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Monday, 24 February 2014


Special effects are a major component of modern cinema. Indeed, precisely because the effects can recreate a particular historical epoch embody on the screen is fantastic monster or incredible ability superheroes. This video shows in chronological order the films that have received "Oscar" award for visual effects, since 1977 to the present day.

In recent years more and more difficult to distinguish between real objects on the screen of the already added during post-production. Computer technology is not standing still, and now almost anyone, armed with a piece of green material (so-called "hromakey"), high-quality camera and a sufficiently powerful computer with installed application Adobe After Effects is able to translate his directorial ideas on the screen. Actually, many independent directors do just that.

Of course, enthusiasts do not have enough manpower and expensive equipment, which is available to Hollywood figures, however at home, too, can create something impressive, and the Internet is full of evidence of this. People making amateur films on your favorite video games, cleverly mounted their home record to impress friends, and even virtually alone draw full CG-animated cartoons. Whatever you say, Hollywood and technology become more affordable over time.

By the way, in recent times by special effects artists in Hollywood are paying less and less. Studio Rhythm & Hues, which has created a wonderful and challenging from a technical perspective visuals for the film "Life of Pi" was forced to declare bankruptcy, despite the fact that she received "Oscar" award for his work. Increasingly create effects entrust Asian and Indian companies that work for nothing, thus effectively putting an end to Western experts, who must either also work for a pittance, or just close the doors of their studios.

Should remember the people who spend days, weeks and months at the screens of their work computers to pupils spectators at a certain point the film dramatically widened and heart began to beat faster. These masters worthy of our respect.


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