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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Kim Kardashian Latest photo shoot in bikini (PHOTOS)

Not so long ago Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Us Weekly , which talked about how to lose weight after giving birth. Kim, as usual, was suspected of using "Photoshop" supposedly her real form is far from what it actually is. But, judging by the photos from the shooting, Kardashian really managed to regain the former figure.

The network has the pictures, which you can see how Kim Kardashian is working with the photographer, walks along the beach in a white bikini, showing off her famous form. Kim never aspired to be skinny, but keeping the weight normally worth her great effort. Star told to insider of the magazine that dieting, gets up at 5 am to catch fitness workout and do not forget to drink fresh juices.

Nevertheless, a feeling that paparazzi photos Kim still looks a little slimmer than recent cover. However, we do not rush to blame the star in excessive enthusiasm "photoshop" as without retouching Kardashian looks great, boasts nakachany toned abs and booty (that you will agree, is not easy to keep under such volumes!).

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