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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The diet for Christmas

The holiday season has arrived and is definitely one of them with countless choices of food and sweets. Festive table with delicious and beautifully presented dishes are all around you and you're looking for ways to defend yourself. The food these days has taken another dimension, is a form of socialization and entertainment. In such a period, therefore, do not be too hard on yourself and do not require the weight loss, which can mean oppression and overexertion you. Take a break from their goals and diet and just take in maintaining your present weight. Therefore, below you will find useful tips that will help you maintain your weight and stay healthy during the festive season.

Small frequent meals: Do not skip meals in order to overeating on the table that you're invited. Plan your meals to 5-6 small media during the day. Especially when you are invited, be sure to eat 1-2 hours before a light meal such as a fruit, yogurt, cereal bar one. That way you will reduce your hunger and will not eat much!

Help yourself to a time or in small dish came calling Christmas: If you run into a friend's house or restaurant during the Christmas holidays, where the meal is a huge buffet, first show restraint! Fill most of your plate with salads, which have fewer calories from foods and mainly and add a little meat to sate better.

Never go hungry at holiday table: Follow the morning our meals normally, so in the evening to eat normal portion of food. A good trick to not eat too much food is enough to put salad on the plate and start with it.

When we eat ... talk: Eat your food slowly and pause for! Give your body time to feel the saturation at the right time and do not force.

Be hydrated: Do you drink enough water before eating, to quickly create a feeling of satiety.

Attention meat and fried: Remove visible fat from meat and prefer to consume poultry (turkey, chicken, etc.) instead of red meat (pork, lamb, goat, etc.). Also, select roasts and boiled instead of fried. In this way you will reduce the amount of fat in your meal and you choose the best possible quality, reducing saturated and trans fat!

In sweet saying ... Yes, but in moderation: It is not possible to ban sweets, when everyone around you enjoy them. Remember, however, that even a very small amount can satisfy your desire for sweet taste!

Drinking: It is advisable to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and preferably 1-2 glasses of red wine.

Melomakarono Vs Shortbread: The eternal dilemma "sugared bun or melomakarono" select melomakarono but chocolate coating. Also, choose the smaller size melomakarona instead of big and settle for one.

Cook the healthy way: When you are yourself responsible for the preparation of your food, make sure to choose materials and low calorie fat (light), such as milk or light cream etc. Avoid fried foods and choose baked or boiled. Use olive oil in cooking and avoid butter and its derivatives. To further enhance the flavor of your food, use spices, dried fruits, nuts, vinegar and fruit juices (eg lemon or orange).

Do not forget physical activity: Naturally, it could be missing the physical activity even in the festive season. Go to the gym as much as you can, then walks to the shops with your family or friends and of course, as you dance in festive cries.

We hope the above tips to help you enjoy various dishes without privations and enjoy the holiday festivities.

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