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Monday, 28 January 2013

Symptoms of heart attack

So you recognize a heart attack 
The most common symptoms

The sooner a heart attack is treated, the greater the chance of survival. You have therefore in our interest to have a heart attack as soon as possible to recognize. These are some of the most common symptoms.

1. Pain in the chest
Pain or discomfort in the chest is the most common symptom of a heart attack. The pain may be mild, so people do not immediately think of something serious as a heart attack. They will often assume that the pain does go away.

2. Discomfort in the upper body 
Discomfort or pain in the upper body - not just in the chest - may indicate a heart attack. Be attentive to any strange or unusual symptom of your hip upwards. This can be a heavy, heavy, painful or uncomfortable sensation in the chest, back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, elbows, between the shoulder blades, in the jaw, throat, or even in the gums or the earlobes. course you not every pijntje in this region of a heart attack thinking. Sitting heart problems or risk factors such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol in the family? Pay special attention to these symptoms then. If the pain is very intense, as there is no specific reason to do so, if it gets worse during exercise or when the pain but do not want to go, you should seek medical advice immediately.

3. Stomach and intestinal problems 
Also gastrointestinal problems may be an indication of heart problems. If the pain feels different than 'normal' gastrointestinal problems may need extra attention. Do this especially if you are already struggling with risk factors such as high blood pressure or vascular problems.

4. Flu-like symptoms 
It happens often that people seem to suffer from a very severe flu, while they actually have heart problems. Extreme fatigue and exhaustion that persists for days, gastrointestinal problems and a general ill feeling may be symptoms of a heart attack. These symptoms are easily confused with flu. So be on your guard if you feel that the symptoms are very abnormal.

5. Dyspnea 
Shortness of breath is also a major symptom of a heart attack. Be alert to. You do not necessarily pain in your chest to have shortness of breath when speaking of a heart attack.

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