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Tuesday, 31 December 2013



Men's cosmetics from a reputable manufacturer.
Cartier Roadster managed to create a superb line of men's fragrances. So now you can go to find a new flavor. main line of fragrances based on bergamot, with the addition of cashmere wood, vanilla and patchuli. Unique flavor tucked away in a pretty package - bottle symbolizes the freedom and ease. His outlines smoothed reminding aerodynamic device. seems that besides stylish watches for respectable men, Cartier Roadster managed to show itself in the market and men's fragrances.

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Monday, 30 December 2013

Smeg has released a "gold" fridge

Company Smeg introduced the "golden" refrigerator Smeg FAB28RDG. Smeg fridge in the golden version received "golden" handle and Smeg logo, decorated with crystals Swarovski Diamonds. According to the manufacturer, the Diamonds applied by hand, one by one with meticulous craftsmanship that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the refrigerator.
Smeg FAB28RDG meets energy efficiency class A + +. Smeg fridge 60 cm wide and 151 cm tall has a capacity of 222 liters and includes a freezer of 26 liters. In the internal structure of the refrigerator can note 3 safety glass shelves that can be set at different levels, a fixed shelf above the plastic box for fruits and vegetables and a chrome rack for bottles.

"Golden" refrigerator completes the range of retro-style refrigerators Smeg 50s, previously available in colors such as white, cream, yellow, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, blue, red, orange, lime green, black, silver, chocolate, black, denim , stripes, flowers of English and Italian flags.

Golden FAB28RDG - is more than just a fridge or appliances in the kitchen, it is a symbol of elegance that shines from the heart of your home.

Source: Smeg

AT CES 2014, LG will teach "smart" refrigerators and vacuum cleaners to chat with the owner

LG Electronics(LG) company continues to surprise developments, laid up to CES 2014, and officially announced at the show in Las Vegas novelties are "smart" gadgets and technology fit into the popular conception of "Internet of Things". For example, the expected presentation of the next generation of home appliances with support for firm service HomeChat and famous mobile messenger LINE, which will allow owners to communicate with refrigerators and vacuum cleaners with LG’s HomeChat™ service.
LG HomeChat

In other words, users can not simply give a command such as "on" or "turn off", but in the literal sense of the word to communicate with consumer electronics through ordinary human words and expressions. For example, it is enough to say "I'm going on vacation," and your "smart" refrigerator goes into power-saving mode, the robot vacuum cleaner will get the job on a regular vacuuming. In turn, these appliances will alert you that is in the freezer, and will show the history of cleansing.

In addition, the system announced NFC-tags and "smart" diagnostic for future series of smart devices LG, which will help owners avoid unnecessary visits to the repair shop. Thus, the future we imagined for fantastic films and novels, when users interact with things, it turns out, very close.

Source: LG

Six U.S. states have trial sites for commercial drones

The U.S. Agency for Civil Aviation (FAA) announced that six states - would develop such sites - Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia. The operation is part of a development program and operational safety that should lead to the introduction of drones in U.S. airspace at the end of 2015.

The U.S. agency, which has received proposals from 24 states, argues that the selection of test sites was carried out according to criteria such as geography, climate, infrastructure, research needs, the use of airspace, as well as experience in aviation. "These test sites provide us with valuable information on how best to introduce this new technology safely in the sky of our country," said Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx.

Alaska offers particular climatic conditions while the State of New York brings an air congested environment in which it will be interesting to integrate the use of drones.

Primarily reserved for military use, the potential of UAVs is now estimated by the commercial environment. It interests environments such as real estate, agriculture and messaging. Several universities also expand their programs dedicated to drones.

The President of the FAA, Michael Huerta, argues that security would be the cornerstone of the approval of the industry without a pilot in the sky of U.S. aviation.

In 2015, the introduction of drones in American skies could be delayed, however. The U.S. government plans to allow some 7,500 drones in the next five years. Drones are already used in public services such as security, weather, weather forecasts and agriculture.

Studies commissioned by the industry predict that the development of this industry will create about 70,000 jobs in the first three years of authorization. A drone pilot could earn $ 85,000 to $ 115,000.

The League of American Civil Liberties stated that the presence of drones would bring the nation "a surveillance society in which the actions of everyone would be controlled registered spied and scrutinized by the authorities. "


1. Chanel Egoiste Platinum - woody fragrance. Rosemary, neroli, lavender, sage, moss, vetiver, incense
2. Yves Saint Laurent L `Homme Libre - woody fragrance. Bergamot, pepper, patchouli
3. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo di Capri Bergamotto - woody fragrance. Bergamot, lemon, ginger, vetiver, cedar

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico - woody fragrance. Patchouli, cedar, cocoa, vetiver

5. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge - woody fragrance. Ginger, cardamom, pepper
6. Trussardi Uomo - woody fragrance. Bergamot, galbanum, lemon, nutmeg, sage, geranium, violet, moss, patchouli
7. Davidoff Cool Water Man Pure Pacific - marine flavor. Lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, basil, sage, juniper

8. 58 Avenue Montaigne JTDupont - chypre fruity fragrance. Raspberry, blueberry, black currant, jasmine, violet, musk, patchouli

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An apple a day may protect against heart attack, scientists say

Scientists claim that those who want to do prevention of cardiovascular disease without drugs, should only consume of apple fruit.

Adding to the diet of one apple a day is capable of better than drugs reduce mortality from heart attacks and strokes among people over 50 years, established by British scientists, whose work is published in the British Medical Journal ( BMJ ).

Researchers from the University of Oxford (University of Oxford) estimated that drugs to lower cholesterol (statins) are taking in the UK 5.2 million people. Another 17.6 million people could receive such drugs if they are proposed at the national level as a means of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in people over 50 years.

Using a mathematical model, the authors calculated that the daily intake of statins in the second group of the population could reduce the number of deaths due to heart attacks and strokes by 9.4 thousand cases a year. The addition to the diet of an apple a day can prevent vascular 8,5 thousand deaths among 70% of the UK population aged over 50 years.

Scientists remind us that taking drugs that reduce cholesterol, has a number of potential side effects, such as myopathy and diabetes. They emphasize that none of the patients already taking statins should not replace them with apples. However, those who want to do the prevention of cardiovascular disease without drugs, we just need to add more fruits in the diet.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to clean colon naturally

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It is true that what we eat is what we eventually become. But ISN 'T only what we eat but how much food gets stuck in our bodies that make us sick. Dirty colon has been associated with various diseases. Stresses, air pollution, and unhealthy food in modern days. Perhaps that is why we need to be more careful these days, what we eat and when we eat. Cleansing the colon naturally with a good diet is just one great way to counteract the effects of a dirty colon. A lot of food that we consume these days cause mucous plaque accumulation.

Now we consume more and more processed foods, and not vegetables and fresh fruits that contain natural fiber and nutrients that need for our body. Our digestive system basically functions on natural fibers, which naturally sweeps waste and toxins that make you sick, literally. When we do not consume the right foods there is likely to be the accumulation of mucous plaque in the rectum. Mucous is basically not good for your health at all. So we have to counteract this buildup with a healthy diet. Try to consume foods to eat more raw vegetables and fresh fruits. It is recommended to lightly steamed vegetables and combined with seeds, nuts and whole grains. All these foods are rich in fiber, which can help get rid of unwanted waste and toxins in the body. If you like the grain is better to consume whole grains such as brown basmati rice, amaranth and quinoa.

