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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vitamin D and omega-3 Alzheimer's

The vitamin D and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Type -3 omega enhance the ability of the immune system to clear amyloid plaques that are deposited in the brain of patients with Alzheimer , the latter study reveals a computer Researchers at the University of California (USA). In his work, published in the journal Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , scientists have identified genes and signaling networks regulated by these elements, which in turn control the process eliminating inflammation and β-amyloid , the main component of senile plaques that accumulate in persons with the disease. To this end, scientists isolated macrophage of a series of blood samples taken from a group of persons suffering from Alzheimer's . The macrophages are one type of immune system cells that address 'clean' the waste products in the brain and elsewhere in the body. These cells were incubated with β-amyloid plaque-forming compound . The next day was added active forms of vitamin D3 so as DHA, and analyzed their effect on the swelling and the absorption of β-amyloid. Results indicated that both compounds improved the ability of macrophages to engulf `'to the β -amyloid, and also inhibited cell death which usually causes this element. On the other hand, each molecule using different receptors and signaling pathways to accomplish this task. Nevertheless, there are still many steps to take in research. Previous studies have identified two distinct groups of patients with the disease. His inflammatory macrophages express different genes, and thus the effect of vitamin D and omega-3 on these people could be different depending on the group affected. "It is necessary to carefully balance supplementation with vitamin D3 and omega-3 depending on the patient," says Milan Fiala, a researcher. "But this is a first step in understanding how and in which patients these nutritional substances may work better."

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