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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Japanese made robot cleaner for ... displays for smartphones and tablets

The Japanese have long had a soft spot for the robotic technique, so that their unconventional ideas in this regard were hardly a surprise to anyone. Another illustration of this is the recent proposal by the Japanese company Takara Tomy, called AutoMee-S . In this case for mini-robot that just a few minutes you can clean without any trace fingerprints, dust and dirt on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, saving its owner quarrel looking microfiber towels and struggling with this thankless task .

Unusual manifestation of robotic cleaners is round propelled widget diameter 7 cm, which is powered by a standard AA battery. To use the device, the smartphone / tablet should be placed on a flat surface and AutoMee-S to put on it. Walking along the surface of a smartphone or tablet gadget completely self cleaning surface, by using the special paper, while the built-in computer system monitors the robot movement and careful not to go beyond the edges of the cleaned equipment.

According to official data, new cleaner robot displays for smartphones and tablets will begin in Japan next month for about $ 16.80. If you happen to have their way to the Land of the Rising Sun and you can invest a small amount in this AutoMee-S, it is still good to keep in mind that the manufacturer (which is actually a specialist in the development and marketing of toys and products for children) assumes no responsibility for any damage that their robot can cause a smartphone or tablet. 

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