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Friday, 3 January 2014

Sony could sell a Windows Phone 8 model in 2014???

According to rumors, Sony and Microsoft are negotiating to unveil a range of mobile Windows Phone. The Japanese manufacturer would be in discussion with Microsoft. Sony may offer mobile Windows Phone, as did Samsung or Huawei.

Sony is in negotiations with Microsoft to develop a range of smartphones that runs on Windows. A prototype is even being manufactured according to rumors. Sony is yet used to develop Android smartphones with its Xperia range. Sony could offer a smartphone WP for emerging markets. We only know few details about the negotiations between Microsoft and the Sony.
Xperia Pop, an prototype Sony's Windows Phone ?

Sony could thus expand the range of its smartphones and regain market share. Other manufacturers are engaged in the production of smartphones running Windows Phone. Additionally Nokia is the leader in WP, there is also Samsung and Huawei. ZTE, Acer, Dell and HTC have not continued to develop Windows smartphones. But Sony could get into the race. Sales of the Xperia range are doing well but it would be possible to consider emerging markets and developing a further range. Recall that Windows Phone is the third OS after iOS and Android. Sony was contacted there about a year and showed hesitation, it would be more interested at present to work with the Microsoft group of companies.

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