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Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to choose Sun glasses

Sunglasses are relevant for everyone, especially in the summer. Once a person decides to purchase a pair - he is faced with a huge choice. Diversity is expressed in a variety of shapes, colors of frames, as well as the colors of lenses. But such detail as glasses, should you choose not by the method: "This I like and do not like this", and on the basis of facial features, hair color and the person who will wear them.

The choice of form points

The first thing to pay attention to the shape of the face. Based on the form, the following types of persons: round, oval, square, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped and elongated. There is a golden rule for choosing the form of spectacle frames: "Form points should not coincide with the shape of the face." Universal form of the face, in terms of selection of glasses, can be regarded as an oval, as for people with a form fit absolutely any type of glasses, except for the oval. Holders of a round face should not wear glasses with a wide rim. Also worth to emphasize the thin lines the rim, so will be the person visually. Square shape of the face can be pulled with glasses, but to do it under the force points with circular curved rim. Heart-shaped face "requires" wide rim. Ideal - this so-called "butterfly glasses" that will balance its shape of the face. For diamond-shaped face with suitable glasses bend. They can be square, round or oval. On oblong face will look perfectly square, round and oval bezel.

Choice of color eyeglass frames

In order to choose a suitable color points, we must pay attention to the color of the hair. The main thing is that the color does not match the frame color of hair, but was not completely opposed to it. Exception to the rule mismatch hair color with the color of the frame, up, blonde for their white frame acceptable. As for blondes, here should also pay attention to the fact that there are many shades of blonde. For pearl, and ashy gray-haired blonde wearing glasses better in the dark frame, as the white color will make the face more pale. At the same time. for someone completely terrible pallor, and vice versa. acceptable, so that this effect and can use it. Now also popular bright acid colors and frames that fit completely for each hair color, attention should be paid only to match your wardrobe with flowers.

Choice of color lenses

Lens color is chosen on the basis of skin color. For darker more suitable dark lens, the color should be warm: brown green, red, etc. For people with light skin tone lens is better to choose light, however, if there is a desire to achieve expressive pale skin, the lenses should be dark. In any case, people with fair skin should not acquire a warm shade glasses with lenses as it just will not have any kind. In addition, the glasses should be approached visually, they must also be of high quality. Should pay attention to such brands as BALDINNINI, GF Ferre, JOHN RICHMOND, REPLAY, United Colors of Benetton and Vivienne Westwood. Brands are not just sunglasses, goggles and a medical setting. That is, this accessory can be worn all year round. Frame color and its form should be selected on the basis of the same advice that and sunglasses.

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