However, if you want the best results you "need to do some basic lifestyle changes. It takes some maintenance to prevent contamination from the rectum again. You will also need to maintain a healthy diet to avoid other diseases associated with dirty colon. Rule number one for healthy colon consume more and more fiber. Though it was obvious that fiber improves our health, many of us still don 't get enough of it every day. Try to eat more whole grains and nuts. Try almonds, chestnuts and walnuts. Also try to eat more barley, rye, kichadi, brown rice and beans to get enough whole fiber.

Fibre Diet - There are two types of fiber, and it is soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria that help in eliminating harmful bacteria in our body. Great sources include oats, barley, rice, beans, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, strawberries and flaxseeds. On the other hand, insoluble fiber prevents constipation, and you can get much of this fiber from carrot, beetroots, brussels spouts, brown rice, whole wheat and barley.

Foods to avoid, of course, you should avoid certain foods to cleanse your colon. Foods to avoid include sugar, caffeine and white flour. If you can not completely cut then consume no more than once a day and only in small portions.

Tips Herbal colon cleansing - If some requirements are too stringent as leaving coffee from your daily diet, get help from herbal colon cleansing. Though colon cleansing diet is great, additional colon cleansing can accelerate results. cleansers Herbal colon as well, because you know exactly how much gets into your body, eating healthy foods alone, you just do not know how many nutrients your take and that these nutrients. You can also try to fast at least once a year for a healthy lifestyle in the long term. And, of course, for a good balance and further flush the toxins, drink plenty of water. Cleanse colon and prevent diseases of the colon. Discover the best natural colon cleanse products that is right for you.

Women need more sleep than men

According to a study recently published in Science World Report and conducted by researchers from Duke University, North Carolina, women who undergo a lot of stress need more sleep than men. "One of the primary functions of sleep is to help the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep, the cortex, that is to say the part of the brain responsible for thought, memory and language, goes into recovery mode. It seems that women who are deprived of enough restful sleep more easily suffer from depression or anxiety, "said Dr. Michael Breus, sleep specialist.

Previous studies have shown that lack of sleep is linked to a higher risk of heart disease, psychological problems, depression , to stroke and even creates a kind of inflammatory condition of the body. "Now, women, unlike men, can actually feel pain when they wake up, due to the high level of inflammation," said Dr Breus.

For the latter, the increased need for sleep in women is because they tend to be multi-tasking. "Because of this flexibility, they require much more of their brains than men and therefore need more sleep to help him recover."

The sleep disorders are now affecting 20% of the population in industrialized countries. In France, one in three say they suffer from a sleep disorder and 15% say they regularly meet with insomnia problems .

Russia launches a new type of Soyuz

Russia successfully launched Saturday afternoon a new version of its Soyuz rocket, allowing it to give new impetus to a space program that knew failures in recent years.

Firing the Soyuz 2.1v, which includes a new engine and a digital guide was normally expected in early 2012. But was postponed due to an accident during the test phase, which had damaged the motor accident, writes Interfax. It was rescheduled earlier this week, but had to be postponed until Saturday then, the agency said.

The Soyuz lifted off from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, in north-west Russia.

The Soyuz 2.1v is the latest version of the launcher family became the most widely used since its opening in 1966 shooting rockets.

In 1961, a prototype of the Soyuz, Vostok, was sent into space the first man, Yuri Gagarin.

Despite a budget increase in recent times, the Russian space program suffered a humiliating series of setbacks in recent years, attributed by experts to poor management, a decade of budget cuts and the "brain drain."

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Long fingerless gloves

The last few seasons we offer scaffolding fashion long gloves with fingers cut off. And not very glamorous, made of different materials: leather, wool, cloth ...

Initially priverzhantsami long fingerless gloves were exceptionally informals different directions. Today, such an accessory - an essential attribute of glamorous beauties. And with the return of the fashion of the eighties of the last century, these gloves have become a trend.

Long fingerless gloves are a few names. But more often they are called gloveletty. In the U.S., a slightly different name. "Boom" or "hobo." Both name alludes to the idea of ​​the homeless and the poor, who are forced to wear gloves, torn fingers.

Gloveletty not difficult to do yourself. After all, these are ordinary gloves with fingers cut off tops. Remain open upper hand phalanges. So feel free to take scissors in hand and create.

In the eighties, it was just a craze long gloves with the fingers cut off. Gloveletty often had a "vent" holes of various shapes and sizes. These holes were needed in order to avoid sweating hands. Fingerless gloves immediately became popular among bikers, skaters and cyclists. Gloveletty keep palm dry tenacity not lost hands, and moreover, these gloves can protect hands from damage when falling. In modern fingerless gloves perforation is purely decorative, it is a distinctive feature of classical glovelettov.

Because fingerless gloves often worn by punks and metalheads gloveletty become a kind of hallmark of "bad" girls and guys. Many musicians and singers just do not part with this accessory. The musician rebel Billy Aydolla was glovelett favorite pair. Gloves were just covered with studs and spikes. Everyone is familiar with a "brand" leather fingerless glove Michael Jackson. But Madonna sported a playful lace gloves. While these gloves only served to create the image, rather than for its intended purpose - to warm hands. This situation changed with the British pop singer Nick Kershaw. He once appeared in knitted fingerless gloves. And immediately knitted gloveletty become extremely fashionable, and besides useful. After all, this accessory is not only beautifies, but also warm.

Together with the return of woolen glovelett back and mitts. This accessory is also designed to protect your hands from the cold, and just leave your fingers open. But in mittens fingers are not separated, except for a large. We can say that mitts - it cropped mittens. Authorship of this accessory is given to George Washington. Until the civil war between North and South was the subject wardrobes mandatory for both women and men. But after the war mitts were not rightly forgotten.

Today open fingers - the trend of the season. On fashion catwalks reign gloveletty and mitts. And it is this season sent long gloves with fingers cut off from the streets to the stage fashion, and not vice versa. Gloveletty suited to multiple fashion trends of the season: rock chick, gothic, layer-look and 80's. In general, designers do not limit your imagination nothing. For ourselves, we can choose fingerless gloves from a variety of offers. There are gloves that resemble second skin and a style and color. And there are knitting patterns, knitting large, very thick, lush and extremely warm. Modern cars lady choose this accessory and can not fail to note his dignity. Gloveletty warm hands, protect against friction, and it does not fetter the movement of the fingers.

This winter, at the peak of popularity gloveletty of wool and cashmere. These gloves are excellent complement other knitwear. Spectacular high knitted fingerless gloves that do not completely cover the forearm. If you wear knitted sweater with short sleeves and high knitted fingerless gloves, bare patch of skin that looks very soblaznitelno.Dlinnye gloveletty are leather combined with ankle boots, trench coats, voluminous scarf or shawl and zhdinsami skins. In this dress no one will call you not glamornoy diva. And for those who are afraid to freeze glovelettah developed special model with compression "cap." One movement with long gloves fingerless transformed into cozy warm mittens.

