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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Long fingerless gloves

The last few seasons we offer scaffolding fashion long gloves with fingers cut off. And not very glamorous, made of different materials: leather, wool, cloth ...

Initially priverzhantsami long fingerless gloves were exceptionally informals different directions. Today, such an accessory - an essential attribute of glamorous beauties. And with the return of the fashion of the eighties of the last century, these gloves have become a trend.

Long fingerless gloves are a few names. But more often they are called gloveletty. In the U.S., a slightly different name. "Boom" or "hobo." Both name alludes to the idea of ​​the homeless and the poor, who are forced to wear gloves, torn fingers.

Gloveletty not difficult to do yourself. After all, these are ordinary gloves with fingers cut off tops. Remain open upper hand phalanges. So feel free to take scissors in hand and create.

In the eighties, it was just a craze long gloves with the fingers cut off. Gloveletty often had a "vent" holes of various shapes and sizes. These holes were needed in order to avoid sweating hands. Fingerless gloves immediately became popular among bikers, skaters and cyclists. Gloveletty keep palm dry tenacity not lost hands, and moreover, these gloves can protect hands from damage when falling. In modern fingerless gloves perforation is purely decorative, it is a distinctive feature of classical glovelettov.

Because fingerless gloves often worn by punks and metalheads gloveletty become a kind of hallmark of "bad" girls and guys. Many musicians and singers just do not part with this accessory. The musician rebel Billy Aydolla was glovelett favorite pair. Gloves were just covered with studs and spikes. Everyone is familiar with a "brand" leather fingerless glove Michael Jackson. But Madonna sported a playful lace gloves. While these gloves only served to create the image, rather than for its intended purpose - to warm hands. This situation changed with the British pop singer Nick Kershaw. He once appeared in knitted fingerless gloves. And immediately knitted gloveletty become extremely fashionable, and besides useful. After all, this accessory is not only beautifies, but also warm.

Together with the return of woolen glovelett back and mitts. This accessory is also designed to protect your hands from the cold, and just leave your fingers open. But in mittens fingers are not separated, except for a large. We can say that mitts - it cropped mittens. Authorship of this accessory is given to George Washington. Until the civil war between North and South was the subject wardrobes mandatory for both women and men. But after the war mitts were not rightly forgotten.

Today open fingers - the trend of the season. On fashion catwalks reign gloveletty and mitts. And it is this season sent long gloves with fingers cut off from the streets to the stage fashion, and not vice versa. Gloveletty suited to multiple fashion trends of the season: rock chick, gothic, layer-look and 80's. In general, designers do not limit your imagination nothing. For ourselves, we can choose fingerless gloves from a variety of offers. There are gloves that resemble second skin and a style and color. And there are knitting patterns, knitting large, very thick, lush and extremely warm. Modern cars lady choose this accessory and can not fail to note his dignity. Gloveletty warm hands, protect against friction, and it does not fetter the movement of the fingers.

This winter, at the peak of popularity gloveletty of wool and cashmere. These gloves are excellent complement other knitwear. Spectacular high knitted fingerless gloves that do not completely cover the forearm. If you wear knitted sweater with short sleeves and high knitted fingerless gloves, bare patch of skin that looks very soblaznitelno.Dlinnye gloveletty are leather combined with ankle boots, trench coats, voluminous scarf or shawl and zhdinsami skins. In this dress no one will call you not glamornoy diva. And for those who are afraid to freeze glovelettah developed special model with compression "cap." One movement with long gloves fingerless transformed into cozy warm mittens.

Fingerless gloves are perfectly suited to any style: sporty style, casual, classic, casual. And the accessory is very sexy. There is nothing more tempting than the contrast of coarse wool or smooth leather with soft, unprotected female fingers. Fascinating, delectable, tempting ...

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