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Friday, 12 December 2014

Home Remedies for Constipation

 Many people who suffer from constipation invariably end by taking laxatives without realizing how they can cause damage. The best way to treat constipation is to eat foods or using remedies home that can induce bowel movements and also help in cleansing the colon and digestive tract.

There are many home remedies for constipation that a person can use to relieve discomfort and bloating are as follows:

• Castor oil is a natural laxative. Take a castor oil teaspoon early morning allows stool.

• Drink a glass of warm water sweetened with a teaspoon of honey twice a day helps to relieve constipation.

• Orange juice mixed with olive and consumed twice a day helps relieve constipation. Mix ½ cup each of orange juice and olive oil.

• Aloe vera is known for many healing properties. Such property is to treat constipation. Aloe Vera juice can relieve constipation. Have some juice in the morning and again in the evening to help loosen the bowels.

• If you are looking for a natural colon cleanser and laxative and mix a teaspoon of corn syrup in a glass of water.

• You can also use phylum husk relieve constipation. The pod can be mixed with warm milk or water to treat constipation.

• The cranberry juice and prune juice not only work to help clear the intestines, they also cleanse the colon. These juices should be consumed in the morning when breakfast.

• For some people, a cup of coffee in the morning helps relieve constipation. However, this is not recommended because of the adverse effects of caffeine on health.

• If a baby suffers from constipation, can be facilitated by grape juice mixture and a little butter. Give the mixture three times daily. This mild laxative causes no harm to the baby, so you can give it regardless.

• Soak two dates during the night and the next morning, make a paste. Then eat the pulp of three times a day to relieve constipation.

• juice some fruits, like papaya, banana, apple, avocado, and figs, helps provide relief from constipation.

• Mix the carrot juice Cup quarter a cup of tomato juice and half a cup of sauerkraut juice and consume this mixture three times a day to help defecation.

Although these remedies relieve constipation, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and exercise regularly. If you follow this plan, you will not suffer from constipation.

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Stay in shape to conquer the world Part

 Start the day with a stress free mind in a pollution free atmosphere and sprinkle exercise and a healthy diet to feel happiness.

Exercise increases the metabolic rate, strengthens the leg muscle, and energizes the body. A form of exercise is brisk walking . About 30 minutes of brisk walking makes the mind alert and the body and work throughout the day. The other form of exercise is aerobic. It includes movement of rapid steps performed in accordance with the beats of music provided by the trainer. Aerobic became popular in 1980 and gained popularity mainly in celebrity. Aerobics are two kinds. First of its kind is free and the second is pre-choreographed Aerobics.The main purpose of aerobics is to increase the consumption of oxygen in the body. Aerobics are very intensive work, but never stress the joints and legs compared to jogging or running.

Aerobics has innumerable health benefits such as consumption and use oxygen more effectively by the body. This tower is the rapid fat exhaustion. Downside risk of diabetes and obesity. Helps muscle recovery and stimulates great body quickly. Aerobic exercise is a good stress reliving. It provides great stress-shaped head of the body, free and maintains overall health.

Benefits of exercise: Improves cardiovascular system and respiratory system - it improves the circulation of blood in the body, including blood vessels. It helps blood fluidity. It decreases the high-density lipoprotein and cholesterol in the blood. Exercise increases the level of good cholesterol. Manage ideal body weight by maintaining an ideal weight weight-related disorder many will never hurt you. Maintain strong and healthy bones and muscles. Exercise increases bone density and bone mass . Relieves stress and depression Exercise activates neurotransmitter such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which communicates between the nerve cells and avoids depression. It helps in getting a peaceful and deep sleep due to a heavy work. Reduces the risk of some types of cancer.

Always remember, "apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Many fruits and vegetables help replenish the body and are advantageous in cell growth and blood production, daily energy production, bone and strong teeth, muscle contraction, nerve function, healthy skin, good eyesight, effective use of protein, fat and carbohydrates, formation of red blood cells, maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Always start the day with a healthy breakfast to keep your mind and body healthy and active. Select the food so that it provides energy and brain power. Avoid fried foods . Products such as butter, mayonnaise, nuts, cheese, high fat milk cream, sandwich meats, margarine, sauces should be eaten in limited amounts.

Friday, 5 December 2014

First successful test flight for the US Orion capsule

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The US Orion capsule designed ultimately to transport astronauts to Mars, has successfully Friday first unmanned test flight around the Earth.

The ship was launched at dawn in Florida (12:05 GMT) by a Delta IV Heavy rocket, the biggest pitcher in the American fleet, from the base of the Air Force at Cape Canaveral.

Three hours later, the capsule reached a peak altitude of 5800 km above the Earth, as a prelude to the most delicate part of the flight, a dive into the atmosphere at 32,000 km / h.

Orion survived this fall designed to test its resilience in temperatures of 2,200 degrees (twice that of molten lava) and a gravity eight times stronger than on Earth.

A few minutes later, eleven chutes opened to slow the descent of the capsule, which landed smoothly at 4:29 p.m. GMT in the Pacific Ocean, at a speed of 32 km / h, a thousand miles south-west San Diego.

The test flight was primarily intended to test the strength of the heat shield, parachutes and Orion board electronics primarily manned flight.

"I think it's a great day for the people who know and love the space," said Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator.

The US space agency has been working for eight years on the Orion capsule, which survived the cancellation of a lunar exploration program called Constellation, even becoming the centerpiece of a new dream to convey astronauts up to March. The design of the heavy launcher was also changed.
NASA has spent more than $ 9 billion for Orion, who will perform a second unmanned flight in about four months.

A third mission, expected around 2021, will include two astronauts and send the capsule around the Moon.

Since the end of the Apollo lunar program in 1972, astronauts will fly more than a few hundred kilometers of the Earth, where turns orbiting International Space Station.

The Delta IV is designed and operated by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A NASA rocket explodes at launch

Antares rocket exploded during takeoff. American rocket private company Orbital Sciences Corporation for NASA carrying Cygnus capsule supply for the International Space Station.

"The explosion occurred shortly after launch" on the Wallops spaceport on the coast of Virginia, reports a television commentator NASA. Cygnus was to deliver 2.2 tons of supplies and equipment for scientific experiments.

The Russian space agency said it was ready to supply emergency the International Space Station if he so requests.

Astronauts are currently aboard the International Space Station have enough food to take four to six months, NASA reassured. The six astronauts attended the launch missed by images broadcast by NASA and "they were disappointed, but they know they have plenty of resources on board," said the program director of the International Space Station, Mike Suffredini.

The causes of the accident are as yet unknown. There was no one on board.

For the CEO of Orbital Sciences, Frank Culbertson, "it was too early to know all the details" of the accident. He announced that an investigation would be conducted "to determine the causes of this failure and the steps to take to prevent it from happening again," said he added.

The damage appears to be limited to the ground at the shooting, according to NASA officials. Nothing but the rocket ship and loading are estimated at $ 200 million, said Frank Culbertson.

Earlier in a brief statement on its website, NASA indicated "a malfunction occurred shortly after takeoff."

For its part, Orbital had reported in a message on Twitter, as "an anomaly in the launcher" without giving further details.

Orbital says it was the first night launch for the Antares rocket and third supply mission to the eight planned under a contract of $ 1.9 billion with NASA.

Since shelved its space shuttles, the US space agency (NASA) relies on private companies like Orbital or SpaceX to resupply the ISS or to send astronauts at a lower cost. This is the first accident since NASA has given its resupply missions to the International Space Station to private operators.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Now Available

SUSE has presented after five and a half years, a new version of the SUSE Linux distribution for enterprise customers. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 offers with the new version, many new features and software features. The Enterprise OS now supports Linux container and contains the Docker Framework, which enables the automated deployment of applications. The competitors Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Ubuntu 14.10 also support the Docker Framework

Customer Portal and better features
The new Customer Center (Customer Portal) enables easy management of updates, patches and subscriptions. It also offers direct access to customer support. Functions as a complete system restore, live kernel patching and other software modules are designed to provide "better and operate more efficiently and faster updates".

