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Monday, 6 January 2014

Poonam Pandey Deemands 3 Crores......???

Poonam Pandey 

Beauty Queen Poonam Pandey(Strip sensation Star), created sensations by  from time to time by attacking critics as well she is strict with regarding Remuneration Negotiations! For acting in Big Boss -7' TV reality show she literally, has demanded Rs 3 crores.The 'Big Boss' presenters contacted her, she bluntly revealed his mind regarding payment. Even though they had agreed to offer 2.25 crore as remuneration it seems poonam pandey is not intrested.The presenteds of the reality show 'Big Boss said Due to financial reasons, she did not act now. Recently due to success of her Film  'Nasha' Poonam ruled out of negotiating regarding remuneration.

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