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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The final version of FreeBSD 10.0 is available

 final version of FreeBSD 10.0 is available
FreeBSD now has a little over 20 years and the draft party these days out in the final version of its tenth version. Used by major players in the sector (Apache Sony via Yahoo), while being in the heart of FreeNAS or been declined for the Raspberry Pi, the FreeBSD operating system is finally finished and stable 10.0 ( after a short fifteen working versions, the first alpha was published there about a year and a half).

Any release notes are compiled here to find out exactly what changes have been made ​​to the software, but complied briefly on some important changes and improvements: GCC is abandoned in favor of Clang compiler gives way to Bind DNS Unbound hand, Virtualization has been widely optimized and now supports virtio bhyve and load, TRIM is supported on SSD formatted ZFS (file format which now takes into account the LZ4 algorithm), and finally moves to the GNOME 2.22 release.

To know what are the compatible components, you can take a look at this list , and to download ISO images, it goes on the FTP server . The 10.0 version of FreeBSD will be supported for one year by the project team.

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