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Monday, 11 February 2013

The United States, targets of cyber attack

The United States is the target of a major cyber attack endangering its economic competitiveness, says a report by the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released last night by the "Washington Post".
The report, classified secret and from various U.S. intelligence agencies, says, first, China, the newspaper said, citing officials who requested anonymity. "This is the most aggressive country that seeks to penetrate the computer systems of U.S. companies and institutions in order to have access to data to acquire an advance in the economic field," according to sources.

According to the NIE document, companies related to energy, finance, aerospace, automotive, are the most frequently targeted by cyber attacks. The damage caused by these attacks are estimated at tens of billions of dollars, by external experts, the paper said.

The National Intelligence Estimate cites three other countries, the origin of cyberattacks against the United States U.S.: Russia, "Israel" and France. Faced with this situation, the administration of President Barack Obama is trying to counter the attacks of these countries, including by filing formal complaints, expelling the diplomatic staff, restricting the issuance of visas and making claims, with the General Organization (ILO) says "Post".

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