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Monday, 16 March 2015

Wall Street opens higher, continuing its zigzags before the Fed

Wall Street opened higher Monday, continuing its erratic to fluctuations of the dollar and the approach of a decision of the Federal Reserve (Fed): the Dow Jones took 0.61% and the Nasdaq 0.48%.

Around 1440 GMT, the index Featured Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 108.08 points to 17,857.39 points and the Nasdaq, dominated by technology, from 23.28 points 4,895.04 points.
The broader S & P 500, as many investors prefer to follow, gained 0.58%, or 11.90 points to 2065.30 points.

On Friday, the New York Stock Exchange had fallen back, his excitement being encouraged by falling oil prices and a strengthening of the dollar: the index Featured Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.82% to 17749.31 points Nasdaq, dominated by technology, 0.44% to 4871.76 points.

If Wall Street is back on higher Monday, the stock market barely sustainable choose a direction, when "investors are already looking towards the monetary policy meeting of the Fed on Wednesday in the hope that gives guidance on when it will begin to raise rates, "explained analysts at brokerage Charles Schwab.

Investors are waiting nervously to see if the Fed keeps interest rates near zero since 2008, will provide guidance on when it will withdraw the support to the economy, ie before or after the summer.

For now, Wall Street is in "a good mood", but that "has nothing to do with any big acquisition this morning, a pleasant surprise in terms of business results or positive economic indicators," listed Patrick O'Hare of

"It appears that these good intentions have largely to do with the bad provisions of the dollar," he explained.

The greenback, the sudden strengthening has contributed to nervousness on Wall Street, is taken from a small bout of weakness, which does not prevent to remain close to parity with the euro, to the meeting Fed.

As alluded to Mr. O'Hare, the economic indicators of the day generated little enthusiasm, with a very slight rebound in industrial production in February, an unexpected slowdown in manufacturing activity in the region New York this month.

The bond market was rising, the yield on 10-year Treasury falling to 2.075% against 2.119% Friday night, and that for 30 years at 2.659% against 2.700% previously.

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