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Monday, 23 June 2014

Skype: Microsoft forcing a version update

Skype users will be forced in the future to update. Like Microsoft in the official blog announced , older version of the desktop client will be blocked in the future. A detailed justification for the next update forced not called Microsoft. Much more highlighted the advantages of the latest version.

Older versions of Skype are blocked in future
Skype allows herein sending messages to offline contacts and syncing to different devices. Also, the previous chat history is synchronized by all clients across including "read" notifications. The future no longer supported versions of the VoIP service count for the Windows version of Skype is 6.13 and older, as well as Skype for Mac 6.14.

Skype compatible for Mac users only with Mavericks
Skype works for Mac users OS X 10.9 Mavericks ahead: the catch here - For the latter, the current version number is 6.18. However, if you still working with older versions of the operating system would have to renew this to use Skype can continue. Users who wish to use outdated versions of Skype still will then probably blocked the log-in. When exactly Microsoft will perform the update constraint is not yet known.  

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