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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Top 5: Strollers!

Choosing a stroller is a complex task and arid. There are as many styles as necessities, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. So, welcome to the puzzles! Choosing your stroller will depend on your geography and your lifestyle. Indeed, you will enjoy a stroller lightweight and compact for storage if you live on the third floor of a small apartment.

By cons, if you're the sporty type, model all-terrain will make you happy. That said, the perfect stroller does not exist! The qualities of a will of the other defects. It all depends on your needs. However, you say that there is almost no bad products, there are only bad choice! Here is a flash that will facilitate your selection a little easier.

We classify strollers into three categories:

The "classic" stroller
These are the simplest and least expensive strollers. They are equipped with 4-wheel, single or double, often plastic, and the car seat is easy to install on their part. It is best used on flat surfaces, before the snow on sidewalks cleared or for walks in malls. It is, against less maneuverable, and therefore not recommended for major ones.

The "convertible" stroller
It is the ideal stroller for the city. They are perfect to make their way through the crowd or between two tables in restaurants. Their maneuverability is popular with city dwellers who often travel on foot. The rear wheels are larger than the front ones and often with room air. Their advantage is their versatility which offers several possibilities for the position of the seat or the handle. However, they are often less compact when folded, and more expensive.

The "all-terrain" stroller
These strollers are generally fitted with three wheels of larger diameter and equipped with crampons and tube. They thus provide a better performance for lovers Running or sports looking outside the box. They are, against much bulkier and heavier than the previous two.

1 - Bugaboo Cameleon

Here is the "Cadillac" of Strollers city. It is narrow, lightweight and versatile. It handles well in the snow because its rear wheels, made resistant foam (so no risk of punctures as is sometimes the case with inner tubes), have crampons. The front wheels, meanwhile, have a suspension to ensure smooth conduct.

It includes:

  • A frame with two main wheels and two small rear to front; 
  • Two large storage baskets;
  • A rectangular frame that will be used to constitute the pram or the seat; 
  • Two covers: the fabric of the pram (for newborn baby up to about 4-5 months) and the fabric for the seat; 
  • A small mattress with ventilation and a cover for the pram;
  • A rain cover; 
  • A mosquito net.
Bugaboo Cameleon
Bugaboo Cameleon

From birth, baby pram can be used as moses, at home or when traveling. The latter, as the seat is reversible, and it is also the case with handles! So you can position your baby facing you, to the beginning, or about the world around him when he starts to be more curious.

The seat, designed by a pediatrician, provides an ergonomic position for children. It is therefore thought that the baby has a 90 ° angle between the back and thighs. In addition, when it wants to sleep, it is not only the seat that is lowered, as is the case with traditional strollers, but the seat that is full scale. Thus, even while lying down, baby does not change its posture! Moreover, since this "convertible" stroller is made of two detachable parts (the frame with the wheels and the seat or pram), it is much appreciated by people living in a second floor, for example. It is not enough that baby up in his seat and then come back for the frame. It is lighter and less bulky in the stairs!


It is expensive!
The seat (or stroller) does not bend (it is less popular for commuting by car as it is not as compact as the others);
Price: Bugaboo "Chameleon": $889.00  to $ 1,150

Depending on your needs, you can purchase at click here

2 - Baby Jogger "City select"

Stroller "select City" offers, thanks to its multifunctional design, the ability to position the seats or baskets 16 different ways: a single seat, a bassinet only two seats, two baskets, a seat and a bassinet, oriented forward or backward, etc.. This "convertible" stroller is ideal for walking twins or children of different ages. Thus, you can customize your "baby jogger" according to your needs. Its technology allows to fold the stroller in one step.

It is equipped with a rear parking brake and a telescopic ergonomic handlebars. Rear, larger than the front wheels provide stability on all terrains.

Furthermore, the front wheels, in addition to being pivotable, thereby allowing a suspension have better comfort and a more precise handling. However, they may be locked for walking long distances. The padded seat, meanwhile, includes storage compartments and is adjustable through the prone position. The footrest is adjustable depending on the size of the child. Visor offers multiple positions, has a window to see baby and side ventilation panels. This stroller is also equipped with a large storage basket under the seat. The maximum weight capacity is 45 pounds (20 kg) per seat.


  • Only the standard seat is included (conversion elements are sold separately);
  • The handlebar is not reversible. These are the seats that must be handled to place baby face or back to you. In addition, for safety, it is recommended to do if baby is already installed in his seat.

Price: Baby Jogger "City select": Check here

3 - Peg Perego "Pliko P3"

This Italian company constructed a multitude of strollers quite popular among new parents. Indeed, we found something for everyone and they are of good quality. In addition, the suspension allows to acknowledge the weight load of a second child on the step. Their weight limit is thus quite high. The "Pliko P3" is the most popular basic model. This "classic" stroller can be used from birth of the baby, and until it reaches 40 pounds. It closes one hand and standing once folded. It does not occupy more space than a golf bag! It is lightweight (about 18 pounds). The shell are easily fixed. The step is provided with a rubber grip for the second child to hold it safely standing.

The wheels have a suspension. Those front swivel for maneuverability or attach to facilitate long distances. The seat reclines in 4 positions to the supine position, and as the latter is a large basket to transport accessories. The hood toggle to turn into sun visor. Its great advantage is that, thanks to its simplicity, it can then fulfill the function of the umbrella stroller!


  • The handle comprises two handles. Although they are adjustable, they are less convenient when you have a full handlebar grip the stroller quickly;
  • The handlebar is not reversible;
  • Wheels, small format, make this stroller less easy to use in the snow or on rough terrain.

Price: check here

4 - Graco Quattro tour

Here is the best stroller value. First, this "classic" stroller comes with a car seat. It allows you to avoid additional expense! It is robust, has 4 double front wheels and a bit larger than other strollers same category. This feature improves the maneuverability of the stroller. Furthermore, it folds a single hand! The seat reclines in 4 positions to be completely lying. The hood has a window so you can see baby easily. It also has a large storage basket under the seat. Finally, you'll love the price!

Graco Quattro tour


  • Its wheels are plastic, allowing rides mostly on flat terrain;
  • Its wheels without suspension and can not bear the weight of a second child on the step);
  • The handlebar is not reversible;
  • It is rather heavy (28 pounds);
  • It remains bulky when folded.
Price : Check here

5 - Peg Perego, "Uno"

  • The "Uno" is much like "Pliko P3" for the following reasons:
  • It can be used once the baby is born and until it reaches 40 pounds;
  • A shell are easily fixed;
  • The step has a non-slip rubber for the second child;
  • The wheels are provided with a suspension;
  • The front wheels swivel for maneuverability or fix for long distances;
  • Practice a large basket under the seat is available to transport equipment;
  • The top rocker to be transformed into a sun canopy.


  • It is a "convertible" stroller and not "classic";
  • The wheels are smaller than those behind, are made of rubber and provide better handling on rough surfaces a little or a little snow;
  • The handlebar is full (instead of two handles), adjustable and reversible, allowing to position your baby facing you;
  • The seat reclines in 3 positions to be coated;
  • It is a bit heavy (about 22 pounds).
Peg Perego Uno


This stroller tray is difficult to remove complicating the fact of placing the child in the seat when it is a little bigger;
It handles so well, when your baby is positioned in front of us, since the large rear wheels (which become the front wheels) are fixed.
Price: check here

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