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Monday, 4 March 2013

Water cooling for servers reduces cooling costs up to 97%

The Datacenter require large amounts of energy to operate the server hosting and hence high costs, with a large percentage of the costs relate to the cooling needs of the systems.

Researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a liquid cooling system, which is so effective that it reduces the power consumption up to 97% !

The team replaced the air cooling system "incorporating" somehow a cooling-rack unit that hosts servers inside the unit server. Cooling is achieved by a process three stages and outside of the water used and a special refrigerant that is called on the 3rd M Novec and not conduct electricity.

The system is called Iceotope and a standard rack can hold up to 48 hot-swappable server modules. The autonomy of the system allows it to be installed in any environment, while a further advantage is that compared to the noisy air systems, the noise levels are too low.

The first system Iceotope recently installed at the University of Leeds , after two years of studies and testing prototypes.


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