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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas for 2013

Ah CHRISTMAS 2013. ..Yes yes, the Christmas ...its magical atmosphere and ... its GIFTS CHRISTMAS! It's the feast of love, devotion and family - or should be. It is really a nice and quiet holiday, you find the perfect home gifts - ideas for funny and unusual gifts for your family, friends and all those people who are interested in anything or who already have everything. Every year it's the same question: What Christmas gift choice for Dad, Uncle or little brother?? You have no idea for your christmas 2013 ?... Do not panic! We all know that it is not easy to find the right gift ideas for Christmas for the whole family! Whether you already have an idea and it's a little Christmas gift or Christmas gift ! super high-tech, the goal is to please We at Gifts Folies looked around the world to find the perfect gifts - and now we present them here. Open a bottle of wine and relax by doing your Christmas shopping - there is nothing better! A selection of Christmas gift idea for all ages and tastes to be missed ... GIFT CHRISTMAS GIFTS CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS, CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS

camera lens cup

No photos! First of all, especially not in the morning! But perhaps we should first we rub your eyes, pinch ourselves and see if we do not dream! How? A photographic lens in which you can drink? It's listen up professional photographers, paparazzi and even amateur photographers . Whether you are one or the other, whatever. It is not strictly speaking here of a photo accessory, but a drinking cup with chic, camouflaged target. This cup is both functional and stylized . It keeps your hot drink and gives you an air of professional . In this way, you look like a photographer on his way to the next shooting session. This is a fun gift for photographers of all kinds and for all lovers cup fun


This fridge Coca-Cola look "vintage" allows you to refrigerate 10 cans of your choice. This is a nice useful home decor. In addition, if you have a home bar, this would be a great addition to it!

RC Flying Bird
For all lovers of remote controlled flying objects : Planes and helicopters it was before. So, of course, the two are always popular, and this is perfectly normal. But there is now something new and more exciting: a remote controlled bionic bird . You've always wanted a bird home, who would fly across the room? Or friends are fans? . It looks like a real bird, simply activate his wings and run. With the remote control to guide him across the room. Even outside it is possible. Like a real bird flaps its wings it is impressive that this Avitron is capable of doing. The Rc bird flies like a bird. And it gives a very different feeling, more "natural" in flight, a mini-conventional aircraft. You control all the flapping wings and tail. This bird is rechargeable (charger included), the controller uses batteries, it has a range of up to 100 meters. A spare pair of wings is included, just in case ... Well: Back to nature, dear friends. And good flight with this new gadget high-tech!

Spider Creepy Cup
Startled in the morning when you wake up slowly with a good cup of coffee ... And the spider inside! Creepy creature with these cups, it is now possible to shiver of fear with a simple cup (and scary creatures in). These cups will give your agonizing dose of energy for the day. Whether it's a spider, a skull or an octopus dipped in coffee (or tea, or other), turn your coffee in an unexpected adventure breaks.
Another good idea: you can startle your loved ones with these original cups!

And be careful, note that these cups are made of porcelain (the class!). And do not worry, they can be washed in the dishwasher and be used in the microwave. You can also hand wash (but be careful!).

Ceramic Grenade Coffee Mug

Military service has been forgotten long ago certainly, and only our ancestors could have the opportunity to actually use a weapon, but it's time to find some discipline in this world. Obviously, we are not brutes, although we thought we should do violence in the morning to start a day full of surprises. That is why we advise you to wake up with a coffee AND the grenade cup . This bomb, if you know how to use will be the best effect to literally blow up the form. Please do not return this hazardous weapon against you losing too much time at breakfast too full, it does not tell you the damage afterwards! A gift that should shake more than one.

Carrot peeler 
Eat carrots original way! It is now possible to see the vegetables in any other way. Cooking with originality is finally possible with the carrot peeler Karoto ! There is nothing better than to excel in the kitchen and make you a new chef in your group of friends. Presentation when receiving is as important as the taste of the dish. It is time to surpassed and make room for your creativity. It is the Thunderbolt guaranteed! And also you get 2 good compelling reasons to have a home is: This one looks good, is even better. 2 Having a kitchen appliance original is always better to impress its guests. Even as the king of the kitchen, use the peeler Karoto brings originality to your dishes. With its design sharpener it will definitely remind you of good memories. A sure hit, use will increase the entertainment value of each invitation. Use it to peel your carrots as a classic economical and end up doing a rose to decorate your dishes, you will impress without safe.

pin art

Ah, the 80s ... The tight clothes, impaired hair products and Maggie T, as it is easy to laugh at these things so characteristic of this decade. And there were also games! Yes, they were really stunning! We have raised our sleeves and went for the types of toys eighties - like Pin Art - which are also cool today as it was. So if you were not yet of this world in the 80s and you've never seen the Pin Art, remember that transforms your home into your work of art!

Brylane home Ice Maker

The sun is everywhere in the air and there is no shadow of a breeze. The road to the horizon seems very vague and mirages due to heat begin to appear. Fear spreads throughout your body and you start to cry. Suddenly, someone grabs you by the arm. You wake up and realize that you just had a bad nightmare. However, you want a cold drink as the heat, it is real. Unfortunately, all the ice cubes are exhausted and new production in the freezer will not be ready any time soon. Cauchemardes this situation occurs regularly in summer would not have happened if you had been provided with the icemaker that can occur within 10 minutes and 12 cubic perfect 15 kg of ice in 24 hours, is not it fantastic ? For such feats, you just have to fill the tank with 2 liters of water, connect the cable and select one of 3 different sizes of ice . Once the ice machine is running, you just have to wait until the production process is completed, then when a storage compartment is filled, the machine will produce an audible alarm signal. It only remains for you to enjoy your well cool drink. This product should give a little freshness to your summer and pourait well be a very good gift idea for your friends

Usb cup warmer

Why coffee cools ten times faster than they heated when working on computer? To solve this problem, there is a convenient USB tool: the USB cup warmer. Simply plug the hotplate to the USB port, turn the switch to "On" and the coffee will remain hot for 30 minutes. The USB cup warmer heats your cup remarkably quickly and needs no power Power your laptop or desktop computer takes care of everything. Moreover, no drivers or similar element is needed. Simply plug in and switch on.

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