural and without the use of parabens. Leave to act for 2-3 minutes before rinsing for a deep and intense hydration.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The content of the product is almost half a liter
  • Contains organic argan oil, jojoba, peach, avocado and almond oil
  • Helps revitalize hair, strengthen it and make it grow healthier
  • It has a pleasant aroma and silky texture
  • Get your hair looking smooth, silky, manageable and hydrated
  • It has vitamins and properties that help to improve the volume and rejuvenate it


This is not the most recommended shampoo for people who have oily hair, as this shampoo relatively worsens the problem

Final assessment 

Ideal for people who have problems with dry hair. Moisturizes the hair deeply, achieving magnificent results from the first wash. Great moisturizing shampoo.

5.InstaNatural Argan Oil Shampoo – With 100% Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil & Vitamin B5

  • The definitive treatment in the form of shampoo suitable for daily use. InstaNatural's Argan Oil shampoo ultra-cleansing formula cleans and revitalizes the damaged follicles at every wash, while also acting as a powerful moisturizer for the scalp.
  • Created with the highest quality Argan oil, this compound (Argania Spinosa) is widely known to be one of the most effective ingredients in the field of hair care, but you should not simply settle for any product claiming to contain Argan oil. The exceptional InstaNatural shampoo contains 100% pure Argan oil imported from Morocco to ensure your hair receives supreme protection and care.

Technical data and functions

This magnificent shampoo made with argan oil from Morocco is 100% certified. Enriched with vitamin B5, this moisturizing shampoo is the best treatment for a smooth and silky hair, leaving aside dryness, open ends and frizz.

It is a shampoo indicated for your daily use, getting you with each wash your hair regain lost vitality and shine. It is responsible for cleaning and revitalizing the damaged hair follicles in each wash. Helps nourish and moisturize hair deeply from root to tip.

Thanks to this shampoo will completely remove the itch and dryness in the scalp. Due to its star component, argan oil, with this shampoo you will keep the scalp healthy and you will get your hair looking nice, healthy, shiny and soft. It will look clean, refreshed and totally dazzling.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Contains fully certified Moroccan argan oil
  • Helps revitalize, strengthen and moisturize hair
  • Cleans and revitalizes damaged hair follicles
  • It makes the hair look soft, silky, beautiful, shiny and hydrated
  • The hair will look clean, refreshed and dazzling


The price of this shampoo is quite high, although the results are worth doing this small investment

Final assessment 

Very good shampoo. The quality of this shampoo is really remarkable. The results offered are unbeatable. The hair will look much more beautiful, soft, hydrated and shiny. Excellent buy.

2. What to keep in mind when buying a moisturizing shampoo

If you are one of the many people who suffer from dry and damaged hair, do not hesitate to choose the best moisturizing shampoo to end the problem once and for all. But how do you choose the best moisturizing shampoo?

  • Brand: Choose only by shampoos of recognized brands and that offer you the maximum guarantees of satisfaction. Choose quality brands.
  • Best cheap moisturizing shampooHair Type: Not all hair is the same, so make sure you are buying the best moisturizing shampoo for you, as each hair is a world and has different needs.
  • Ingredients: Decide for those shampoos made with completely natural ingredients, this way you will be sure to give extra care to your hair and look much healthier and more beautiful.
  • Aroma: It is advisable to choose a moisturizing shampoo that has an aroma that you like and you like for your hair. You can find aromas for all tastes.

If you want to permanently finish with the dryness and frizz of your hair, it is time to use a good shampoo to moisturize and nourish it. Do not let your hair look dull and without vitality!


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Kitchen knives and viruses

Kitchen knives and viruses 
One study highlights the risk of cross-contamination by food viruses through kitchen knives and graters

Lack of hand hygiene is one of the main causes of food poisoning in the home, as well as utensils used to prepare and handle food, through which pathogenic bacteria can be transmitted. A new study by experts at the University of Georgia's Center for Food Safety finds that knives and graters can transmit viruses . This article explains how cross contamination occurs through knives, how it can be prevented and trends in foodborne diseases .
Kitchen knives and viruses
Kitchen knives and viruses 

One of the most frequent causes of gastroenteritis worldwide is the presence of norovirus , especially in products and foods ready for consumption. Research to date has shown that the point of greatest risk is the preparation of food. Hands, utensils and surfaces have a potential role in virus contamination.

Cross contamination through knives
In a recent US study published in Food and Environmental Virology , we have analyzed the transfer of viruses, specifically hepatitis A and norovirus, among a wide range of fruits and vegetables and different types of kitchen knives and graters.

