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Monday, 3 February 2014

Worlds Most Flexible Woman - Zlata

Russia jujitsu model Zlata high flexibility of its body, known as "the world's most flexible woman." Its superb contortionist audience not only amazing, but repeatedly break the Guinness Book of World Records. According to the Japanese website "" report, Zlata studio recently launched 2014 calendar, which was more than difficult for India to watch the action in jujitsu calendar altar.

The Russians once was a model jujitsu gymnast. 4 years old, his special talents were discovered. Zlata 27 years old still can be very easily curled his body just 60 square centimeters in size box. In other words, the body flexibility remains high. Every time a contortionist, its action is always difficult to make the audience choking beautiful, but also always make the audience feel incredible. Zlata said she is concerned for each action are done in a very natural, does not give her harm. Of course, her technical skills and her hard training is absolutely inseparable.

Zlata fans have said, "Every time I see her relaxed and elegantly curved his body, we marvel and I admire, will reflect on their laziness, suddenly we have the motivation to exercise."

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