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Tuesday, 5 February 2013



Pomegranate, already known for its health benefits and anti-aging, would be an excellent ally thin! This fruit help less hungry but also to better appreciate the meal.

The more difficult when you want to lose weight is to regulate appetite. Difficult to reduce the proportions, eat light without the famous peckish between meals ... British researchers may have come to find the solution: the grenade ! This fruit native to Asia would conceal thinness unsuspected virtues.
A greater sense of satiety
The study by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh focused on 29 volunteers. Half of them took a tablet containing extract skin, flesh and seeds of a pomegranate every day for three weeks. The other half of the participants took a placebo. After three weeks, each volunteer drank a glass of pomegranate juice before sitting down to enjoy a plate of pasta with tomato sauce. Before eating, and at intervals of 15 minutes for two hours, participants recorded their feelings of hunger and satisfaction in a questionnaire widely used in scientific studies to measure the feelings and states of mind.

The people who took pomegranate extracts reported feeling less hungry (- 12% compared to others), have less desire to eat (- 21%), have a greater sense of satiety (16%) and are generally more satisfied with their meals (15%). They also ate an average of 22% less than the others and found their food tastier.

An ally in the fight against obesity?
Scientists estimate that the regular consumption of pomegranate extract may reduce the feeling of hunger, while increasing the feeling of satiety .
Dr. Emad Al-Dujaili, who led the research, is delighted: "These results indicate that consumption of pomegranate extract can help to help reduce risk factors for overweight and obesity. "

British researchers are now planning to conduct a broader and deeper to determine the reasons for satiety. Their assumption is that these are the polyphenols contained in pomegranate number generating that sensation.Les results of this study will be presented soon at the International Congress of Nutrition Conference in Spain.

 Good news for all those who want to lose weight. But even a small investment to predict as we know, the grenade still expensive food!

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