The results of the research have shown that, after using sterilized knives, more than half have been contaminated after preparing an altered food. Contamination occurs whether the food is cut or grated. The level of infection differs depending on the type of virus and the food. Differences in the structure of the surface of the product influence the transfer of the virus. The smooth surface of a melon transfers more norovirus to the knife than a more rugged surface, although not the same with the hepatitis A virus. Experts have used melons, tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers toanalyze virus transmission to Through knives and graters.

In the research, it has also been analyzed whether a contaminated knife can transfer viruses to clean fruits and vegetables. Those responsible for the study admit that "with only one contaminated blade can contaminate up to seven pieces". The results suggest, therefore, that viruses can be transmitted through food in a manner similar to that of  bacteria . From these results, experts warn that any utensil used in the kitchen can be a cross-contamination point, which also includes hands and food. The ease of virus transfer between food and utensils underscores the importance of increasing preventive measures in restoration, but also in domestic kitchens.

How to avoid cross-contamination
One of the recommendations that experts make is to wash the knife or grater after each use with a specific food, rather than leaving it on the counter, even if it is thought that it is not dirty. According to the British Food Standards Agency (FSA), cross-contamination can be:

Direct . Food is touched and contaminated or drips over others.

Indirect . Bacteria present in hands, surfaces or utensils extend into food.

Here are some tips to avoid it:

  • Wash hands after handling raw food.
  • Keep raw foods separate from cooked foods.
  • Store raw meats in airtight containers in the refrigerator.
  • Use a different cutting board , depending on whether raw or cooked foods are handled. If only one is available, wash thoroughly between one use and the next.
  • Clean knives and other utensils after each use.

Foodborne illnesses have varied over time. Tuberculosis or cholera were common for many years, but improvements in food safety, such as pasteurizing milk, canning or disinfection of water supplies, have almost completely eradicated this type of disease. However, other infections have emerged, some caused by new pathogens that spread rapidly. This change is due, in particular, to new food production practices and changes in consumption habits. Some of the most common pathogens are Salmonella, Campylobacter or E.coli .It should be borne in mind that microbiological safety of food is a dynamic issue influenced by multiple factors throughout the food chain and that relevant pathogen populations are not static. Some pathogens such as E. coli may be able to evolve and "explore" new products, such as fresh food , or generate new public health problems, such as antimicrobial resistance. In a study conducted by European experts entitled "Foodborne diseases, the challenges of 20 years still persist and emerging new" and published in International Journal of Food Microbiology , it is recognized that special emphasis is placed on norovirus, hepatitis A and Emerging viruses such as SARS.

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5 Benefits of Aloe Vera

5 Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant with more than 75 nutrients, so we will talk about the benefits of aloe for hair. If you want to have a better appearance and health in this part of your body, it is a good option to use aloe crystal face masks or aloe vera products. Let's see then what are the benefits that this plant can give you:

The following are the Benefits of Aloe Vera
1. Stimulates hair growth.

Since the time of the Egyptians it has been said that this plant contains enzymes that make hair grow healthier. The nutrients in this plant remove biting cells from the scalp that can clog the follicles and prevent growth. They also make the scalp more easily absorb the nutrients we give it through the products we use. Aloe for hair also changes the pH of the skin to one with better conditions so that hair regenerates quickly.

2. It is an anti-itch

These properties make the scalp complications related to itchiness and dryness gradually disappear. It is also used to treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Enzymes make the cells open and healthy; May also decrease the irritation and inflammation that occur in some scalp abnormalities.

3. Anti-inflammatory

One of the most prominent uses of aloe for hair is that it optimizes skin conditions and helps eliminate bacteria that cause inflammation, allergies and delayed hair growth. If you have complications on your skin, especially on your scalp, aloe is the solution you need. It takes advantage of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

4. Reduces dandruff

As aloe for hair has the property to remove dead cells that are accumulating, it also helps in the treatment of dandruff, which can be caused by a fungus that develops on the scalp.

Aloe vera contains fungicides that eradicate this root problem, preventing this complication from developing again in the future.

5. Conditioner

The jelly-like substance found in the glass of aloe vera is a good conditioner because it has a similar consistency to that of the natural hair protein, keratin. This facilitates the crystal to act inside the scalp. If you use this plant regularly you will see how your hair is healthy, shiny, smooth and silky.

