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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Gardening with children

The garden is a living space for the whole family, and it can also be a way to give children the keys to their future. Indeed, gardening is to have fun while learning to observe the environment and discover the fauna and flora. This is also an opportunity to tell stories, to transmit knowledge and to create links between generations, counting, reading, writing ... Gardening with children is a true school of life! Rake in hand and boots on, children learn first to observe nature and understand its rhythm . They observe the changing seasons and its impact on nature, marveling day after day before the opening of a flower or a fruit maturation. They will discover insects and small animals gardens and their role in the ecosystem.

Gardening with children is sharing a moment of complicity rare. What a pleasure to see them marvel at their own work and be able to transmit their knowledge! What a pleasure for them to feel both autonomous and surrounded!

The garden: a place of development

Gardening with children is to teach them fundamental values ​​such as patience and respect for nature. At a time when the environment is a big place, nothing like gardening to awaken young minds to the question of the preservation of nature and ecology.

Gardening with children is an activity that helps develop patience, attention, discipline, the requirements of a regular job, the direction of observation and the love and respect of nature, in moments of sharing and pleasure.
The garden is an ideal and comprehensive framework to develop children's senses. Small, they begin to move on all fours in the grass, they will experience new sensations that will help them develop their touch .
Odors they feel crumpling of herbs or fragrant flowers stimulate their sense of smell.
The sounds of the garden (birds singing, the sound of water, buzzing bees ...) to help them better identify sounds. Children will learn to carefully observe the details of a flower, the shell of a snail, or theft of an insect.

Gardening with children is to allow them to flourish by putting all their senses . They will impress before a high planter color or stained vegetable green, red and orange. They also love put your hands in the earth, handle bulbs, seeds, getting dirty, breathing the scent of a flower or a fruit .... just before tasting the joy of putting it in his mouth!

Nothing better to form the taste of the children to make them taste the herbs, vegetables and fruits from the garden.

Discovering nature

The garden is the ideal place for the discovery of nature, such as learning to recognize insects, birds or plants.

Distinguish the useful animals , such as ladybird larvae and lacewings, allow children to understand the garden differently. Thus, the taste of gardening and stimulating curiosity for nature will in future gardeners responsible and committed.

A garden just for him

You have a garden? So let a small plot your child will head gardener! Delimit then with small stakes. If you do not have a garden, a garden will do just as well, because the idea is that your little gardener takes responsibility around plantations and is proud to see a little sprout point the tip of his rod ! And it avoids walking on the beds of the other!

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