Fingerless gloves are perfectly suited to any style: sporty style, casual, classic, casual. And the accessory is very sexy. There is nothing more tempting than the contrast of coarse wool or smooth leather with soft, unprotected female fingers. Fascinating, delectable, tempting ...

A fire killed 23 people aboard a train

A fire has killed at least 23 people Saturday aboard a train traveling in western India, authorities reported.
The train runs between Bangalore and Nanded in Maharashtra.
"The fire is now under control, but there are victims (...) The authorities are on board," said the president of India's railways, told Reuters. The cause of the accident is unknown.
According to a spokesman for the rail company, CS Gupta, 67 passengers were on the train when the fire broke out Saturday morning.
The train, which was traveling in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was immobilized and firefighters and medical personnel have recovered at least 23 bodies, including two children, officials said. The other passengers were able to exit the train.
Gupta added that most of the deceased died in wagons, which are filled with thick black smoke.

Iron for greener perfumes

The iron may act as soon replacing only rhodium, ruthenium, palladium and platinum, traditionally used in the manufacture of perfumes and medications catalysts.

A study by Professor Robert Morris, University of Toronto, concluded that iron catalysts are also effective - if not more - than those made from rare chemical elements. The final recipe is both more environmentally friendly and economical.

"Iron is about 10,000 times less expensive to obtain than ruthenium. Less than 200 cubic meters of metal of the same type as platinum are mined each year and not all can be recycled after use. They are not essential to life and can be toxic. "
- Robert Morris

According to Professor Morris, his efforts are part of a global trend where more and more industries, such as automotive and energy, working to find new uses for iron, an abundant and economical metal.

Friday, 27 December 2013

A bus falls off a bridge and killing 29 passengers in Thailand

A bus fell from a bridge into a ravine in Thailand, killing at least 29 of the 33 passengers on board, according to police.
The accident occurred in the north of the country late Thursday.
The bus crossed the guard rails on the bridge of Khun Pha Muang before plunging fifty meters into the ravine, which was confirmed by the chief of police of the district of Ban Klang, Jiraphat Tanrak.
Fatal accidents are more common in Thailand and other developing countries than in many Western countries, especially due to the poor maintenance of vehicles, lack of adequate training for drivers and busy roads.

Washington has supplied missiles in Iraq and is ready to provide drones

Drones will add tens of missiles that the United States has already sent to Iraq to support the country in its air strikes against Al-Qaeda.

Two intelligence officials and a military officer explained Thursday 75 Hellfire air-ground missiles arrived in Iraq on December 19 and that others should follow.

At present, the missiles are used by four powered aircraft Iraqi King Air as part of a major operation that takes place in the western desert near the border with Syria, said the same sources.

According to an intelligence official, the use of missiles was successful. They were used to destroy four militant camps.

Deliveries of missiles were confirmed by Jen Psaki, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, which also said that Washington intended to provide ScanEagle drones in Iraq.

Ms. Psaki said the United States was committed to supporting Iraq in its "fight against terrorism".

Iraq faces a resumption of violence by insurgents and fueled by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Al-Qaeda is suspected of trying to take advantage of the Syrian war to rebuild his organization in Iraq. Fighters holding the hard line would shuttle between the two countries.

According to UN estimates, more than 8,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the year in Iraq.

Gang rape in India: six accused persons

Ten people were arrested and six charged in respect of gang rape of a girl of 21 years occurred on Christmas Eve in southern India, announced Friday, the Indian authorities.

Monika Bharadwaj police said the arrests were made Thursday after the victim had complained to the police of having been abducted and raped while she was visiting a friend in Karaikal, a port city in the state Pondicherry.

Ms. Bharadwaj, the girl was hospitalized.

Authorities also arrested a teenager in connection with this incident.

The attack occurred a few days after India had highlighted the first anniversary of the brutal gang rape of a girl of 23 years  on a bus in New Delhi which resulted in the death of the victim and caused national protests over violence against women .

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Kim Kardashian Latest photo shoot in bikini (PHOTOS)

Not so long ago Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Us Weekly , which talked about how to lose weight after giving birth. Kim, as usual, was suspected of using "Photoshop" supposedly her real form is far from what it actually is. But, judging by the photos from the shooting, Kardashian really managed to regain the former figure.

The network has the pictures, which you can see how Kim Kardashian is working with the photographer, walks along the beach in a white bikini, showing off her famous form. Kim never aspired to be skinny, but keeping the weight normally worth her great effort. Star told to insider of the magazine that dieting, gets up at 5 am to catch fitness workout and do not forget to drink fresh juices.

Nevertheless, a feeling that paparazzi photos Kim still looks a little slimmer than recent cover. However, we do not rush to blame the star in excessive enthusiasm "photoshop" as without retouching Kardashian looks great, boasts nakachany toned abs and booty (that you will agree, is not easy to keep under such volumes!).

Soup with mushrooms and potatoes

Preparation time : 40 minutes


little mushrooms


low-fat cream

2 cloves of garlic

1 medium onion

Spring onions

Fresh coriander leaves

pepper and salt

little bit of olive oil

By summer I want to get in shape after a long winter "hibernation", so I always arrange for myself a couple of weeks supply on the system "is not how I want to" and "how to" in order to bring the body in tone. Plus, I read somewhere that the denial for a while from the fat and meat food helps the body to switch to summer mode, on our table when there is a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and other delicacies from the garden.

First I warmed bowl  Multicookings  on mode "-frying vegetables." First laid out the potatoes, then sent him to arbitrarily sliced ​​onion and garlic very lightly browned all this (thanks to my soup will be more full-bodied taste), incidentally, is used for that little bit of olive oil. Then I sliced ​​diced mushrooms and add them to the vegetables, fry a little more.
Then I flooded all the boiling water so that it almost covered my vegetables and turn on the "quenching."

Extinguish all 20 minutes before the potatoes are ready, shifted into another bowl and gave little cool.

Using blender mash all the vegetables in to pure.This pure is shifted in Multicooker bowl then turn on the "boiling soup" and  gradually pour the hot cream.

It turns out very tasty and fragrant, plus it's very easy to cook - only took about 40 minutes.

When all the cream homogeneous mixing with mashed potatoes, brought the soup to a boil, and season with pepper ,little salt, coriander leaves and spring onions.

This recipe was prepared using: Ninja Multi cooker,    Hand blender 

How to maintain skin?

Our skin is a reflection of our vitality, our youth, our health brief. But we must recognize it, our lifestyle, our daily environment or the stress that we face regularly does not necessarily promotes well-being , especially since it is the organ of our aging body quickly ...

Extremely sensitive, so it is important that we take care. To protect all these attacks, we offer some good reflexes, a few little touches that will allow him to get fit!

Eat right!
And yes, although it may perhaps surprise you, your food hygiene directly affects the health of your skin, and yours in general. It is therefore crucial to promoting balanced eating fresh foods (canned goods, junk food, frozen, etc.. Should be avoided). Preferably opt for foods rich in fiber and vitamins.