In summary, the benefits of aloe for hair are as follows:

1. Helps relieve the stinging sensation
2. It reduces the possibility of having inflammations in the scalp
3. It makes the hair stronger and silky
4. Control the ph of the skin
5. Accelerate hair growth
6. Their nutrients are easily assimilated
7. It has many analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Travel backpack bags buying guide

Backpacker Backpack Buying Guide| How choose Best Travel backpack bags review

Finding the right backpack for backpacking is not an easy but very important task. On a world tour the backpack is a constant companion, the most important piece of equipment and sometimes the only bit of privacy you have. If it is inconvenient and impractical to handle, it can cost many (unnecessary) troubles. In this article, I will clarify what to look for when shopping and which backpacks are particularly recommended .

How do I find the right backpack for me?
If you are looking for a travel backpack, you can quickly lose yourself in the offer jungle. It is first of all important to know what to do and how high the requirements for the new travel companion should be. This depends on the choice of the right model and the correct size. I have summarized the most important criteria below to help you choose. If you are looking for a backpack mainly for extended hiking tours , you will find more recommendations in the special  trekking backpack comparison.

What must a good rice pack do?
Even if the special requirements can vary, there are nevertheless a few features, which every backpack should fulfill:

  • Must be very sturdy and hard-wearing so as not to break during the often rough transport
  • Must be practical and clear (so that you can quickly get to it)
  • Should be waterproof or have a rain and protective cover
  • Should be comfortable and easy to carry or transport

Travel backpack bags

How big should the Backpacker Backpack be?
The basic recommendation is that the smaller and lighter the backpack is, the more easy it is to travel! But of course you have to have some things with you and there is a "magic" lower limit of approx. 40l. If you are longer than a weekend away, you will hardly manage with less volume. Whether you are traveling for two weeks or a year does not really make a difference in the backpack size. Much more decisive is what one is supposed to do; The Reisestil and the Zielland.

The volume depends mainly on the following criteria:

men should choose 65-80 liters of backpacks.
Women should choose 50-65 liters of backpacks.

In cold weather you need more and thicker clothing and therefore more space in the backpack

Accommodation (eg camping or hostel)
If you have to camp, you have to drag a whole mountain more equipment. Tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, cooker etc. Here you should choose a backpack in the upper volume range.

My tip:
Normal back packers will get loose with a volume of about  65 liters (men) and 55 liters (women)  even in cool regions. Experienced minimalists, who are traveling in warm countries and do not camp, can also come with 10 liters less clear or travel only with hand luggage . Great are backpacks where the volume can be expanded (often + 10L). So you get the souvenirs still pure!

Trekking  Backpack
If we think of a large backpack, then mostly a classic trekking backpack. These, often slim and ergonomically designed backpacks, are especially designed for hiking (with tent). This means they are optimized to transport medium to heavy loads as easily and without fatigue over long distances. If you want to carry hiking or self-catering stages during your journey and carry your luggage on your back for an extended period, you need a backpack with a well-thought-out carrier system.

Luggage Backpacks
While trekking backpacks are designed especially for hiking with heavy luggage, these travel companions offer a compromise between the advantages of a backpack and a suitcase. They have a carrying system like a rucksack, but they do not have enough belts and straps to adjust. This is a real advantage when traveling by air or by other means of public transport. Thanks to an all-round zipper, you can fold it up completely. So they can be packaged much more clearly and in the hotel room you can comfortably and quickly get to his things, without having to rummage through everything. In addition, many luggage bags have a daypack.

My tip:
A suitcase type backpack is  recommended for those who do not want to go on their backpack (long) trekking tours or go camping. If you stay mainly in hotels or hostels and use public transport, clearly outweigh the advantages of this model.

Looking for a backpack for all eventualities; You have to walk for several days or plan a total adventurous journey (eg hitchhiking), you should definitely choose a trekking backpack. Meanwhile, many trekking bags also have large front zippers. They are not quite as practical as backpacks, but also no "black hole" for clothes.

I recommend Backpack for Trecking is Deuter Aircontact 70+15 SL Hiking Backpack

With the new Aircontact Pro 70, Deuter meets the challenge: it combines a high load transfer with comfort and longevity - top for long treks.Except for the non-removable cover richly and functionally equipped two-chamberpacksack with large front opening. The DeuterClick here for the matching products on contact Pro 70 + 15 convinces with ease of use.
The Deuter Aircontact Pro is a workhorse: solid and equipped with tens of functional features, the heavyweight also masters long game trips with lots of luggage