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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Natural remedies for arthritis

Champions? More colorful: pepper, spinach , tomato, carrot, squash, beets, berries ... but also dried fruits (prunes, apricots ...). Not to mention cabbages and brassicas. Indeed, red cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli, turnips, artichokes, radishes, rutabaga, watercress, arugula ... are mines of vitamins A and C, minerals and fiber . They mostly contain glucosinolates, sulfur compounds. These give them an unpleasant odor during cooking and make little digestible, but limit the destruction of cartilage cells by acting on inflammation.

At least twice a week. They can be eaten steamed or stewed, but also thought to preserve their vitamins. To choose organic, if possible, to reduce their pesticide content.

These are the most concentrated in antioxidants. Some contain bonus valuable anti-inflammatory drugs: ginger and turmeric in particular, but also curry, cumin, cinnamon , black pepper.
Take each half a teaspoon of ginger powder or 35 g (about six teaspoons) of fresh ginger daily. This plant could reduce arthritis pain, probably because of its effect on blood circulation, which helps to reduce inflammatory joints.

Heat can reduce pain. Use an electric blanket, a heater or a hot water bottle. Heat the painful joint for about twenty minutes. A warm bath can also relieve you. Cold also gives good results in case of inflammation. Place ice in a washcloth or towel and apply it on the painful area. You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables (peas, for example), which adapts to the shape of the joint.

Eat more fish oil. People who have a diet rich in omega-3 (found in fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines) often experience a decrease in their joint pain. These fatty acids help to reduce inflammation. You can take the form of food and / or supplement. The ideal is to combine the two by eating oily fish three times a week and taking fish oil supplements, because from 2000 to 5000 mg per day. (Warning:.. Consult your doctor before starting supplementation) According to studies at the University of Cardiff, United Kingdom, liver oil cod, rich in omega-3 and vitamins A and D, slows cartilage destruction, causing osteoarthritis and reduces inflammation factors and pain.
Fatty fish at least 2 times a week. For example, salmon, herring, sardines, tuna ... preferably organic, but also rich in omega-3 eggs. Add flaxseed, always freshly crushed in food. And instead of sweets, take each day a handful of walnuts , almonds or hazelnuts.

Vitamin C and other antioxidants may help reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoarthritis. By destroying the free radicals, antioxidants protect cells (including those of the joints) and limit tissue damage. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C:. Citrus, blackcurrant, kiwi, melon, pepper, new potatoes, broccoli

Capsaicin or capsaicin, the compound that gives chili or cayenne its "spice", is the active ingredient in many analgesic ointments. It interferes with the operation of small nerve fibers in the sensory system, which pauses the pain. Some ointments (dosed at 0.025 to 0.075%) are freely available, other prescription only. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

The pomegranate is a very strong antioxidant fruit: It reduces pain, decreases the harmful effects of arthritis, prevents its appearance after less than two weeks. Drink 1 glass in, if possible 3 times per week. Prefer organic pomegranate juice and no added sugar.

Organic silicon is magic against the rheumatoid arthritis and its symptoms!
Organic silicon is beneficial for bones, tendons, stiff and painful joints. It helps to regenerate what should be.
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