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Monday, 27 January 2014


LG Electronics will release its new LG Whisen innovative product with a service HomeChat, which enables users to control home appliances LG and control it using messenger LINE.

First introduced at CES 2014, the service will be a key feature HomeChat in household air conditioners LG Whisen in the Korean market. This will be the first step to introduce LG's service HomeChat into other products.

Through HomeChat users will be able to "communicate" with air conditioning LG, using the free messenger LINE, installed on their mobile phones. For example, the user can send a text: "I came out of the office, cooled to 26 degrees," - and the air conditioner LG itself will calculate when they need to be involved and what speed to set the fan to achieve the desired temperature for the coming home user. Averaging 310 million users worldwide, messenger LINE available on all major smartphone platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha, as well as desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

New home air conditioner LG Whisen also features a lot of new technology, lack of other household air conditioners LG. For example, the technology LG Natural Aroma soothes the senses, using scents, lights and sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere in the air conditioner. Additional features innovative conditioner LG:

The thickness of the air conditioner is 26 cm.

LG Whisen

The "Home Guard" (Home Alarm) sends a notification to the user's smartphone, if the air conditioner detects movement in the house in the absence of the user (for example, during holidays or long trips);
Ice Cool Power function in combination with unique airflow 4D creates maximum cold air flow - four degrees below in record time. This feature cools the room faster than before;
Built-in camera, which reacts to movement, monitoring the situation and the user's body temperature, adjusting the air conditioner as a normal user;
Super Ion Generator function and four-stage filtration system removes tiny dust particles, aeroallergens and unpleasant odors.

LG Whisen Design Story of SonYeonJae Special G


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