Better support for IBM System z and Power 8
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is now optimized for IBM's POWER-8 processors. The last two generations of System z processors according to the manufacturer better supported by the workload increases performance, supports the cryptographic accelerator and the formatting of the direct memory access (DASD) has been improved. The company from Nuremberg offers SLES 12 in a desktop and a server variant. Available SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 for the specification x86_64, IBM Power Systems and System Z. A one-year license is from 290 euros to 1,250 euros to have. With prolonged use reduces the annual fee. The product can charge for 60 days will be tested. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Tips for healthy lips

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Some basic principles to lead a healthier life also apply to lips healthy. Of course, it is possible to help a little nature with a hint of color, but the best guarantee for roses like luscious lips is prevention.
Tips for healthy lips

Just like the rest of the skin, lips age with the sun. In fact, the skin of the lips is more thin and is therefore more sensitive to the sun. Use a lip care with SPF to prevent premature aging caused by UV rays. Ideally, lip care products should also contain antioxidants to fight damage caused by free radicals.

Healthy lips are also a reflection of inner health. We are what we eat, the saying goes. Be sure to eat fresh foods and taking supplements, vitamins and minerals that nourish and repair the skin, such as fatty acids (omega), vitamins E, B, C, A, calcium and zinc in particular. For instant stimulant, you can also apply some of these supplements directly on the skin. Vitamin C gives a quick instant shine and vitamin E (capsule) immediately smooth even the most rough lips.

Try to de-stress as possible. Stress and lack of sleep are known to cause all sorts of problems ranging from skin sores herpes. Be sure to get enough sleep and to offer you relaxing moments to keep your immune system in shape. Think about it, especially with the approach of a major event such as a wedding, a birth, a professional challenge.

But all supplements and sleep the world will not help you to have healthy lips if you are constantly dehydrated. Lips dry out very quickly! Have you ever noticed how your mouth and your lips feel dry when you're thirsty? Be sure to drink enough water and other non-alcoholic fluids and caffeine so that your body stays hydrated and your lips and mouth moist enough. This will also help fight bacteria that thrive in dry mouth.

But the internal hydration is often not enough. The cause pollution, weather, sun, heating and air conditioning as well as certain lifestyles. Use a lip care that moisturizes while protecting lips from external influences.

The lipstick, our best friend

  • Convenient to carry, the lipstick is our best friend to help us in our fight against chapped lips. Focus on the different kinds of existing stick to lips.
  • For lips so soft and fleshy in croquerait that the volumizing care stick works wonders
  • For those who shamelessly displayed their side Greenpeace organic balm is very nourishing, perfect for filling small cracks.
  • For lips that shine do not hesitate to turn to a gloss stick with a two in one effect: for neat and shiny lips.
  • And of course, for those who go skiing, stick a protective UV necessary to protect against the sun at the same time apply the cream to the face.

Last but not least, do sports! This improves blood circulation, gives your lips some redness and keeps your body in shape ... Your lips do appear more beautiful and healthier. In addition, sport helps combat stress and is an important ally for morale. It also promotes sleep - everything you need for a healthy lifestyle and healthy beautiful lips!

Home made Lip Balm recipe:

Preparing for a home made lip balm:
Mix in a hot water bath:
- 50 g of almond oil
- 30 g of cocoa butter
- 20 g of beeswax
You can also elevate the mass of essential oils or a little honey

Tips for brilliant lips

  • To make her lips softer it is important to exfoliate. Remove dead skin, rubbing gently the lips with a toothbrush.
  • For more pink lips, soaking daily in a glass of mineral water for a quarter of an hour. Then add the camphor ointment. Let act quarter of an hour. Then coat with glycerin.
  • For maximum hydration, opt for care shea, arnica, sweet almond or olive oil.
  • Remember to apply a little honey and let go a few minutes. For even more impact, add extra virgin olive oil. Leave on for fifteen minutes.
  • If you apply Lip care, do not hesitate to leave on overnight.

Stuff not to

  • Avoid getting wet and you chew lips, it still weakens the advantage.
  • Avoid certain acidic foods such as vinegar, tomatoes and citrus fruits during your episodes of cracking. They amplify the sensation of dryness. Concentrate instead on foods such as fish, eggs and nuts are rich in fatty acids that nourish your lips from the inside.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

What is vitamin D ? How much do we need to be healthy?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D or vitamin antirachitic calciferol or a vitamin is liposoluble ie soluble in fats. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its main source is made ​​by the body itself.
There are several variations of vitamin D but the forms that interest us the most are:
- vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol , which is of plant origin . It is found in most foods.
- vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol , which is synthesized in the skin by the action of ultraviolet on cholesterol. Vitamin D3 is also present in animal foods such as fish oils.

Background of Vitamin D

- 1865 : physician Armand Trousseau recommends in its manual of clinical medicine the cod liver oil consumption because it has a antirachitic factor. Trousseau is also one of the first, after Russian Sniadecki, observing that exposure to sun protect children rickets.
- 1890 : English physician Palm, after an epidemiological study concluded that the only common denominator to explain the Rickets is a lack of exposure to sunlight.
- 1922 : McCollum discovers that cod liver oil retains its properties even antirachitic after destroying every vitamin A. There is therefore a second soluble factor which he called "vitamin dépositrice calcium. "
- 1924 : Dr. Harry Steenbock and Dr. Hess show that ultraviolet radiation can induce antirachitic factor in food and animals.
- End of the 20s : it is clear that rickets can be prevented and cured by exposure to direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, for consumption of irradiated food or cod liver oil.
- 1932 : the crystalline vitamin D2 were isolated pure.
- 1936 : crystals are pure vitamin D3 isolated from liver oil tuna.
- 1952 : Dr. Woodward made ​​the first synhtèse Vitamin D3 which earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1965.
- 1964 : Norman detects the existence of three metabolites of vitamin D. In 1971, he established the structure of calcitriol.
- Since 1980 , receptor derivatives of vitamin D were found in the cells of many organs.

The role of vitamin D

Vitamin D plays two key roles. Firstly, it ensures optimal bone mineralization, during growth, but also throughout the life of their renewal.

Moreover, it modulates intestinal calcium absorption contributes to the stability and rate of calcium in the blood and tissues.
But that's not the only benefit of vitamin D for the body. Indeed, this vitamin is the subject of many experiments since the 90s, some researchers have high hopes on it to prevent many diseases.

It seems to be a link between vitamin D levels and the development of cancers. Indeed, some studies point to a greater risk of being hit by one of these diseases when vitamin D levels in the body are too low. In addition, people who already have potentially have a greater chance of survival with higher levels of vitamin D.

The link between lack of vitamin D and depression is still unclear to researchers but they generally consider this vitamin as a neurosteroid and agree on the likely importance in the brain. Vitamin D may, for example, facilitate the production of noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Deficiency could thus lead to depressive disorders in those affected.

Cognitive disorders
As with depression, vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease. Indeed, this vitamin has a protective effect on neurons and prevent that they be destroyed.

Falls and Fractures
The problem is especially common among the elderly. The bones become brittle and fractures are more common. However, vitamin D supplementation could reduce the risk of fractures due to the effect of this vitamin on the binding of calcium. But it is also true for falls because the elderly with vitamin D levels too low, were also more likely to fall. This is due to loss of balance and muscle weakness possibly caused by a lack of vitamin D.

The vitamin D in the body

- Vitamin D from the diet is absorbed with fats in the small intestine. It then joins the general circulation.
- Vitamin D formed by irradiation of the skin pass directly into the bloodstream.
- Vitamin D is mainly stored in the blood, muscle, adipose tissue, liver, kidney .
- It can then be dispatched to the intestines, bones, kidneys, muscles, the parathyroid glands .
- Vitamin D and its derivatives are eliminated by the fecal bile .

