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Friday, 24 February 2017

Top 10 Tips to increase traffic

Top 10 techniques to increase traffic to Blog
Blog Traffic
Blog Traffic

# 1: Publishing, Publishing, Publishing
Sorry to disappoint you, but the most powerful secret to increase his visits is not magic: Publish regularly articles on your blog . It's all stupid, but it's essential. By publishing regularly, you will both effectively reference your pages on the search engines, but also retain your readers and increase your number of visitors and subscribers day after day.

And it's inevitable. If you publish several times a week for several months, you will see your traffic grow automatically!

# 2 Referencing your blog, once and for all
Still something you already knew, but it's worth reminding it : Before spending time or money to increase your traffic, optimize your blog for SEO already! It will not cost you anything and it will greatly facilitate your work afterwards. What are you waiting for?

# 3 Post guest articles on other blogs
This is the best way I know to gain a big qualified traffic in the short term, while improving your SEO in the long run, all without spending 1 penny! Simply offer a blogger a quality article that you will have written for his blog, including 1 or 2 links to your blog. Everyone is a winner: you receive visitors and a backlink of a blog more important than yours, which, it, receives free content to publish on his blog effortlessly, which participates to his referencing and brings him traffic on The long term

# 4 Advertising Adword
If you have a blog already developed, with a source of revenue and a conversion tunnel already in place (visitor> subscriber> prospect> customer), paying for traffic can be contemplated . In this case, you could use the Google, Adword, the most known and one of the easiest to use. Most advertisements that you see on the internet are generated by Google Adsense, and are customized according to the sites you have visited before. As an advertiser, you can target a certain category of person, and pay only if someone clicks on your ad (referred to as "cost per click" or CPC).

This is a simple method, but you need to make sure of one thing before launching your campaign: that the value of a visitor to your site is higher than the cost-per-click you are going to pay . To know the value of 1 visitor, you simply divide your profit by the number of visits to your site.

# 5 Advertising Facebook
I have already had the opportunity to test it several times to promote pages of my site or simply the Facebook page of MasterBlog . This is a good way to increase your qualified traffic since you will be able to target by interest the people who will see your advertising . This is precisely what makes the astronomical value of Facebook:  knowing the interests, friends and activities of more than a billion people on earth.

My advice: Instead of promoting your Blog on Facebook, instead promote your Facebook page . With this technique, I have doubled my number of fans, for about 20 to 30 cents the targeted fan. This is not a bad deal, if only to give more authority to your blog by having lots of likes on Facebook.

#6  Living items
Consider making your articles alive for the reader. Add photos, videos, space your text, put important terms in bold, use title tags 1, title 2 ... It will be more enjoyable for the reader, and for Google!

# 7 Posting to Forums
Increasing your traffic often involves publishing quality content on your blog, another blog, or even on a forum . By publishing regularly on a forum your theme with a link to your site for signature, you will give yourself credibility as a connoisseur of your domain, especially if you help people, and you will gain quality traffic, since Will be people already interested in your content.

Still and always, give to receive!

#8 Relevant keywords
Position yourself on specific keywords. Let me explain: if you want to reference your blog and especially your articles on Google, it will be necessary to choose on which keywords to carry your efforts . Which phrase typed on the search engine will bring your blog back up first?
Make a list of the key keywords that will be associated with your blog . Of course, the more general the keyword (eg, gardening, tomatoes), the harder it will be for your blog to stand out. Choose rather targeted keywords (eg, garden gardening, better tomato season). To find keywords at the same time much searched on Google and little used by your competitors, I advise you the Google keyword scheduling tool . To track the effectiveness of your keywords, use Google Webmaster Tool .

# 9 Host a Contest
You have a good community of bloggers who follow you? Why not organize a contest? Choose a theme and suggest your readers write an article on it. Just ask them to insert a link to your blog in their article. At the end of the contest, publish all the links of the participants' articles on the post of the contest. You have just collected several backlinks to your blog, so more traffic, and better SEO.

# 10 Start a product
Increase traffic by launching a product, it's possible! If you are  creating a digital training for example, offer an interesting affiliate program. Services like Clickbank can sell its product through affiliates who will promote this product in exchange for a commission on each sale . For a digital product, since you do not have any additional charges, I recommend a commission of 50% . If affiliates are interested, they will talk about your training, generate sales, and save you traffic for free.

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