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Monday, 4 March 2013

Three new advanced Cyber-shot cameras from Sony

The Sony introduced three new compact digital cameras, Cyber ​​-shot , the WX three hundred, HX three hundred and TX the 30th , with many advanced and innovative features and powerful zoom .

The slim and stylish Cyber ​​-shot WX 300 is the smallest and lightest digital camera in the world with powerful optical zoom on the 20th x .

The WX300 fit in a pocket and has a very high quality lens G Lens by Sony, who handled without effort, wide-angle landscapes , portraits and cinema nearby. This feature Optical SteadyShot reduces the problems created by the hands that shake and delivers crisp images without blurring.

The stabilization is approximately two times more efficient at high zoom settings, the Cyber-shot HX20V the previous generation with zoom 20x. Furthermore, it has very fast autofocus , which is now 3.6 times faster than HX20V, at full zoom.

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi , you can use your smartphone as a handy wireless remote control for your camera.

You can also send photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet to see them and share them with the implementation PlayMemories Mobile from Sony. View images saved in your camera wirelessly to a TV connected to a network, or get back up photos and videos directly from Cyber-shot to your computer, the application PlayMemories Home .

Despite its small size, the Cyber-shot WX300 has a very long battery life, to pull up 500 images on a single charge, enough for a busy day when you're on the go, without the possibility of extra charge.

The powerful camera Cyber ​​-shot HX three hundred allows you to travel without having to carry extra lenses. Stands out, thanks to the excellent appearance resembling DSLR and effective in handling .

With a huge range of optical zoom 50 x - the largest on any compact camera - the lens Carl Zeiss Vario -Sonnar T * covers a wide range of possibilities shots. The protective filter T * , on the surface of the lens, reduces reflections and flare phenomenon, while the glass elements Super ED and ED reduce chromatic aberration for crisp, high-contrast images.

Featuring the recently improved function Optical SteadyShot to create your own compositions, without anxiety, and have clearer pictures, even in settings with high zoom.

Another improvement concerns the very high speed auto focus telephoto settings, which locks your subject two times faster than its predecessor, the Cyber-shot HX200V.

The Cyber ​​-shot TX on the 30th with optical zoom the 5th x is the slimmest compact digital camera in the world that is waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters . It is resistant to dust, shock and freezing temperatures, it helps also to capture the action in almost any situation with beautiful photos with great detail and smooth video Full HD .

Thanks to the new functionality available in the new Cyber-shot TCH30, the Magnifying Glass Plus , you can zoom in and have a thrilling super-enlarged view - magnified up to 15 times - from colorful fish, plants or insects. The very strong display LED camera illuminates dark scenes very clean and detailed close scenes.

All models feature advanced flash (Advanced Flash) that ejects soared sensitivity of the camera, increasing the range of the flash to appear brighter distant objects.

The technology Triluminos Colour , which exists in all new Cyber-shot models gives a rich, vibrant palette of great natural colors when viewing your photos on any compatible TV BRAVIA , with the support of technology Triluminos Display.

Models WX300 and TX30 will be available on the market since May, while the HX300 will be available from March.

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