Physical and chemical properties

- heat-sensitive
- sensitive to light
- sensitive to O2
- sensitive to acid

Vitamin D needs

The needs are difficult to evaluate because they vary with the degree of sun exposure and the degree of skin pigmentation . They are theoretically zero if the body exposure to sunlight is sufficient.

A vitamin D is necessary in countries where sunlight is weak, especially in children during the first two or three years of life.


Most of the vitamin D is synthesized in the skin due to exposure to sunlight . One sees that with a minimum of exposure (15 to 30 minutes a day) the bulk of the vitamin D - 50 90% -. Skin is produced by the rest of the vitamin D is provided by the feed , primarily by fish oils, fish, butter, cereals, eggs, livers of animals and also a little milk.


Vitamin D has a key role in calcium metabolism : - it facilitates the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus - it helps the binding of calcium to the bones ie their growth, but also for their renewal its renal excretion . - it acts as a hormone and hypercalcémiante will enter into relations with other hormones on calcium and phosphate metabolism.

Vitamin D deficiency

- In adults, vitamin D deficiency may result in osteomalacia (demineralization with osteopathy ostéoïdose by hypophosphocalcie)
- In children and adolescents, the rickets (due to defective bone mineralization of growing organism ostéochondrodystrophie fast and usually secondary to vitamin D2)
- Other consequences of vitamin D deficiency: osteoporosis , increased infections

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tropical Cyclone Hudhud Aims for India This Weekend

At least one hundred thousand people were evacuated, Saturday, Oct. 11, the eastern seaboard of India , in the coastal Andhra Pradesh state, at the approach of Hurricane Hudhud. It should address land Sunday morning and threatened to devastate agricultural and fishing villages areas.
 Cyclone Hudhud 

Hudhud, according to the Indian weather services , is a "very severe cyclone" with winds could blow up to 165 km / h and dumping more than 245 millimeters of rainfall in some places on the land.

Farther north, authorities in the State of Odisha have know they were closely monitoring the developments and would if necessary evacuate 300,000 people living in areas at particular risk.

As Cyclone Hudhud Picks Up Speed, Thousands Evacuated in Andhra Pradesh, Large waves hit the beach ahead of Cyclone Hudhud's expected landfall in Visakhapatnam on Sunday before noon. 20 teams of the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF have been deployed in Andhra Pradesh for rescue

Malala shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Indian Kailash Satyarthi

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on Friday to the Pakistani teenager Malala, a survivor of the bullets of the Taliban, and the Indian Kailash Satyarthi, a price that both winners say they want to use to defuse tensions their respective states.
Malala Youzafsaï Nobel Prize for peace,

Malala Yousafzai announced that it had agreed with Mr. Satyarthi invited to the Nobel ceremony in Oslo on December 10 heads of government of the two countries, nuclear armed rivals who exchanged fatal shootings in the area this week disputed Kashmir.

"We want India and Pakistan have good relations," she told the press hastened in his high school in Birmingham, the English city where she lives today.

After the exchange of fire and bombing, officials said, killing 17 civilians along the India-Pakistan border, India Thursday threatened his neighbor with a military escalation in the region.

Malala said she was "proud to be the first Pakistani and the first woman" to receive the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly with Mr. Satyarthi for their fight against the exploitation of children and for the schooling.

By far the youngest winner in the history of Nobel top of its 17 years, the global icon of daughters was in chemistry class when the choice of the Norwegian Nobel Committee was received but she said she wanted to attend the rest of the course before commenting on its price.

"This award is for all children without a voice, and that must be heard," she has said

Less known to the public and significantly older (60 years), Kailash Satyathi, a trained engineer, is reaching children and women reduced to the status of slaves in the Indian factories where they work in horrific conditions.

"This will help increase the visibility of the cause of children who are the most neglected," said he responded in a telephone interview with the Nobel Foundation.- Pencils 'best weapons' -

"Pride of Pakistan," according to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Malala is devoted to the day after a dismal birthday. On 9 October 2012, the Pakistani Taliban had intercepted his school bus and he had shot himself in the head, accusing him of undermining Islam.

The girl, who has campaigned for the age of 11 years, refused to be intimidated and continued to fight for education and tolerance.

"Let us lead the fight against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism, our books and pencils are our best weapons," she said of her firm voice last year in a highly applauded the speech UN.

According to the UN, 57 million children of school age in primary school are not in school worldwide, 52% of girls.

"With courage and determination, Malala reveals what terrorists fear most: a girl holding a book," said the secretary general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon. "The real winners of the day, it is the children of the world."
Kailash Satyarthi

The choice of the Nobel committee is especially significant in light of the April 14 kidnapping in Nigeria of 276 high school students by the Islamist movement Boko Haram (meaning "Western education is a sin"). The incident shocked the world and sparked the vast mobilization movement "Bring back our girls" ("Bring our daughters").

Kailash Satyarthi, who will share the 8 million Swedish kronor (about 873,000 euros) Nobel with Malala, participated in the creation of several defensive moves from childhood and schooling.

Bachpan Bachao Andolan organization ("Movement to Save the Children") claims to have released nearly 80,000 child workers. But according to estimates cited by the Nobel committee, the planet still has some 168 million of them.

French President Francois Hollande praised the "outstanding commitment" of the two winners and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of "a good day for the world's children."

All About Ebola Virus

Since the beginning of the epidemic in 2013, approximately 50% of patients died , or 4,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization to 10 October 2014 Since 1976, depending on the strain, the morbidity rate has fluctuated between 25% and 90% . A diagnosis made ​​at the onset of symptoms improves the chances of patients , although there is no effective treatment today. In hospitals, patients are placed in isolation. The management of possible cardiac arrest or constant rehydration makes them more likely to survive.

Ebola Virus

Ebola: which countries at risk?

For now, it is the West Africa suffers mainly from the epidemic since 2013 The Liberia experienced more than 2,200 deaths, nearly three times more than its neighbor, Sierra Leone . The Guinea has also seen more than 700 deaths. Other African countries have also been affected (DRC, Nigeria) including Senegal, where the only reported case to survive. Five Americans, two Spaniards and a French nurse were infected in Africa. The latter dealt with France , is now healed. To date, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not established restriction of movement to the most affected countries , but recommends the greatest vigilance.

What is the origin of the Ebola virus?

In 1976 a young Belgian doctor, Peter Piot, examines the blood of a nun. The woman died of a mysterious disease in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The sample was sent to him by another Belgian doctor, who operates in the remote community of Yambuku along the Ebola River. Fever, bleeding: 300 people die in a few weeks in the area. Dr. Piot identifies who is responsible: a then unknown virus. Later, we discover that it was the bats that act as a reservoir for the disease, but that it can be transmitted to primates, pigs or humans. The current outbreak has been reported for the first time in 2013.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Between HIV infection and the onset of symptoms, it may take 2 to 21 days . The person is then not contagious. Then the patient has a fever (at least 38.6 ° C) and severe fatigue. The muscle aches and headaches or sore throats are soon completed in a second phase, abdominal pain and persistent hiccups. About 3 days later, the patient is taken vomiting, diarrhea . In half the cases, it is prone to bleeding: gums, eyes, nose, stool ... Death can occur on average between the sixth and sixteenth day after the onset of symptoms.

How do you get Ebola?

Not so easily. The virus is spread by direct physical contact with body fluids of an infected person (vomit, urine, blood, feces, breast milk, semen ... sweat, however, would be less contagious). In other words, contamination occurs by touching the skin of a wearer of sick or dead virus or contaminated liquids. As the disease progresses, the person is contagious. Unlike the flu, airborne transmission was never identified . This explains why the disease is most commonly spread within families or relatives.

Are there a treatment against Ebola?

