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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Four cups of coffee a day does not dehydrate the body

British doctors have not been able to find connections between moderate coffee consumption and chronic dehydration, as indicated weak diuretic effect of caffeine, opened in the early 20th century.

"Despite the lack of any scientific evidence to present the effect of coffee among consumers and physicians, there is some idea that coffee can cause dehydration , so it should not be taken to maintain the balance of fluids in the body. In our work we try to understand whether or not this is the case, "- said Sophie Keeler of the University of Birmingham.

Keeler and her colleagues found that coffee does not have any connection with reality, watching the work of the body in two groups of volunteers. Members of the first of them drank four cups of coffee for three days, and the second - four cups of water. After 10 days, they changed roles, and scientists compared the amounts of emissions and other indicators, trying to find traces of dehydration.

No is not otherwise author of the article failed to find any evidence that the addition of four cups of coffee a day human diet resulted in little noticeable dehydration of the body.

"We found that moderate consumption of coffee, about four cups a day for people to not cause any significant effects and did not lead to dehydration in cases where they drank as much water as people who did not use coffee. We believe that our findings should be added in all counselors about drinking coffee and consequences of its use, which can be found in hospitals and health care organizations ", - concludes Killer.

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