So that your skin retains its elasticity, it is essential that it be well hydrated! We recommend that you drink at least two liters of water daily.

 Small daily attentions
As it is said to you, our everyday environment is sometimes hostile especially at the dirt and pollution ... But our skin is the part of our body that is most exposed to this kind of abuse. We must therefore take the time to clean more intensely whilst respecting its delicacy.

The lotion is ideal: first, he cleans, but it also nourishes and moisturizes, all natural way. The pores of your skin will be freed from dust, sweat or other leftover makeup.

To allow your skin to breathe more freely and promote good blood circulation (so good oxygenation) a few small circular massages are always welcome. In addition, it will relax you enormously.

The steam
If you follow the tips we have given you above, you will see for yourself that your skin will be brighter, a pleasant touch, softer ... If you want to further deepen his well-being, here is a very good solution: the steam bath.

Once a week, take the time to boil a liter of water in a saucepan and then pour into a container.

Tie your hair, cover your head with a towel and present your face to steam! Like a sauna! You can even add a few plants to tranquilizing and antiseptic properties such as lavender or thyme which will clear your airways more.

And it does not take hours: your steam bath should not exceed ten minutes, but against the result is impressive and really beneficial.

Good resolutions to be adopted to maintain health and well-being in 2014

It is always good to take care of yourself ! Feeling good about yourself is a feeling that delights us and motivates us throughout our lives. Nevertheless, maintaining body can become a relatively difficult task, but with the right methods and tricks to do this, everyone is able to feel that sense of satisfaction that comes over us when we take care of our health and well-being under the best conditions. Here are some tips that will help you take control of your daily activities.

Playing sports
Everyone knows, sport contributes significantly to the optimization of the metabolism of our body. Passive body is fragile and deteriorates faster than active body. We must therefore think to practice sports regularly. To be fit, you are not forced to spend hours in a gym room. This will tire you unnecessarily! Better to start with minimal but effective efforts and long-term, instead of forcing on spontaneous but strenuous activities. Move daily running for half an hour in the morning or else you can also practice walking from work or from your shopping. Do things that you like, but do not use excessive force on your body.

Eat more organic foods
Being overweight is probably one of the most explanatory statements body that hinders the well-being and health. It is often the consumer, often in large quantities, chemical and fatty foods, but it can be avoided by eating as regularly as possible, of organic food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, meat or fish ...

Reduce salt intake
It is likely that very little is known, but the abundant consumption of salt is not good for health. Salt is one of the main factors that promote hypertension . Reduce consumption, so you can anticipate the potential risks of diseases related to it.

Consume less alcohol
If your doctor recommends you to consume a small amount of alcohol per day, think never exceed the prescribed dose, the risk of confronting you with a multitude of adverse effects such as liver damage, increased blood pressure, or cancer risks. So be very careful, especially in the evenings watered.
Taking care of your body is not a difficult task when you set a specific goal and when you are motivated to achieve by all means. To be fit, you just have to be optimistic, confident, persevering and sacrifice a few quirks.

Have you ever imagined a pick-up scooter?

The concept scooter is well implemented, is a vehicle wheel, agile, ideal for city and spared. And if we add to this concept load capacity and an electric powertrain leaves a Kubo Cargo Scooter!

Think beyond conventions to be able to innovate is one of the characteristics of human beings, although these days many find that nothing is invented, just reinvented. The guys from Lit Motor did a little of both. According to them, if inpiraram on the design of Apple and Vespa, consider an electric powertrain with zero emissions and developed a scooter. But, if you were not here, effectively creating a different concept inspired by the versatility of pick-ups and so was born the "scooter charge" of her name Cargo Scooter Kubo. Seeing the movie of Lit Motors, we realize the concept, the union of ideas and the ability to create deserves to be appreciated, but contained this project does not go much beyond this prototype for lack of funds for their development and transition to production. However the idea and aesthetics, like it or not like it, deserves mention because it is another example of a group of people who dedicated themselves to "make it happen" an innovative idea. Or at least tried to ..

The most powerful electric motorcycle in the world presented by Voxan

Voxan now generates a major revolution in the history of the French motorcycle with the presentation of a 200 hp machine, very upscale and radically innovative in its technology and architecture.
WATTMAN illustrates new techniques and stylistic orientations the brand of avant-garde technologies in the field of electric mobility and a design that foreshadows silhouette bikes tomorrow.

A shock of 200 hp
Equipped with the first electric motor with permanent magnets and Voxan liquid cooling WATTMAN delivers phenomenal power of 200 hp with 200 Nm instant torque to 10.500 t / mn. It is positioned as the most powerful ever built electric motorcycle at a much higher level of performance in many respects the best thermal motorcycles.
WATTMAN Monaco is designed and manufactured in France.

0-160 km / h in 5.9 s
Power is transmitted to the ground by a pneumatic 240mm wide, reaching 0-100 km / h in 3.4 seconds and 0-160 km / h in 5 9s.
Synonym new sensations WATTMAN offers driving pleasure in its purest form, both capable of lightning acceleration and flexibility through its electric motor belt drive.

Recharged in less than 30 minutes
The new VOXAN has a charging time of exceptional 80% in less than 30 minutes, thanks to a "COMBO II" European standard quick charge socket,. This is less time than it takes to recharge a mobile phone. It can equally well be connected on a single household outlet, anywhere, thanks to a built-in charger.
Its ultra-compact 12.8 kWh battery ensures 180 km of autonomy.

+ Battery
Technology: Lithium Ion
Energy: 12.8 kWh
+ Range
180 km (NEDC standard cycle following)
Charging time: <30 minutes (fast 80% load)
type charging socket: Combo 2

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Electric moisture absorber - dehumidifier

The electrical moisture absorber , also known dehumidifier reduces the moisture associated with condensation . It is a simple and inexpensive to set up a ventilation alternative.

Principle of the electric moisture absorber The electric moisture absorber is a compact device that can dehumidify the air by controlling the humidity :

Ambient air is sucked through a ventilation system.
The air condenses and turns into water.
Water is collected in a tray which is empty at progressively.

Advantages of the absorber

  • absorbs up to 30 liters of water per 24 h (depending on model); very useful in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms or other damp;
  • comes in several models depending on the size of the surface to be treated; Ease of use: Ignition is via a single button; requires no cartridge or refill;
  • opportunity to save energy by setting off the night just in case of subscription EDF taking into account the peak hours; 

How to choose a dehumidifier? Characteristics to watch on a dehumidifier to :

  • extraction of its capacity (in liters per hour or liters per day)
  • the discharge of the water recovered (in a bin or removed by a pipe to be connected on an outlet or outside) system
  • With humidistat or not (with a humidistat, the desired humidity level is adjustable and the dehumidifier will start and stop automatically depending on the selected rate)
  • The air flow expressed in cubic meters per hour m3 / h (the higher the flow, the higher the wind is strong and will project an air dry away from the dehumidifier )

Dehumidifiers Capacity is measured in liters per hour or liters per day to a standard that is to be tested at a temperature of 30 degrees and humid atmosphere of 80% RH ( humidity relative).

Small dehumidifiers can remove less than 2 l / day are useful for a cabinet or closet.