For now, scientists are still in the experimental stage . Two sera show promise and have been tested on patients. The Zmapp is an "artificial serum" antibody taken from mice compound. These prevent the virus from infecting cells and thus replicate in the body. Another track, the TKM-Ebola , which addresses three of the seven proteins comprising the virus. A well-treated patient survived American (it is not known whether this is due to the drug). Preventive side, no vaccine has yet been approved by the WHO . However, a Canadian laboratory tested VSV-EBOV animals with very promising results. The race between science and the disease advances every day.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Diabetes: 4 things to avoid in the kitchen

Cooking should not be a chore, even if it is subject to dietary restrictions. The following are some ideas that will help you cook with passion and pleasure, even if you have diabetes.

Finding out you have diabetes can disrupt eating habits and change the way of cooking.

Consequently, meal preparation can be time consuming. That is why it is important not to be discouraged, but to see the bright side. When you cook, you choose your own food . This fundamental aspect of the kitchen gives people full control, the most important for a person with diabetes is to maintain its steady level of sugar in the blood and to consume enough nutrients. This means, firstly, that the glycemic index of your meals should be low to prevent your blood sugar soars and, secondly, your food should be rich in nutrients such vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers while containing low amounts of sugar, salt and fat.

Put some color on your plate, that is to say, a lot of mixed vegetables and whole grains, served in proper portions.

To do so, simply follow these recommendations, they will allow you to prepare delicious meals while having fun.

Avoid preparing different meals

If you have diabetes, cook dinner is a great opportunity for the whole family to eat healthy. Enjoy your new diet to invite the whole family to participate in the selection of food and meal preparation . "This is the perfect opportunity to acquire skills in the kitchen and keep them for life.

Make the best selections of possible food
"I recommend people to opt for the more natural diet that is, that is to say, to select foods that have undergone minimal processing. Fill your pantry with healthy foods, that way you will always handy enough to make a healthy meal. "In my opinion, if you have dry beans, whole grains and evaporated milk, for example, you can use it in many ways.

Avoid products labeled "multigrain"
Number of products breads and cereals marked "multigrain" label is not necessarily synonymous with "health foods". The term "multi-grain" means several types of grains, not necessarily whole grains, warns expert. "These are probably processed grains, rather must look say "whole" as in whole grain or whole wheat . "This way, you can be sure to get all the nutrients contained in the germ, endosperm and the envelope of each grain and thereby reap the benefits."

Select carefully meat
When you buy meat, choose lean cuts, so without visible fat and with the least persillages possible, or those that are low in fat like a round roast or sirloin tip. "Avoid eating ribs and roasts high-fat minced and salted meats such as sausages and deli meats. As for poultry, it is better to buy meat without skin. "

Reduce your sodium intake
It suggests to stock lentils and canned beans, "these legumes blend well with a variety of food and cost almost nothing. So if you buy canned beans (or other canned foods to which salt is added), be sure to rinse. "You have to rinse several times to remove excess salt which sometimes can reach 40%.

Stock up on herbs and spices
"You can compensate for the reduction of salt, sugar and fat and add flavor to your dishes with a variety of herbs and spices . Unleash your imagination. Here are some suggestions: steamed seasoned with cumin and chili powder cores; green beans and nutmeg; asparagus and lemon zest; fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper.

Avoid large portions
Say no to consume large portions. I keep repeating it. " Use small portions at a time and eat until you are satisfied rather than filling your plate to the brim and engulf everything.

Use the best cooking methods
If you have a frying pan, it may be time to get rid of. "Use the best cooking methods, that is to say those that help you reduce the amount of fat in your meals while giving them the flavor. Cook in the oven, boil, broil or roast meat, for example, are methods that remove some of the fat during cooking. " Prefer slow cooking, this method will give more flavor to your food. "As for vegetables, I always encourage people to use the steaming or roasting, these methods allow to bring out the natural flavor of each vegetable. The roasted or grilled fruits are delicious and healthy desserts; you can add a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon or ginger.

Keep leftovers
I keep in fridge chicken breasts marinated in lemon juice and garlic ready to be grilled and served with brown rice and a salad of black beans, chickpeas, celery , corn, tomatoes and feta cheese, drizzled with canola oil and balsamic vinegar. That is all for today's meal, but what about the meal tomorrow? It will be a rolled sandwich composed of leftover table today! " I always keep the table scraps for the next meal, or even the next two. People think it takes to cook a new meal every day, not necessarily! "

Be creative and have fun
Roll over the photos in a book of recipes and stop on the ones you like. This should wet your mouth. Try to reproduce those that interest you. Invite your friends or your family members to cook with you is a great way to share your culinary ideas and develop them. But avoid complex meals that take hours to prepare. This is not grandstanding, but to make you happy by cooking your favorite foods to enhance their flavor and use methods of healthy cooking.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

6 Tips for healthy hair

6 Tips for healthy hair

1. beauty of your hair depends on your health. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, including silicon, iron, sulfur, zinc, vitamins B and C, is essential.

2 . Avoid hair dryers, curling irons and hot rollers, which make the hair brittle. Prefer natural drying.

3 . Protect your hair from external agents, like the sun, salt and chlorine. Choose a hat in summer and a swimming cap in the sea or pool. For maximum protection, apply a little olive oil on the tips before you swim.

4 . Contraceptive pills, cortisone and antibiotics, among others, brittle and can cause hair loss.

5. Besides a daily brushing, scalp massage promotes circulation. With the fingertips and palms, massage in circular motions you for 3 to 5 minutes every day.

6. Recipe To prepare a nourishing balm, heat 1/2 cup oil, apricot kernel or sweet almond and apply it to massage the scalp and hair. Wrap your head with a warm damp towel, let sit 45 minutes and then wash your hair.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

New private celebrity photos posted on internet

INTERNET - Snapshots of stars, including actress Vanessa Hudgens and American soccer player Hope Solo, were briefly posted on the sites sharing 4chan and Reddit before being deleted ...

New photos of naked stars, including Kim Kardashian, circulated Saturday on social networks, a few weeks after a first large-scale piracy of intimate photos of American celebrities , according to the American media.

Pictures of celebrities, including actress Vanessa Hudgens and American soccer player Hope Solo, were briefly posted on the sites sharing 4chan and Reddit before being deleted, reported TMZ , an American website devoted celebrities. The portal BuzzFeed reported that personal videos and photos of actresses Mary-Kate Olsen, Hayden Panettiere and Leelee Sobieski have also been posted.

Many intimate photos of naked stars were widely disseminated on the Internet due to piracy of their personal accounts iCloud, the service online storage of content provided by Apple. The Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence , supermodel Kate Upton or and singer Avril Lavigne were among the first victims of this alleged data theft.

The American giant Apple has denied any failure of its security system claiming that hackers had managed to answer security questions correctly, or even divert directly passwords of accounts with operations phishing (phishing).

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Why tea bags is harmful to health

Cheap teas contain too much fluoride.

Tea Bags

Cheap tea bag was not only tasteless, but also harmful to health. Experts at the University of Derby overall quality of tea in various forms of packaging and said that the most harmful tea is in disposable bags. The fact is that cheap teas contain too much fluoride, and unscrupulous manufacturers do not print this on the packaging.

Thus, a person does not even know that along with the tea, it consumes high amounts of fluoride. In the samples tested by scientists, the fluorine content above normal in a few times.

Consumption of large quantities of fluorine fraught with serious problems for the body. Most suffer from an overabundance of fluorine teeth and bones. The first sign of excess fluoride in the body are dark spots on the teeth.

