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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Diabetes: 4 things to avoid in the kitchen

Cooking should not be a chore, even if it is subject to dietary restrictions. The following are some ideas that will help you cook with passion and pleasure, even if you have diabetes.

Finding out you have diabetes can disrupt eating habits and change the way of cooking.

Consequently, meal preparation can be time consuming. That is why it is important not to be discouraged, but to see the bright side. When you cook, you choose your own food . This fundamental aspect of the kitchen gives people full control, the most important for a person with diabetes is to maintain its steady level of sugar in the blood and to consume enough nutrients. This means, firstly, that the glycemic index of your meals should be low to prevent your blood sugar soars and, secondly, your food should be rich in nutrients such vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers while containing low amounts of sugar, salt and fat.

Put some color on your plate, that is to say, a lot of mixed vegetables and whole grains, served in proper portions.

To do so, simply follow these recommendations, they will allow you to prepare delicious meals while having fun.

Avoid preparing different meals

If you have diabetes, cook dinner is a great opportunity for the whole family to eat healthy. Enjoy your new diet to invite the whole family to participate in the selection of food and meal preparation . "This is the perfect opportunity to acquire skills in the kitchen and keep them for life.

Make the best selections of possible food
"I recommend people to opt for the more natural diet that is, that is to say, to select foods that have undergone minimal processing. Fill your pantry with healthy foods, that way you will always handy enough to make a healthy meal. "In my opinion, if you have dry beans, whole grains and evaporated milk, for example, you can use it in many ways.

Avoid products labeled "multigrain"
Number of products breads and cereals marked "multigrain" label is not necessarily synonymous with "health foods". The term "multi-grain" means several types of grains, not necessarily whole grains, warns expert. "These are probably processed grains, rather must look say "whole" as in whole grain or whole wheat . "This way, you can be sure to get all the nutrients contained in the germ, endosperm and the envelope of each grain and thereby reap the benefits."

Select carefully meat
When you buy meat, choose lean cuts, so without visible fat and with the least persillages possible, or those that are low in fat like a round roast or sirloin tip. "Avoid eating ribs and roasts high-fat minced and salted meats such as sausages and deli meats. As for poultry, it is better to buy meat without skin. "

Reduce your sodium intake
It suggests to stock lentils and canned beans, "these legumes blend well with a variety of food and cost almost nothing. So if you buy canned beans (or other canned foods to which salt is added), be sure to rinse. "You have to rinse several times to remove excess salt which sometimes can reach 40%.

Stock up on herbs and spices
"You can compensate for the reduction of salt, sugar and fat and add flavor to your dishes with a variety of herbs and spices . Unleash your imagination. Here are some suggestions: steamed seasoned with cumin and chili powder cores; green beans and nutmeg; asparagus and lemon zest; fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper.

Avoid large portions
Say no to consume large portions. I keep repeating it. " Use small portions at a time and eat until you are satisfied rather than filling your plate to the brim and engulf everything.

Use the best cooking methods
If you have a frying pan, it may be time to get rid of. "Use the best cooking methods, that is to say those that help you reduce the amount of fat in your meals while giving them the flavor. Cook in the oven, boil, broil or roast meat, for example, are methods that remove some of the fat during cooking. " Prefer slow cooking, this method will give more flavor to your food. "As for vegetables, I always encourage people to use the steaming or roasting, these methods allow to bring out the natural flavor of each vegetable. The roasted or grilled fruits are delicious and healthy desserts; you can add a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon or ginger.

Keep leftovers
I keep in fridge chicken breasts marinated in lemon juice and garlic ready to be grilled and served with brown rice and a salad of black beans, chickpeas, celery , corn, tomatoes and feta cheese, drizzled with canola oil and balsamic vinegar. That is all for today's meal, but what about the meal tomorrow? It will be a rolled sandwich composed of leftover table today! " I always keep the table scraps for the next meal, or even the next two. People think it takes to cook a new meal every day, not necessarily! "

Be creative and have fun
Roll over the photos in a book of recipes and stop on the ones you like. This should wet your mouth. Try to reproduce those that interest you. Invite your friends or your family members to cook with you is a great way to share your culinary ideas and develop them. But avoid complex meals that take hours to prepare. This is not grandstanding, but to make you happy by cooking your favorite foods to enhance their flavor and use methods of healthy cooking.

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