The electric dehumidifiers with a capacity of 5-60 liters per day are ideal for a room or a damp house or volumes of medium importance.

The dehumidifier capable of removing more than 60 liters per day (up to more than 200 l / d for larger) are required to dehumidify a warehouse, inventory, library, a museum, a flooded home and dry materials after water damage.

Always remember to take a safety margin by choosing a dehumidification system capable of removing more water from the moist air that locals can not produce.

A pool for example produces a lot of water through evaporation.

Same for local low-temperature 10-12 °, a dehumidifier electrical stronger is needed.

In the case of temperatures below 10 °, a gas hot air dehumidifier or air dryer is preferred because they work well.

If the dehumidifier is in a cold room, prefer models of air dehumidification with heat .

Some tips on the use of a dehumidifier condensation

A wet basement can be dehumidified very effectively with a dehumidifier , it is best to close all openings to the outside which will allow the dehumidifier to operate only for the volume of air in the basement and not air from outside.

For the same problem humidity , a dehumidifier will work at high speed but too low if ventilation is at low speed.

Must adapt the dehumidifier depending on your knowing the speed of the ventilation speed dehumidifier affects noise.

A very local wet require a dehumidifier more powerful than a little piece wet .

A dehumidifier with humidistat provides automatic operation: after selecting the humidity wanted, electric dehumidifier will go into operation if the air humidity is greater than the selected rate and stop when moisture air correspond to the selected one.

In case of power failure, an electric dehumidifier with humidistat mechanical (manual humidistat) restarts that is not the case of dehumidifiers equipped with an electronic humidistat that require pressing the start.

For a second home, choose a dehumidifier with mechanical humidistat manual .

A mechanical humidistat is more resistant to high humidity that electronic humidistat .

More local is more heated dehumidifier air will be effective.

Always choose a dehumidifier power more powerful than necessary if the compressor may run too intensely wearing more quickly and prematurely compared to a dehumidifier a bit oversized.

Combine a ventilation system, heating and air dehumidifier electrical accelerates the drying of the air and materials.

You're a little present or want to dehumidify a second home, choose a dehumidifier without drain pan condensate (reclaimed water) for a dehumidifier with continuous drainage (water is discharged through a pipe).

Below 5 °, a dehumidifier condensation no longer manage to collect water, ice will form could damage the dehumidifier .

The permanent drainage of dehumidifiers allows removal of water condensate in a sewer, sink, pipe, shower, bathtub ...

A drain pump or the drain pump can be integrated in the dehumidifier reservoir to evacuate water automatically without manipulation.

The majority of electric dehumidifiers are equipped with an automatic cutoff when full tank.

In a very damp room , choose a dehumidifier whose flow can change the air about 3-4 times per hour and for a room of 100 m3 will require electric dehumidifier with a minimum capacity of 300 m3 / h.

For yards, prefer professional dehumidifiers , they are more robust, more powerful and generally provided solid wheels.

The filters electric dehumidifiers air should be cleaned at least once per month.
Some dehumidifiers filters are washable and permanent.

The dehumidifier should be placed in the wettest part of respecting the local electrical safety and common sense.

A dehumidifier placed in a chamber must be stopped when you settle to sleep, it must dehumidify the room not you!

The dehumidifier silica gel that operates at low temperature is ideal for cold areas and cold rooms.

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Insulin and diabetes: the importance of blood glucose monitor

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which allows the cells of the body to absorb glucose (sugar) from food. They use glucose as fuel or keep in reserve for future use.

The importance of insulin

Insulin produced continuously in non-diabetic, plays a regulatory role in maintaining the blood sugar (glucose level in the blood) to normal values ​​(4 to 6 mmol / l).

When the pancreas is malfunctioning, or when the body can not effectively use the insulin produced, we are in the presence of diabetes characterized by an excess of glucose in the blood ( hyperglycemia ). The long-term hyperglycemia causes severe complications at various levels (heart, blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, eyes).

Types of diabetes

The type 1 diabetes , which usually occurs during childhood or adolescence, results from the destruction of pancreatic cells that produce insulin. Therefore, a person suffering from this disease most often has a total deficiency of insulin and must inject insulin daily. In addition to following a insulin , type 1 diabetics must:

have a balanced diet to get all the nutritional benefits for their health and prevent excessive fluctuations of blood glucose; make the physical activity to prevent complications of the disease in the cardiovascular system; undergo training to learn, among other things, to administer insulin to use a glucometer, calculate insulin doses and to prevent and treat hypoglycemia .

The type 2 diabetes , often associated with abdominal obesity, is explained by the occurrence of insulin resistance . To counteract the resulting hyperglycemia, the body responds by hypersecretion of insulin. This hypersecretion of insulin after a few years, exhausts the pancreas and leads to insufficient insulin secretion . It is important to know that:

  • the adoption of healthy lifestyles is often enough to correct mild to moderate hyperglycemia (reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, balanced diet and exercise);
  • when these interventions on lifestyle have no significant effect on type 2 diabetes can be treated using hypoglycemic agents (drugs taken orally);
  • the insulin injection is reserved for acute cases and those for whom hypoglycaemic are ineffective.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose: This is important!

Measure blood glucose is part of the daily life of a person with diabetes. This self is done using a small portable device called a "Blood glucose monitor ".

The Canadian Diabetes Association suggests that:

  • diabetes type 1 measure their blood glucose at least three times a day ;
  • diabetes type 2 following an oral pharmacological treatment or taking insulin measure their blood glucose at least once daily .

The blood glucose measurement ensures that the treatment effectively regulates blood sugar, and adapted, if necessary, the supply of insulin. It is important to record the results of blood glucose measurements, which may eventually be found by the doctor.

Glucometers, which to choose?

There is a wide range of blood glucose meters on the market, each offering specific options. Your pharmacist can help you choose the correct unit to suit your needs, it is also able to explain the operation of each.

So before you get a glucometer, ask the following questions:

  • I need a glucometer with a widescreen display results for easier reading?
  • What type of player and strip am I able to manipulate (dexterity, arthritis, tremors)?
  • Is what I want to transfer data to a computer ?
  • In anticipation of my travels, what size of meter for me?
  • I need a device with strips of providing results with an accuracy better ?

Insulin: Where to inject? How to conserve?

Different sources (human or the like) and different types (classified according to their speed of action) of insulin exist, the choice rests with the doctor. The main insulin injection sites are:

  • the outer part of the arm;
  • the abdomen, except for an area of ​​2.5 cm around the navel;
  • the front of the thighs;
  • the upper outer portion of the buttocks.

Insulin used daily can be stored at room temperature (between 18 and 25 degrees C) for a maximum period of one month. Reserves, in turn, should be refrigerated (between 2 and 10 degrees C) until use. Insulin should not be subjected to extreme temperatures.