Therefore, scientists insist that it is necessary to oblige manufacturers to indicate the amount of fluoride in tea. Thus, the calculation for each teabag. And for those who do not like to take risks, have to buy the more expensive unpacked tea.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Top 11 Tips for the treatment of low hemoglobin at home

When I went up two floors to reach the house of my friend I was out of breath, sweating, and was almost feel dizzy. Doctor brother of my friend helped me to relax. He immediately checked me and advised me to take a course for the treatment of the low hemoglobin. He was surprised to learn that I have most of my life was an anemic patient. He got a little angry and insisted I not only take the course he suggested, but follow a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Symptoms of low hemoglobin: 

Signs of anemia can vary from one individual to another depending on their hemoglobin. But in severe cases of indices, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. Some of the symptoms mentioned here:

  • Weakness
  • Tired
  • Tired
  • Irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Headache
  • Palpitations / rapid heart rate
  • Pale skin
  • Hair loss
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Yellow or white nails and cracked or brittle nails
  • Numbness
  • Memory loss
  • General Malaise

The restless legs syndrome, etc.
There could be several reasons for low hemoglobin content, but here are some of the reasons play a major role.

  • Iron deficiency
  • Lack of nutritional food intake
  • Heavy bleeding during periods
  • Blood Loss
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney disease
  • Alcoholism
  • Thalassemia, etc.

Home Remedies for Anemia: 
Simple changes in daily routine life, eating habits, and following the tips mentioned here can be very beneficial.

Rich in vitamin B, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and many other essential nutrients and minerals are abundant in the molasses. It has been suggested for centuries to improve low levels of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Use molasses in the kitchen. Pancakes or immersion in it.

Beetroots feeds a tired body providing B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, folic acid, proteins, and many other minerals and nutrients.

Eating raw foods such as beet salad, or use it in cooking delicious and nutritious dishes.

The magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid, iron, vitamin A, B, C and E, zinc, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids in addition to many other nutritional values. He fights anemia and increases hemoglobin levels.
Drink the juice of spinach. Eat it raw salad, or include it in the kitchen.

Legumes provide energy to the body, fighting weakness, improves memory, increases muscle tone, and aids in the functioning of the brain. Many minerals and essential nutrients and vitamins rich adequate hemoglobin in red blood cells is provided by legumes. Rich in protein, B vitamins, etc. are very beneficial in the treatment of disease.
Include legumes in your daily cooking.

cashews, peanuts, almonds, raisins, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachio, etc are some of the nuts that can effectively treat the condition because of high levels of protein, vitamins and nutrients that s 'there. Vitamins A, B, C, E, iron, calcium, protein, amino acids, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. are found in abundance in these nuts.
Eat nuts daily between meals. Or add them to your dishes.

Milk and Cheese: 
Dairy products like milk, cheese, tofu, paneer, etc are a good source of protein and provide the body with energy and low vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It helps to combat fatigue, muscle weakness and calcium deficiency.
Drink milk twice daily. Include cheese, tofu, paneer in your kitchen. Avoid if you are allergic to lactose.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, iron and many other essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It supplies the body with energy, prevents headaches, hair loss, numbness and treats other symptoms related to anemia.
Eat an egg every day. Boiled, fried, or in any other way to include it in your daily diet.

Beef liver in particular, is highly recommended for the treatment of anemia. It reduces any deficiency in the body, is rich in iron and vitamin B, improves brain function and saves memory loss. The nutrients found in beef liver help prevent dizziness, fatigue, low hemoglobin in red blood cells and processes all associated symptoms.
Eat beef liver.

Low fat meat improves cardiovascular health, boosts the body, has the highest amount of iron, and is effective in treating the general malaise. It is better to opt for dark meat, because it has more iron content. Do not eat high fat meat though.
Eat meat at least once a week.

Chicken provides vitamin B which is very essential to address the situation appropriately. The increases immunity, improves bone health, aids in normal functioning of the nervous system and overall health.
Include chicken in your food.

A great way to treat anemia, improve vitality body, helps the production of red blood cells, improves blood circulation and helps to properly handle the situation. Riboflavin, vitamin A, B, C, iron, protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc. are very beneficial for overall health.
Eat prunes between meals. Or drink a glass of prune juice.

These tips to treatment for low hemoglobin levels at home can solve the problem of anemia effectively. In addition, oysters, bran flakes, chickpeas, green peas, kidney beans, etc. should also be included in the daily diet. Apart from all this, include a style of life happy and healthy, stay away from alcohol, avoiding tobacco, work out regularly and eat fruits, leafy greens and vegetables every day.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Why I'm addicted to Coke

Yes, you can be addicted to coke, says Dr. Damien Ringuenet, a psychiatrist at the Paul-Brousse Hospital in Villejuif. Caffeine, sugar and sweeteners are even responsible. This addiction can also hide other problems.

To be addicted to Coke, one must understand what is addictive.

The addiction to a product, be it tobacco, alcohol, heroin or any other drug, is defined according to certain criteria: a need to increase the dose, the fear of running out, loss of control of its consumption, obsessive search for the product at the expense of other activities ...

Some people who drink gallons of coke or other sodas daily are indeed in addiction.

It is true that caffeine, sugar and bubbles Coke have everything to make addict:

" Caffeine is a powerful psychostimulant which alters sleep, reduces appetite and increases basal metabolism. With caffeine, it burns more calories. Products containing it are favored by those seeking performance, " observes Dr. Ringuenet.

" Sugar active in the brain's reward circuits, those affected by drugs. Eg, cocaine acts directly on these circuits. But sugar, it goes through the back door, " he says.

As for sweeteners , sometimes replace sugar, "they also trigger stimulation of reward circuits and, in addition, they deceive the body. By raising insulin levels, they trigger an abnormal drop in blood sugar in the blood, may lead to hypoglycaemia. This only increased the need for sweet food. " So the desire to still drink more Coke, or to associate sweet foods. A real vicious circle.

Other disorders may be associated

This type of behavior can hide real disturbances in eating behavior, especially among the very people dissatisfied with their bodies and who are afraid to grow. "They fill the stomach with liquids to get a sense of satiety , with the idea they will have less desire to eat, " says the psychiatrist. Bubbles Coca contribute to accelerating this satiety more effectively than non-carbonated beverage.

The addiction to Coke can also hide another psychiatric disorder, potomania, which is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to drink ... water, or other liquid non-alcoholic. "Some people drink up to 25 liters per day, which can lead to serious medical complications, " says Dr. Ringuenet.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

14 effects of not getting enough sleep

Sleeping less than six hours a day for one week causes changes in more than 700 genes.

Daily occupations cause many people overlook the time to rest and continue their lifestyle. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that an adult should sleep 7 to 8 hours to maintain optimal physical, emotional and mental state.

A study published in the journal Sleep examined the bedtime  habits of 1,741 men and women and found that those who slept less than six hours had a higher risk of dying after only one night, had lost part of brain tissue .
Based on some studies on this subject, some effects of not getting enough sleep are:

1. Hunger excess and anxiety
Lack of sleep is related to the tendency to eat in larger quantities with a greater number of calories and carbohydrates. Also, you would be more likely to choose 'junk' foods, even when not hungry.

2. More risk of having an accident
According to the National Sleep Foundation in the U.S., less than six hours sleep triples the chance of having a drowsy while driving, accidents take place due to the effects on eye coordination. But so you are not behind the wheel, a night without sleep will make it awkward.

3. Poor physical attractiveness
The study published in the journal Sleep found that participants in the experiment were less attractive and more decayed appearance. Another study by the Medical Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said that people looking tired is considered less accessible. Over time this effect worsens as the skin ages.

4. More likely to have flu
A study by Carnegie Mellon University explains that sleeping less than seven hours posed WHO is associated with a high risk of getting a cold. Therefore, a very strong immune system break.

5. Loss of brain tissue
Spend just one sleepless night can cause loss of brain tissue, as blood levels increase two cerebral molecules, usually by a brain injury.

6. More Emotions
In 2007 study at the University of California and Harvard Medical School used MRI to show that not sleep properly makes emotional brain regions are more active by 60%, this would cause more uncontrolled and inappropriate reactions.

7. Lowest concentration, more memory problems
Being tired affects concentration and, instead, it may become more forgetful. This can hinder the learning and retention of concepts.

