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Monday, 20 January 2014

Jen Selter: behind the most popular Instagram!

Ladies and gentlemen, star of the day is ... a pair of buttocks!

I could not believe it when I got it, so I had to share with you my discovery. This is a young American woman who, in less than 2 years, became famous thanks to her buttocks on the social network Instagram.

Who is Jen Selter?
Name: Jen Selter
Age: 20 years
Location: New York
His accomplishments: Having sexy ass  and 2 million followers on Instagram, a collaboration fitness with the famous magazine  Cosmopolitan , in addition to inspire thousands of people through his account  @ motivationforfitness where she reveals the secrets of his life healthy and active.
Miscellaneous:  Rihanna is a fan of Jen, and follows on social networks!

In an interview, Jen Selter said his dedication to the gym sometimes exasperated his relatives:

" I've always Review: had a passion for social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Especially. Fitness HAS always beens a huge portion of my life and the combination of my passions Both Worked to my benefit. DESPITE my relatives and friends' frustration with how time consuming this can all be, I always keep my focus and carry on.

Despite his young age, Jen Selter knows how to take advantage of its popularity (and that of his behind!), keeping feet on the ground: it has created a trademark in the name of "@ JenSelter!"

Click HERE to see his Instagram account!

And in closing, a small type video " trailer "that which has the behind the most popular on Instagram!

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