How to relieve and prevent heartburn

Prevent and relieve heartburn

Gastric reflux or heartburn usually occur after a heavy meal, often bold, well-watered or taken late in the evening. Much more common situations during this period of festivities. To avoid this, moderation is the treasure of the wise: you should focus on a healthy, varied diet, low in fat, reduce your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes and avoid certain foods such as chocolate, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

Discomfort to recognize

Even if you follow these tips, digestive disorders may occur. It may be of heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux . Heartburn are caused by an overproduction of gastric juices in the stomach. As to reflux occurs when these same juices of the stomach back into the esophagus, after a malfunction of the sphincter, which separates the two valve bodies.

To relieve your symptoms

As in the other cases, the discomfort can become unpleasant and antacids may be recommended to ease the discomfort. However, if you are taking medication or if you are pregnant, it is important to consult your physicain. "He can adapt your treatment based on your condition, your symptoms and context,".

See a doctor if ...

  • your stools are black (risk of ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding);
  • you are unable to swallow solid food;
  • you have severe vomiting or long term;
  • you experience severe abdominal or chest pain;
  • your heartburn does not respond to OTC treatments;
  • your discomfort persists beyond seven days of self-medication.

Tips to keep lungs healthy - Lungs are Fragile careful

The lungs are very delicate organs and certain factors can damage gradually and permanently. This is particularly the case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is characterized by shortness of breath, chronic cough and increased mucus production. It includes some lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The progression of the disease increases breathlessness, which limits the activity, reduced quality of life and can cause premature death.

Risk Factors

In almost 90% of cases, the main cause of this disease is smoking . Other risk factors include:

the alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency (a rare genetic disorder) SHS air pollution (dust or toxic gas), at work and in the environment frequent lung infections during childhood Diagnosis

Spirometry is one of effective screening tests and commonly used. This test is simply to blow as hard and as long as possible in a camera attached to a tube. These forced expirations, repeated a few times consecutively, used to measure lung capacity (volume and speed).

This assessment of pulmonary function can be performed easily by your doctor or hospital. For some years now, many affiliated with Uniprix pharmacies unite the Quebec Lung Association and offer in the fall, a day spirometry in collaboration with respiratory therapists. Check with your pharmacist family!

Prevention and treatment

It is easy to put the odds on his side to avoid developing COPD in:

  • not smoking
  • avoiding secondhand smoke
  • helping to make the outside air and your home healthier
  • protecting against risks to lung health in the workplace

There is no cure for COPD, but it can be treated to improve the quality of life of the individual and to slow the development of the disease. A treatment plan includes, among others:

  • smoking cessation
  • medication to prevent and alleviate symptoms
  • the adoption of a healthy lifestyle
  • monitoring of a pulmonary rehabilitation program
  • Prevention and control of aggravation

A team of professionals can teach you how to reduce living with the disease manifestations. Meanwhile, your pharmacist can advise you on family therapies nicotine replacement , if you want to quit, and introduce you to the different categories of drugs to treat different symptoms.

The diet for Christmas

The holiday season has arrived and is definitely one of them with countless choices of food and sweets. Festive table with delicious and beautifully presented dishes are all around you and you're looking for ways to defend yourself. The food these days has taken another dimension, is a form of socialization and entertainment. In such a period, therefore, do not be too hard on yourself and do not require the weight loss, which can mean oppression and overexertion you. Take a break from their goals and diet and just take in maintaining your present weight. Therefore, below you will find useful tips that will help you maintain your weight and stay healthy during the festive season.

Small frequent meals: Do not skip meals in order to overeating on the table that you're invited. Plan your meals to 5-6 small media during the day. Especially when you are invited, be sure to eat 1-2 hours before a light meal such as a fruit, yogurt, cereal bar one. That way you will reduce your hunger and will not eat much!

Help yourself to a time or in small dish came calling Christmas: If you run into a friend's house or restaurant during the Christmas holidays, where the meal is a huge buffet, first show restraint! Fill most of your plate with salads, which have fewer calories from foods and mainly and add a little meat to sate better.

Never go hungry at holiday table: Follow the morning our meals normally, so in the evening to eat normal portion of food. A good trick to not eat too much food is enough to put salad on the plate and start with it.

When we eat ... talk: Eat your food slowly and pause for! Give your body time to feel the saturation at the right time and do not force.

Be hydrated: Do you drink enough water before eating, to quickly create a feeling of satiety.

Attention meat and fried: Remove visible fat from meat and prefer to consume poultry (turkey, chicken, etc.) instead of red meat (pork, lamb, goat, etc.). Also, select roasts and boiled instead of fried. In this way you will reduce the amount of fat in your meal and you choose the best possible quality, reducing saturated and trans fat!

In sweet saying ... Yes, but in moderation: It is not possible to ban sweets, when everyone around you enjoy them. Remember, however, that even a very small amount can satisfy your desire for sweet taste!

Drinking: It is advisable to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and preferably 1-2 glasses of red wine.

Melomakarono Vs Shortbread: The eternal dilemma "sugared bun or melomakarono" select melomakarono but chocolate coating. Also, choose the smaller size melomakarona instead of big and settle for one.

Cook the healthy way: When you are yourself responsible for the preparation of your food, make sure to choose materials and low calorie fat (light), such as milk or light cream etc. Avoid fried foods and choose baked or boiled. Use olive oil in cooking and avoid butter and its derivatives. To further enhance the flavor of your food, use spices, dried fruits, nuts, vinegar and fruit juices (eg lemon or orange).

Do not forget physical activity: Naturally, it could be missing the physical activity even in the festive season. Go to the gym as much as you can, then walks to the shops with your family or friends and of course, as you dance in festive cries.

We hope the above tips to help you enjoy various dishes without privations and enjoy the holiday festivities.

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Marc jacobs daisy hot pink perfume review

Daisy , one of Marc Jacobs' perfumes that meanwhile can count themselves among the classics will this autumn a new outfit: a little black dress with a hot pink flower hat ! The smell got a winter makeover.

The  Daisy Hot Pink perfume is similar to her sister before summer, but is much more intense.Sweet wild strawberries, violets, jasmine and gardenia mingle effortlessly with birch and cedar. The result? A warm, sensual fragrance.

You can buy here at

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It is dirty , disturbing and you want to get rid as soon as possible, mildew stains in your bathroom . But how to do this easily without the use of chemicals and expensive remedies? Is there a better solution ?


  • Sponge 
  • A bucket
  • Water 
  • Bleach 


You can make disappear the black spots of mold between the tiles of your bathroom, with a simple mixture of water and bleach. Mix the same amount of water and bleach in a bucket and using a sponge place your mixture on the parts where the mold. Leave on for an hour and then rinse.

Warning ! Bleach can stain that do not go on your clothes. So put on an old shirt of your man or old clothing before starting to clean your bathroom.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Smoking alters genes associated with cancer

Adverse effects associated with smoking are printed in the genes that are passed from generation to generation, according to a Swedish study.

We know that smoking increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and low sperm concentration. Researchers at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University and Uppsala Center for Clinical Research in Sweden now have evidence that these misdeeds affect genes inherited by future generations.

In the journal Human Molecular Genetics, scientists have found that these genetic changes were visible only in smokers. No genetic changes were observed in nonsmokers.

Genetic material changes with age as a result of chemical changes in DNA that alter gene activity. These genetic changes are normally caused by aging. But environmental factors and lifestyle may also influence the genetic material. For example, British researchers at the University of Surrey found that the lack of sleep can disrupt the activity of hundreds of genes.