8. Increased risk of stroke
Research slepp 2012 states that the risk of stroke increases for adults and the elderly.

9. More odds of obesity
In addition to consuming more calories after not sleeping well for only one night, long term you may suffer from obesity. According to the analysis of Penn State, as the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which regulate appetite, change their levels considerably.

10. Might increase the risk of cancer
A study of 1,240 people who had emphasized that slept less than six hours had twice the risk of colorectal polyps, which can be malignant with time. In addition, other studies related to breast cancer.

11. Diabetes
A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases found that sleep deprivation is associated with chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and that there is less sensitivity to insulin.

12. Cardiac Diseases
Depriving yourself of sleep could be related to high blood pressure, clogged arteries and heart failure. So says a study by Harvard Health Publications.

13. Decreases sperm count
It can affect fertility. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that youth who confessed suffer sleep disturbances, 29% had less concentration of sperm in his semen.

14. The risk of death is increased
A study that analyzed Sleep Magazine habits that a bedtime of 1,741 men and women found that those who slept less than six hours had a higher risk of dying.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to de-stress yourself | how to reduce stress

In the rhythm of the big city, we are constantly exposed to stress . Our body and mind  are not always prepared to deal with the tasks. Sometimes there is a desire to lie down and do nothing, relax mentally and physically to survive irritation or difficult situation at work. However, the ability to stop and take a breath, not to mention travel vacation  or proper rest, not always. How to cope with stress themselves.

Correct mode of the day
First of all, pay attention to your own mode of the day. If you feel constant fatigue  and nervousness, you need to establish a regime. Try to go to bed early , but better - every day at the same time.

Wake up it will be easier if you start the morning with a certain rituals. Suppose instead unpleasant alarm will sound your favorite radio station, and breakfast can be prepared the night before to the morning did not spend time on it and quietly gather to work .

Make it a rule to do some simple sports exercises in the morning immediately after getting up. Charging very invigorating, as well as a douche. If you smoke, try not to smoke  immediately after waking up, and put out his cigarette to the point where you have breakfast.

Aromatherapy bath
Warm bath  with relaxing oils and foams after a hard day will help to organize his thoughts. Douse the lights, light a scented candle, let nothing prevent you to plunge into calm.

To use the premises are light and pleasant aromas - they will fill their holiday apartment memories, nature, ocean and create the right atmosphere for a harmonious evening.

Relaxing with music
If you are in a stressful situation , protect yourself from the heavy, aggressive, tough and depressing music. Best in this period to switch to the melodious music or nature sounds - sounds of the sea, wind or birds. Find this at least a few minutes a day in your work schedule.

Restful sleep
Choose a day for laziness. Do not think that is something you do not have time or miss - the day of rest, prepare in advance. Finish things at work and on the farm and ask your friends and spouse or young person to leave you for some time alone with him. Late stand, cook breakfast  and eat it in front of the TV or reading your favorite magazine, go back to bed or on the couch with a book and just do not do anything for some time. Release your negative thoughts and forget about responsibility at least for a short period of time.

Need to buy yourself a subscription, but occasionally use the pool, dance lessons or yoga - is the right solution if you want to come out of stress. Dancing can help you throw out the negative energy and direct it in the right direction, to the same rhythmic movement to music to help distract from the obsessive thoughts and concerns. Yoga  promotes relaxation, helps to look inside yourself and plunge into meditation. After receiving a few lessons, you will be able to apply the knowledge and at home as needed.

If you had a free time, go to the park, forest, tour the lake or any other body of water. Bring a couple of sandwiches, fruit, book or player, plaid. Located in a beautiful and pleasant place to relax pleasure. Concentrate on the good thoughts, do not bring resentment  and trouble.

Day without gadgets
Unplug the phone , tablet and computer at night. Do not worry about SMS, e-mails and new "likes" during sleep. Unfortunately, it is not always the opportunity to remain without a connection during the day, but if you dropped a day - chop a virtual link with the world and boldly go in real life. Stay alone is avoiding unnecessary and external stimuli.

Circle of friends
Stop to chat or if this is impossible, Minimize communication with unpleasant people you. If you feel jealous, inconvenience, embarrassment, nervousness in dialogue  with various people - keep them away in the distance, once again not provoke themselves to negative emotions.

Positive Thinking
In any stressful situation incomprehensible and always think that sooner or later it will be resolved, we just need to relax and move on. Try not to get discouraged, do not mind going back to the experiences  and grievances. Know that all is well and all your efforts will surely give a positive result.

Shopping for the soul
What more could a woman so please, not as new purchase? Any representative of the fairer sex will get a lot of positive emotions from the acquisition of fashionable dress , in which she looks flawless. Imagine a situation in which you find yourself in a new dress, consider what the occasion you can wear it. Shopping for women has therapeutic properties - most importantly, try to choose for him, when the stores uncrowded.

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Avocado salad with strawberries

Avocado salad with strawberries
Avocado Salad with Strawberries


  • Ground black pepper 5g
  • Salt5g Fresh avocado  200g
  • Fresh strawberries 100g
  • Fresh sweet red pepper 100g
  • Lettuce leaves 100g
  • Fresh lemon juice 50g


  • Remove seeds and the stalk from Peppers, cut into cubes
  • Cut Lettuce into strips.
  • Clean Avocado, cut into half, remove seeds, cut into slices half.
  • Cut Strawberries into 4 pieces
  • Mix lemon juice with salt and pepper
  • Put Avocados, strawberries and sweet pepper into bowl, mix with lemon juce again, Sprinkle salt and pepper.
  • Lay on a dish lettuce, then the prepared mixture and serve immediately.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

why you should eat organic food

Natural, fresh, healthy, chemical free, without intervention and in season. If health enters the mouth, then the organic food is the smartest, preventive and rational choice.
Organic Food

A while ago we heard the word "organic." We noticed that more than one product in the supermarket placed on the label, and social networks soon inundated with followers of this diet. So what's behind all this boom ? Is it just a fad or, on the contrary, we find the most effective way to make the most of the nutrients from food?

Organic foods are those who produce without fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or chemicals generally used. Nor in soil where they were grown. With these standards or modes healthier and natural food are guaranteed. The great benefit is that they are absolutely free of residues harmful to health. Eating organic is a sure good for health.


There is a popular joke that goes: "Is there anything worse than find a worm to bite an apple? Yes, there, bobbing for apples and not finding ... "Eye, it is a metaphor to explain that insects or trace of them in fruits and vegetables is not the end of the world. Instead, they are living proof that what we're bringing to the mouth is 100% pure.

Many people today debate whether organic food is more nutritious than conventional. Given this approach Aesthetic and Health dares to say that they are. Researchers at Washington State University found that strawberries grown without pesticides produce certain types of phytochemicals that help self-control pests. According to a new study, these chemicals increase the nutritional value of strawberries. What's more, these same substances are responsible for the aroma and color-causing organic foods taste better and better aroma.

The nutritional value of organic food has not been altered with chemicals or genetic interventions. Giselle Orentas, known in social media as @ LaVidaOrganica, with over 18 thousand followers on Instagram, explains: "Today deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body is due in part to genetically modified foods."


Beyond the benefits to the body, organic foods provide a host of benefits to the environment. This type of farming prevents contamination of air, water and land. Also promotes conservation and water saving; respects the natural balance of the ecosystem; reduces the impact on the environment and impels biodiversity of species and crops, among others.

Eating organic does not only turn our ecological interest but also the primitive. Ie the type of food that our ancestors knew. This way of doing agriculture returns tremendous value to the rural population. Colma dignity and respect man field. Drives the economy of small farms, farmers and families living in this business.

Moreover, not only the health of consumers, but also the farmer, who must constantly exposed to the contact of chemicals, which are extremely harmful to your health is protected. Animals also benefit from less artificial places where they can live and grow up with dignity.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Screen Vedio Recorder :Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio: Record the screen
Create Powerful Videos

"Camtasia Studio" is the bedrock in terms of screen-shots. First introduced in the fall of 1999, the software from TechSmith takes on the activities on screens in the world for over a decade. Thus, little can be videos create, for example for screen presentations, as instructions or as a support for the customer.

