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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why you should never put your tomatoes in the fridge

What's better than crunch in a very ripe tomato? Except that in reality, unfortunately, this does not happen very often, the good tomatoes having become a rare commodity. In the end, the tomatoes are too firm or tasteless, after having left them vainly ripened in a cool place for several days. But, is the tomato of the 21st century that is tasteless or fault to its mode of conservation? According to a study released in October 2016 in The National Academy of Science , it would be the way tomatoes are stored, before they go on sale, but also in our fridges, which would make these vegetables lose all their flavor. And it is their long exposure to the cold that would be the main responsibility. Fresh ... but less flavoursome

To reach these conclusions, researchers stored fresh tomatoes for one, three and seven days. Then they looked at the molecular composition of the tomatoes to see if the components that gave the tomatoes their flavor - sugars, acids and volatile matter - had changed. As a result, leaving tomatoes in the refrigerator between one and three days had no significant change, up to 65% of the tomatoes had lost their taste when kept fresh for 7 days. A taste test of 76 people confirmed this finding, as people tasted chilled tomatoes for a week saying they had less taste.

While preserving the tomatoes in a cool place, they can prolong their freshness, but they also lose their flavor more quickly. The solution ? Store them in a fruit basket, in the open air, in the kitchen, and consume them quickly. They will then be still fresh and much more flavorful. Moreover, tomatoes are not the only food to be much better outside the fridge ... Moreover, one favors the purchase of its vegetables at a market gardener or a local producer to avoid a cold chain Which will alter the taste.

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