This new Swedish study provides a further illustration of the impact of lifestyle on genes. It demonstrates that exposure to chemical substances in tobacco disrupts the normal functioning of genes and increases the risk of tobacco-related diseases such as cancer.

"When you smoke, you are exposed to certain toxic chemicals that alter the behavior of DNA, confirms the author of the study, Asa Johansson, a researcher at the University of Uppsala. Our results indicate that the increased risk of smoking-related diseases is partly caused by epigenetic changes. "

The relationship between genetic endowment and tobacco is complex. Recently, French researchers at the Pasteur Institute, CNRS and Pierre and Marie Curie University showed that genetic mutations may explain the differences in addiction to smoking among smokers.

An anti-aging treatment successfully tested

American researchers in a laboratory experiment, they were able to significantly rejuvenate muscle. An exciting discovery Dr. Ana Gomez, of the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School does not pretend enthusiasm. The researcher has managed a feat: partially reverse the aging mechanism. While age is considered an immutable process, the team of U.S. researchers has demonstrated that some aspects could be reversed.

In the scientific journal Cell, they have focused on explaining a chemical called NAD whose cell concentration naturally reduces with age. This molecule impede the functioning of mitochondria, cells energy factories, which participates in the mechanism of cell aging.

The researchers found that increasing the cellular level of NAD in a mouse had an incredible anti-aging effect . This treatment administered for a week in a mouse two years has clearly rejuvenated its muscles. They became similar to those of mice six months to several levels as mitochondrial function, insulin resistance and inflammation. Muscle became stronger and resistant as in her youth.

A multifactorial mechanism

This discovery is important but unfortunately does not solve the riddle of aging. Other aspects of the process to date can not be reversed. We do not know for example how to prevent the shortening of telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) or DNA damage. "Aging is multifactorial," says Ana Gomez.

It will have to wait a little longer to expect to live one day experience of Benjamin Button. However, research is moving fast. Other Harvard researchers have recently succeeded in repelling hairs on mice by manipulating a gene capable of regenerating cells .

Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8G review - Nikon 35mm lens

Nikon Dx 35mm f1.8G  is standard designed to be used on a range of digital SLR Nikon Dx Format.

The build quality of the lens is very decent thanks to an outer shell made of high quality plastic. Nikkon DX 35mm f1.8G is smaller and lighter than any Zoom Lens and it has the potential to offer a high quality image and weighs only 200g. it is model AF-S, which means it is equipped a Silent Wave Motor(SWM) for autofocus. AF-S lenses can also be fast and quiet. While the DX 35mm f1.8 does not focus as quickly and quitely as one of the prime Nikkon lenses. we never found it particularly slow and noisy during use.

The Nikon Dx 35mm f/1.8G employs eight elements in six groups, with an aspherical lens. It has a minimum focusing distance of 30cm as point seven rounded aperture blades. The ratio of the maximum focal length of f1.8, and minimum if f22. The physical length of the lens remins constant at all settings of focus( focus group back). The front element does not rotate so the using of a polarizer remains easily possible. The filter diameter was 52mm, which is consistent with most other short nikon premiums. A dedicated bayonet hood is part of the pacakage and a pocker to store and protect the lens.

Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8G can be used for general purpose photography, capturing all the landscapes and portraits and close-ups of buildings. This is probably the most flexible focal lenght. The lack of a zoom encourage you to move and explore a composition rather than standing still and turning the zoom ring. To explore the different corners and diferent distances, you can actually do a lot with this.

The Nikon Dx 35mm f/1.8G is lack of image stabilization. The objective is bright, witha good aperture value, the lack of image stabilization may not present a big problem. But it is always an advantage to have an image stabilizer.While the lens is mounted on a DX body for which it is designed, there is no vignetting. Chromatic aberrations are visible, but the aberrations are generally within acceptable limits. Maximum magnification is 0.16x fair, the goal is certainly not the best choice for the macro. It is certainly possible to take close-ups of large flowers for example click here for more reviews.

Product information
Technical Details
Brand Nikon
Color Black
Image stabilization no
Installation Type Nikon
Focal length 35 mm - 35 mm
Aperture 1.8
Model 2183
Warranty Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year


overall, 35mm f1.8G Nikon is a fast and very compact lens, which is also very retains its excellent value for money and is my favorite lens. This fixed lens has enchanted me from the first shot with my Nikon D5000! I can not find him qualities and whether to find fault I do not see one: it is reserved for DX Nikon (D3000, D5000, D90, D300 (not the d300)) It has a good build quality, a "standard" focal length (equivalent to 52.5mm in FX, 50mm is very versatile, perfect for learning (and make) the photo) , a large 1.8 aperture allows real blurry in the background and go to maximum flash -a beautiful "bokeh" (blurring the very rear diffusion map) , no significant weakness in the report (especially as devices now correct the distortions and chromatic aberrations of the objective). , a small and very light ... I do not know what to expect more than a goal, try to adopt it! It never leaves my camera and it is he who made ​​me take so it gives me pleasure!

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Set your budget and stick to it Many people spend more than they would like for Christmas. Before you rush in stores, make a list of items you need, it will be easier to resist compulsive shopping. Set a maximum amount for your shopping and stick stubbornly there. And prefer cash to credit cards.

Gifts for cheap
Why not give books or CDs used often sold at ridiculous prices where they specialize in this type of merchandise. Looking for a game? Choose the travel size. It is always less expensive than the classic and gives much pleasure. Also remember to give gifts that you have made ​​yourself. You are good with your hands? You could make a scarf or mittens. This is the mess your forte? Gourmets will be delighted to receive a gourmet gift (your biscuits, jams, pickles). Your time may also be a very appreciated gift. Treat friends to keep their children, help them paint their apartment, etc..

One gift
Another solution: limit the number of gifts that everyone should give. At the same time, fix a maximum and insist that nobody beyond. Or do not offer gifts to children, and a single.

Give gifts to your New Year's Day
When Boxing Day , traders looking to sell their goods. Moreover, the Boxing Day tends increasingly to be spread over a week. You can find great discounts on winter clothing, electronics, sporting goods, boots, scarves and hats. On some items, discounts can reach up to 50%, sometimes more. To avoid buying items at full price, more and more people are waiting for the New Year to offer their gifts. Join them.

Go shopping on the web
To avoid the rush, you can migrate to the Web, where the Boxing Day begins on December 24 in the evening. Another idea: wait balances month January as traders seek to sell their inventories and stores are almost deserted. On the Internet, make sure the merchant's website is secure by checking whether the acronym or the lock key is displayed on the screen and the address on the order form begins with "https." Check out our 10 tips for online shopping , to buy safely.

Refuse unnecessary guarantees
If you buy, for example, an electronic device, the merchant will probably try to sell you an extended warranty. It is expensive and often unnecessary. When the manufacturer's warranty expires, your property will be covered by the statutory warranty (any property to be used for the purpose for which it is intended for a reasonable period, taking into account the price and conditions of use).