This can include the software

With "Camtasia Studio" you can record your screen and create videos that illustrate a product, an idea or a process flow graphically.

The software can record video, edit it and improve and ultimately publish. The videos can be as MP4, Flash (SWF, FLV), M4V, AVI, Silverlight-compatible WMV, QuickTime to export (MOV), RealMedia (RM), animated GIF, or as a single audio file (MP3).

Installation and Configuration Tips

"Camtasia Studio" is offered as an installation file in the MSI format. This is the version offered here is a trial version of "Camtasia Studio", which is 30 days fully functional.

The "Camtasia Studio" Add-in for PowerPoint requires PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010, productions in the Apple iPod format requires Apple QuickTime 7.2 or higher. TechSmith also recommends a Windows-compatible sound card, microphone and speakers, as well as a USB web camera for video capture. Digital video (DV) cameras are not supported.

This means the net world-editing on Camtasia Studio

"Camtasia Studio" is our choice when it comes to small software instructions in our software products. The software is easy to use and a video as an installation guide is worth a thousand words. Note should however, that the software is not suitable for abzufilmen high resolution 3D games.


To use "Camtasia Studio" is a Windows system (XP / Vista / 7/8) with DirectX 9 or higher required. The manufacturer recommends a process location with 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo or equivalent and at least 500 megabytes of RAM (better: two gigabytes). In addition, 115 megabytes of disk space required for installation.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Skype: Microsoft forcing a version update

Skype users will be forced in the future to update. Like Microsoft in the official blog announced , older version of the desktop client will be blocked in the future. A detailed justification for the next update forced not called Microsoft. Much more highlighted the advantages of the latest version.

Older versions of Skype are blocked in future
Skype allows herein sending messages to offline contacts and syncing to different devices. Also, the previous chat history is synchronized by all clients across including "read" notifications. The future no longer supported versions of the VoIP service count for the Windows version of Skype is 6.13 and older, as well as Skype for Mac 6.14.

Skype compatible for Mac users only with Mavericks
Skype works for Mac users OS X 10.9 Mavericks ahead: the catch here - For the latter, the current version number is 6.18. However, if you still working with older versions of the operating system would have to renew this to use Skype can continue. Users who wish to use outdated versions of Skype still will then probably blocked the log-in. When exactly Microsoft will perform the update constraint is not yet known.  

Rose water helps in regenerating skin

Rose Water

Rich in anti aging ingredients, it boosts the repair of damaged skin cells to maintain youth. By its soothing, it also treats soft sensitive skin. This mythical flower fragrance is a major ingredient in cosmetics.

Appreciated since ancient times for its fragrance and color, pink is one of the most cultivated plants in the world. Through the centuries, the flower has evolved and there are now more than three thousand varieties worldwide. Damascus rose centifolia and are widely used in cosmetics for their active ingredients, but also for their delicate perfume fragrances. The petals of the rose hip and fruit, rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids, are also needed increasingly in care. The rose water is an ancient beauty secret. But these benefits have been demonstrated only recently, through tests on reconstituted skin. "For now, the stem and leaf are not exploited, but it is not impossible that in the future some very interesting properties for the skin we discover" predicts Laurent Lefaucheur, doctor of biology and scientific director at Florame .

An anti-aging ally

"It works by stimulating the growth of keratinocytes, the cells that participate in the renewal of the epidermis, says the specialist. It is thanks to them that our skin retains its youthfulness , repairing damaged areas. But also the rose has a moisturizing action. It limits the insensible water loss (sweating, perspiration ...) ensuring a better seal of the stratum corneum, "says Didier Thevenin, director of training at Melvita. In addition, its high concentration of essential fatty acids improves the moisture barrier and also plays on the good quality of fibroblasts, these guardians of firmness housed in the dermis, as well as the production of collagen. Where a skin plumped, a refreshed complexion and immediate radiance. And thanks to its vitamin E, it provides additional protection against free radicals.

A bath of softness

Rose Water is a particularly mild and well tolerated carefully because by using it only benefits the active ingredients, without any restriction on use, unlike the essential oil for example. "By carrying out the distillation of the flower essential oil, approximately 0.2% is obtained very little. In rose water, there are only water and the flower petals. Therefore the risk of allergic reaction "is limited, explains Laurent Lefaucheur. Rose water easily relieves discomfort of sensitive skin. It reduces redness. Its anti-inflammatory action is also very effective for relieving sunburn. It has astringent and slightly tightening the pores. Applied directly to the scalp, soothes itching, overheating and stimulates microcirculation.

Attention to the composition!

As the term "Rose water" is not checked, "some unscrupulous brands, often sold in markets, mix a few drops of rose essential oil to the water, and sell it as a floral water," says Didier Thevenin. With this type of product, it is not the same safety or the same benefits with a  steam distillation. To ensure the quality of the product, verify that the list of ingredients does not mention: essential oil of rose (rosa flower or oil).

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A military aircraft shot down in Ukraine: 49 dead

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine killed a military transport aircraft that carried troops and equipment on the airport Luhansk, announced Saturday morning the Ministry of Defence.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian army confirmed that the 49 soldiers who were aboard the aircraft were killed.

"On the night of June 13 to 14, the terrorists cynically and treacherously shot with an anti-aircraft gun and a heavy caliber machine gun, shooting down a military transport aircraft IL-76 carrying troops rotated and preparing to land" , the military said in a statement.

The army has expressed his condolences to the families of soldiers killed.

The city of Luhansk, located near the border with Russia and capital of the separatist region was the scene of several clashes between the forces of order and pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels. The Ukrainian Ministry of Health says 270 people died there in the last two months, a number that Moscow denies.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Modi takes a rallying speech after his stunning victory

Narendra Modi

The Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, future Prime Minister of India, celebrated Friday the overwhelming victory of his party in the legislative promising "to realize the dreams" of Indian people.

The provisional results gave early evening an absolute majority in parliament for the Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Modi, a first in 30 years for a party without alliances.

Modi, son of a tea vendor 63 years with a controversial past, assured that he would work for all Indians in a first speech to his supporters in the angels in his constituency of Gujarat (west).

"The election fever has settled, the people gave their verdict and we said we need to move India to realize the dreams of 1.2 billion Indians," he has said from Vadodara.

"There are no enemies in a democracy, there is an objection. I'll take your love and turn it into progress before my back, "he added.

Provisional results exceed all expectations pollsters. Across the country, the festivities are in full swing since the morning in the offices of BJP, with sweets and crackers.

The winner of the laws has also accepted the invitation of British Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK where the Hindu nationalist leader was long persona non grata.

This triumph BJP reshapes the Indian political landscape, transforming the Hindu nationalist party in national political power at the expense of the Congress Party of Nehru Gandhi dynasty reduced to the bare, hard blow to a regular training to lead the country.

"This is the dawn of a new era. The lotus bloomed across India, "said the president of the BJP, Rajnath Singh, referring to the symbol of the party.

Expectations are high in the Indian population, who believes the new strong man of India can reproduce economic tested recipes in its state of Gujarat, he has headed since 2001.

Modi has monopolized the attention during the campaign, promising to embody a strong government able to revive the Indian economy while erasing his past controversial Hindu nationalist leader.

The BJP leader is viewed with suspicion by the Muslim minority since the 2002 riots in Gujarat.

In contrast, the Congress party spell spent ten years in power, corruption scandals and repeatedly punished for failing to revive growth and curb inflation.

"Victory and defeat are part of democracy (..). I accept responsibility for the defeat, "said the press Sonia Gandhi, president of the party.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who had estimated in January that Modi would be a "disaster for the country" called his likely successor to congratulate him.

- Economy, a mammoth task -

Indian stock markets, after surging in the morning in anticipation of a clear victory for Modi, have ended slightly higher after an increase of 5% since the beginning of the week.

Investors are cautiously optimistic that some deem excessive, on its ability to get India its difficulties: poor infrastructure, inflation, etc..

"He has before him a huge task that will take time because the economic problems are really sharp. There is no magic wand, "said DK Joshi, chief economist at rating agency Crisil, to AFP.

The major industrial countries to support the leader of the BJP because of the welcome received by companies on their land in Gujarat while his social ascent convinced part of the population that could embody a strong and effective government.

Beyond Hindu nationalists, Modi managed to rally some of the poorest who traditionally voted for the Congress and its social programs.

"Modi arrived at the right time, while the population is won by the reduction," said Mohan Guruswamy, the think-tank Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The net loss would upset the Congress and the question of the capacity of the Gandhi family to lead the country. At 43, Rahul Gandhi led a campaign considered dull, unable to give an impetus and preliminary results gave him a small advance in his constituency.

Modi's arrival in power is a radical change for the major Western countries who boycotted the Indian leader for nearly ten years after the bloody riots in Gujarat in 2002.More than 1,000 people were killed in the riots, mostly Muslims. Modi has been accused of encouraging violence.

Pakistan, neighbor and rival India, praised Modi for his "impressive victory" while British Prime Minister David Cameron called the Indian leader to congratulate him.

During the campaign, Modi has failed to put forward the most radical program of BJP nationalist claims.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Home remedies purulent tonsillitis - simple methods

Although purulent tonsillitis and flows in more severe forms than, for example, catarrhal angina, it is usually possible to cure quickly at home. This can be used for folk remedies purulent tonsillitis.

  • Mix one tablespoon of salt to 0.5 liters of warm water and rinse your throat with this solution at least three times a day. Salt as effectively fights against viruses and bacteria, which may be pathogens festering sore throat;
  • Mix two teaspoons of onion juice with one cup of warm water and use this mixture to gargle. Onion is one of the most effective natural antimicrobial agents;
  • Add the warm water one teaspoon of honey, and the same amount of juice from fresh ginger root, or a pinch of dried ground ginger. You can drink this mixture, or rinse her throat;
  • Gargle can also use an infusion of fenugreek seeds. To cook it, pour two tablespoons of seeds half a liter of boiling water and let stand for 10-15 minutes;
  • Mix a pinch of dry mustard with a cup of warm water and use this mixture to gargle. Mustard is an excellent natural antiseptic;
  • Mix the juice of half a lemon with one tablespoon of honey and a cup of warm water. Drink two to three cups of this drink per day;
  • Drink two or three cups of tea a day pharmacy daisies. Chamomile tea - one of the oldest folk remedies purulent tonsillitis. It has antiseptic properties, has a slight analgesic effect, and improves sleep ;
  • You can also drink herbal teas mint , sage, calendula and echinacea - they are very useful in purulent tonsillitis and have virtually no side effects;
  • Drink at least one glass of fresh carrot juice to a complete disappearance of symptoms of purulent tonsillitis. In carrots contain a lot of nutrients that strengthen the immune system, helping the body to fight infections;
  • Eat garlic - it is used for the treatment of infectious diseases for several thousand years. It can be eaten just like that, mixed with honey, or added to salads. Additionally, you can drink the broth of garlic , to cook it, put in saucepan two claw garlic, pour a cup of water, put on the stove, bring to a boil and simmer for ten minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat and when the broth has cooled, strain it, mix with a teaspoon of honey and drink. Because garlic has anticoagulant properties, patients who are taking blood thinning medications (eg, warfarin) before using it you should consult with your doctor;
  • Mix a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Take half teaspoon of the drug two or three times a day.

If treatment of purulent tonsillitis folk remedies for 7-10 days did not give significant results, consult a doctor.

Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do

Dandruff - a common enough phenomenon that sooner or later face almost everything, and some are fighting for years. Dandruff is not easy to win, but still possible: get help from ancient folk remedies based on natural products and modern scientific developments.

Causes of Dandruff 

Loose clothes on gray-white flakes of dandruff look sloppy, and thus create difficulties in communication and cause insecurities. Where does dandruff? Cause in most cases, you should look in your own body: dandruff shows some failures in its work. For example, it may be due to metabolic disorders , triggered by stress, wrong mode of the day, inappropriate diets, hormonal imbalances and a variety of other reasons. Sometimes the situation is aggravated and improper care of the hair and scalp.

Dandruff is often a symptom of dermatological diseases such as seborrhea. This disease occurs most often as a result of hormonal disruptions in the body, which can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. Increased production of sebum and change its chemical composition weakens the protective properties of the scalp and provokes reproduction of fungal infections .

As you know, the human skin is home to many bacteria, fungi and microbes. While a person is healthy, these "tenants" did not make themselves known, but hardly in the body there are failures, they are activated and start to proliferate. Likewise behaves like fungus Pityrosporum Ovale (or Malassezia Furfur). If normal cell growth is gradual, and the upper layer of the epidermis updated about a month, the result of a fungus that period is reduced by several times. New skin cells grow too quickly and die and remain on the scalp and hair in the form of unpleasant gryaznovatyh flakes. In addition to this fungus irritates the scalp, causing itching and burning of the skin.

Dry or oily?

There are two types of dandruff: dry and oily. Dry dandruff appears as a result of violations of metabolism : changes in the composition secret that produce sebaceous glands located on the scalp. Sebum becomes too thick, and the dead cells of the scalp exfoliate too active. This looks like dandruff flakes small grayish color, it settles on the hair and showered on clothing. Hair thus do not look in the best way: they fade, weaken, become brittle and fall out.

Frequent shampooing with dry dandruff only aggravates the situation. The skin becomes sensitive, prone to irritation.

Oily dandruff appears when the sebaceous glands in the head work too actively. On the surface of the scalp a dense crust, consisting of flakes of dead skin. Oily dandruff is dirty yellowish tinge. Hair loses shine, stick together, become greasy.

Dandruff treatment

Fight dandruff as such virtually meaningless: this illness in itself is not a disease, but merely indicates the functional disorders in the body. It is for this reason ineffective dandruff shampoos advertised: they only washed flakes with hair, but do not eliminate the cause. As a result of dandruff returns, you only stop using the "miracle shampoo."

If the cause of the "snow" on the hair is known, then it's simple: you need to fix this cause. For example, if dandruff was a response to the use of a means for hair care, just stop using this tool. But more often owes its origin to a whole range of dandruff causes, which means that the treatment of dandruff and should be comprehensive.

This means that you have to change your lifestyle. It should be balanced feed to the diet is not dominated by the simple carbohydrates and fats. The food should be rich in vitamins and trace elements. Mental hygiene is very important: you must learn to cope with stress, get rid of stress if not impossible.

Not do without local treatment, which is usually to use special shampoos, and sometimes other means for the recovery of the scalp. Best of all, if a suitable shampoo pick a doctor after examining the scalp. If a visit to a trichologist for some reason can not, you can at your own risk pick shampoo by trial and error. In this case, the struggle with dandruff may take a long time, but sooner or later have a chance to find a facility that will help deal with the problem.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

Dandruff shampoos can contain anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, exfoliating ingredients. Some of them act as a scrub, effectively cleansing the scalp of dandruff flakes. Others contain in its composition components that relieve irritation and soothe the skin. Many funds have a complex effect: struggling with several types of fungi and bacteria, exfoliate, soothe the scalp, strengthen hair. Usually dandruff shampoos available in pharmacies without a prescription, although some funds for the purchase may be required a doctor's prescription.

Antibacterial and antifungal effect are shampoos with zinc pyrithione. When seborrheic dermatitis help shampoos containing coal tar. Selenium sulfide shampoo comprising slow down the process of exfoliation of skin cells and reduce the activity of yeast Malassezia Furfur. Shampoos with salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin on the scalp, thereby removing dead skin cells. A means of ketoconazole have potent antifungal activity.