A festive atmosphere at low prices
Buy your Christmas tree at the last minute: traders seeking to sell off. You can also simply provide branches of fir or pine that you will have at strategic locations. You love Christmas carols? Looking in stores used discs, you can find classics at affordable prices.

Beauty treatments for almost nothing
Need a haircut? Beauty treatments? To save money, please students. Several schools of hairdressing and beauty offer this possibility. Students are supervised by teachers. To find the school nearest you, do an Internet search using keywords "Hairdressing Schools".

Rejuvenate your wardrobe at low prices
Looking for a stylish outfit? Take a trip in thrift stores, church bazaars and warehouse stores. They are full of treasures. You may also visit one of your favorite shops. In mid-December, many soldent clothing. One trick: give luster to one of your dresses with accessories (scarf, bolero or pin).

Keep your bills
Keep your bills and check the refund policy of the merchant, since nothing obliges the trader to return or exchange your items. Why not ask a priceless invoice for gift? Thus, if the item does not fit, it will be easy to replace.

Christmas gift ideas for 2013

Ah CHRISTMAS 2013. ..Yes yes, the Christmas ...its magical atmosphere and ... its GIFTS CHRISTMAS! It's the feast of love, devotion and family - or should be. It is really a nice and quiet holiday, you find the perfect home gifts - ideas for funny and unusual gifts for your family, friends and all those people who are interested in anything or who already have everything. Every year it's the same question: What Christmas gift choice for Dad, Uncle or little brother?? You have no idea for your christmas 2013 ?... Do not panic! We all know that it is not easy to find the right gift ideas for Christmas for the whole family! Whether you already have an idea and it's a little Christmas gift or Christmas gift ! super high-tech, the goal is to please We at Gifts Folies looked around the world to find the perfect gifts - and now we present them here. Open a bottle of wine and relax by doing your Christmas shopping - there is nothing better! A selection of Christmas gift idea for all ages and tastes to be missed ... GIFT CHRISTMAS GIFTS CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS, CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS

camera lens cup

No photos! First of all, especially not in the morning! But perhaps we should first we rub your eyes, pinch ourselves and see if we do not dream! How? A photographic lens in which you can drink? It's listen up professional photographers, paparazzi and even amateur photographers . Whether you are one or the other, whatever. It is not strictly speaking here of a photo accessory, but a drinking cup with chic, camouflaged target. This cup is both functional and stylized . It keeps your hot drink and gives you an air of professional . In this way, you look like a photographer on his way to the next shooting session. This is a fun gift for photographers of all kinds and for all lovers cup fun


This fridge Coca-Cola look "vintage" allows you to refrigerate 10 cans of your choice. This is a nice useful home decor. In addition, if you have a home bar, this would be a great addition to it!

RC Flying Bird
For all lovers of remote controlled flying objects : Planes and helicopters it was before. So, of course, the two are always popular, and this is perfectly normal. But there is now something new and more exciting: a remote controlled bionic bird . You've always wanted a bird home, who would fly across the room? Or friends are fans? . It looks like a real bird, simply activate his wings and run. With the remote control to guide him across the room. Even outside it is possible. Like a real bird flaps its wings it is impressive that this Avitron is capable of doing. The Rc bird flies like a bird. And it gives a very different feeling, more "natural" in flight, a mini-conventional aircraft. You control all the flapping wings and tail. This bird is rechargeable (charger included), the controller uses batteries, it has a range of up to 100 meters. A spare pair of wings is included, just in case ... Well: Back to nature, dear friends. And good flight with this new gadget high-tech!

Spider Creepy Cup
Startled in the morning when you wake up slowly with a good cup of coffee ... And the spider inside! Creepy creature with these cups, it is now possible to shiver of fear with a simple cup (and scary creatures in). These cups will give your agonizing dose of energy for the day. Whether it's a spider, a skull or an octopus dipped in coffee (or tea, or other), turn your coffee in an unexpected adventure breaks.
Another good idea: you can startle your loved ones with these original cups!

And be careful, note that these cups are made of porcelain (the class!). And do not worry, they can be washed in the dishwasher and be used in the microwave. You can also hand wash (but be careful!).

Ceramic Grenade Coffee Mug

Military service has been forgotten long ago certainly, and only our ancestors could have the opportunity to actually use a weapon, but it's time to find some discipline in this world. Obviously, we are not brutes, although we thought we should do violence in the morning to start a day full of surprises. That is why we advise you to wake up with a coffee AND the grenade cup . This bomb, if you know how to use will be the best effect to literally blow up the form. Please do not return this hazardous weapon against you losing too much time at breakfast too full, it does not tell you the damage afterwards! A gift that should shake more than one.

Carrot peeler 
Eat carrots original way! It is now possible to see the vegetables in any other way. Cooking with originality is finally possible with the carrot peeler Karoto ! There is nothing better than to excel in the kitchen and make you a new chef in your group of friends. Presentation when receiving is as important as the taste of the dish. It is time to surpassed and make room for your creativity. It is the Thunderbolt guaranteed! And also you get 2 good compelling reasons to have a home is: This one looks good, is even better. 2 Having a kitchen appliance original is always better to impress its guests. Even as the king of the kitchen, use the peeler Karoto brings originality to your dishes. With its design sharpener it will definitely remind you of good memories. A sure hit, use will increase the entertainment value of each invitation. Use it to peel your carrots as a classic economical and end up doing a rose to decorate your dishes, you will impress without safe.

pin art

Ah, the 80s ... The tight clothes, impaired hair products and Maggie T, as it is easy to laugh at these things so characteristic of this decade. And there were also games! Yes, they were really stunning! We have raised our sleeves and went for the types of toys eighties - like Pin Art - which are also cool today as it was. So if you were not yet of this world in the 80s and you've never seen the Pin Art, remember that transforms your home into your work of art!

Brylane home Ice Maker

The sun is everywhere in the air and there is no shadow of a breeze. The road to the horizon seems very vague and mirages due to heat begin to appear. Fear spreads throughout your body and you start to cry. Suddenly, someone grabs you by the arm. You wake up and realize that you just had a bad nightmare. However, you want a cold drink as the heat, it is real. Unfortunately, all the ice cubes are exhausted and new production in the freezer will not be ready any time soon. Cauchemardes this situation occurs regularly in summer would not have happened if you had been provided with the icemaker that can occur within 10 minutes and 12 cubic perfect 15 kg of ice in 24 hours, is not it fantastic ? For such feats, you just have to fill the tank with 2 liters of water, connect the cable and select one of 3 different sizes of ice . Once the ice machine is running, you just have to wait until the production process is completed, then when a storage compartment is filled, the machine will produce an audible alarm signal. It only remains for you to enjoy your well cool drink. This product should give a little freshness to your summer and pourait well be a very good gift idea for your friends

Usb cup warmer

Why coffee cools ten times faster than they heated when working on computer? To solve this problem, there is a convenient USB tool: the USB cup warmer. Simply plug the hotplate to the USB port, turn the switch to "On" and the coffee will remain hot for 30 minutes. The USB cup warmer heats your cup remarkably quickly and needs no power Power your laptop or desktop computer takes care of everything. Moreover, no drivers or similar element is needed. Simply plug in and switch on.